355 seed

 After loading the usual supplies, two sets of bedding (as expected of a large store, they had plenty in stock), and the plant seeds that the elves had entrusted to Camilo, the cart left Camilo's store and left the city.
 As the cart lazily drove down the street, I said to myself.

I'm not sure what's in the seeds yet, but does Liddy have any idea?
"Yeah, well, pretty much.

 Well, it's from where I'm from, so I have an idea.

That'll be fun.
I'm looking forward to it. I used to grow medicinal plants in the fields, but nothing else.

 At home, we are growing fever-reducing and hemostatic herbs for disinfection and aromatic herbs in the courtyard. Only the mint (a similar herb, to be exact) grows in wooden planters that I made in between deliveries, since it can overgrow other plants if I'm not careful.
 For watering, I use the water from the cistern I built during the rainy season. In addition to the water stored by rainfall, I also fill the tank with a small amount of unused water from my daily fetching, so there is always a certain amount of water available.
 However, if we consider water for domestic use, irrigation, and fire prevention, which we haven't paid much attention to so far, we may not have enough water. The amount of water we can secure with three large water bottles is limited.

It's time to dig a well near the house. ......
"Then we won't have to fetch water.

 When Deanna said this, Lucy turned to me and squeaked. I wondered if she realized that she might lose her daily routine.

No, it's a walk for Krull and Lucy, and it's my morning exercise, so I'll keep going. I don't mind if it's just a walk, but I'm more motivated to go out if I have a purpose.

 Lucy let out a relieved breath at my words and curled up in Deanna's lap. Deanna smiled and gently patted Lucy.

 When we got home, we started to carry our stuff in. I parked the cart at the back of the house, let Krull go, and put charcoal and other things in the storage room.

"Shall we put the barrels of alcohol in the storage room today?
"Oh, yes. Please.

 With that, Helen hurriedly carried the barrel into the house. Helen didn't seem to have much trouble, but it would be a little easier to get in from the terrace.

 We carried the bedding and seeds into the house as well. After eating lunch, I set up the bedding so that I could use the guest rooms for both the main and the spare rooms.

 After that, it's usually time to do whatever I want on delivery day, but today was a little different.

"Are these carrots?
"Oh, we have potatoes too, sir!
I think these are turnips.
I see you've got some herbs we don't have.
What about this one? ....... I don't like that one much.
These are beans.

 We take the seeds out of the bag and we all check with Liddy. We were trying to decide which ones to plant first in the field.
 I asked Riddhi if there was a certain time to plant the seeds.

I asked her if there was a certain time to plant seeds, and she said, "In this environment, you can plant seeds any time.

 She said, "In this environment, it can grow any time. He said, "In this environment, you can sow seeds any time of the year." According to him, the seeds of the Elven Forest have a characteristic of absorbing and growing in an environment with a lot of magic power like the Kuro Forest.
 In other environments, it grows as a normal plant. It is said that the reason why many people want seeds is because the taste and yield are often good.
 Should I have wondered when apples and berries can be harvested at the same time, when they should be harvested at different times?
 I asked Samija about this.

I asked Samija about that, but she replied, "No, we took it for granted. ......

 I asked Samija about it, but she replied, "No, we took it for granted.

"Oh, I see. If that's how we were harvesting, we wouldn't have questioned it.
"We elves only learned about it when we started passing the seeds out .......

 I'm sure they looked it up after receiving complaints like, "I heard it could grow anytime, but it won't grow," and went, "I see.
 The main reason why the elves don't leave the forest is because they need magic power, but they also have a problem with crops.

"All right, let's plant some crops then.

 After an hour of discussion, I said, and we all headed for the field.
 Hopefully, this will bring us one step closer to self-sufficiency.