356 field

 The field is located in our backyard ......, which has been turned into a courtyard by the addition of a room. At the moment, Riddhi is growing medicinal herbs and fragrant plants that she has collected in the forest, and they are blooming with small flowers and smelling good.
 The soil is in good condition, as Riddhi has been tending to it while I was preparing dinner and Helen and the others were practicing.

 However, the medicinal herbs and fragrant plants were only showing their lushness in one corner of the field, while the rest of the soil was brown.
 I guessed that he had been tending to the plants in the hope that one day there would be something to grow here.

So this time we'll plant carrots, turnips, garlic, herbs and potatoes?
"Yes. We'll need to widen the field a bit. ......
We have a lot of strong men here.
That's true.

 Liddy chuckled. The more vegetables we can grow, the more we can cook. The garlic is very promising. Not only does it have its own benefits, but it also makes a difference when you eat meat, whether it's roasted or made into soup, without it.
 But of course, if you eat too much of it, there will be a situation that will bother the older ladies. Well, I don't have anyone other than my family to meet, but I guess it's better to be careful because you never know when a guest will come.

 There are three hoes for plowing. So, Helen, Anne and I will plow the field, while the others plant carrots and herbs.


 I raise the hoe vigorously and swing it down with my hip. I could feel the blade of the hoe piercing the still hard soil with a rough thud.
 Perhaps it was the amount of rainfall, or perhaps it was the magical power, but the soil in this area was unusually hard. This hoe, which I made on a special order basis, is the only thing that can withstand this, but without it, it would have been difficult to cultivate the size of a vegetable garden.

 At present, I have not made a harrow that can be pulled by an ox.
 If we had one, we could have made it easier for Krull to pull it, and I'm sure she would have been very happy about it, but we don't intend to make our farm that big at the moment.
 It may be a matter of time before we need it if we want to be completely self-sufficient.

 The three of us were standing side by side, but Helen and I were working faster, while Anne was lagging a little behind. There was no hurry, but Anne seemed to be worried about it.

Why is Eizo so used to working on the farm when he's supposed to be a family man?
It's like blacksmithing. It's the same as blacksmithing, you know. A family name holder has to be able to do a lot of things to live in a place like this.

 In fact, the last time I did stray work was when I was in junior high school, when I was told to help out at my grandfather's house. My current skills are based on cheats and installations, so it's highly doubtful that I'm good enough.

"I see. Helen, do you have any tips?
Yes, I do. ....... Just put your back into it, and when it sticks, pull it back.
That's not how you teach!
I'm not very good at teaching people!

 Helen is pouting, and Anne is apologizing. Helen was upset and Anne was apologetic, but they both smiled again soon.
 Helen has lived almost entirely on her own merits, you know. It must be hard for her to teach others because she's different from me. You see things differently.

 While hoeing, I asked her something that had been bothering me for a while.

"Speaking of which, have you ever worn a full plate mail, Helen?
"Huh? Yes, I have, at least. I've never worn one on the battlefield.
I don't know what it was, but I was taken to a ceremony at ...... or something, and they made me wear something called a "guard of honor."
So you weren't interested in what the ceremony was about.

 At my words, Helen put her bottom lip forward as if she was complaining to someone she couldn't see.
 I'm sure she was reminded of that by the guy who had to deal with her, who called her a 'mercenary' or something.

I'm not very good at such formalities. It wasn't long before he had me undressed.
Did you have any trouble moving?
If I didn't, I'd be dead on the battlefield, and it would be disrespectful if I moved like an honor guard.
"I see.

 I looked back down at the unploughed earth and swung the hoe down.

What, are you going to make me one?
"No. ......

 I look up again. The full plate mail is, of course, within the range of the blacksmithing cheat. It's top-notch in speed and quality, and will be able to withstand the firearms that will appear in later years.
 So why don't they make one?

There are too many parts and it's too much work. ......

 It is almost impossible to reduce the number of parts even for a cheat.
 If so, it is necessary to make a huge number of parts. The time required for each part is at least as long as the dust accumulates.
 But, however.

But even so, there are times like the other day: ....... You can make some kind of breastplate or shin guards for everyone.

 Helen and Anne reacted to my words at the same time. Helen has a big smile on her face, and Anne has a killer glint in her eyes.

"One of these days, one of these days.

 I said, and returned my eyes to the hard soil.