362 Lunch

 After a while of frantically pulling the deer, I arrived at the lake I see every morning. It took a lot of strength and perseverance, and I wondered if everyone on the hunt did this every time, even though there were many of us.

 When we saw the lake, we both sped up and dunked the deer into the lake.
 Breathing on my shoulder, I asked Samija.

"Do you travel this far every time?
What did you do before the others came?
"Well, we kill them closer to the lake. There are several points.
Yeah, that's right.
Today we just went where we could find them. I figured with the elephants around, it wouldn't be a problem to tow them.

 I don't know if I'd call it being smart or not. I guess that's what you have to do to live in this forest.

The rest can be found at .......

 Samija was about to say something, but stopped in mid-sentence. Obviously, she was about to slip up.
 I show my mischievous side and ask her.

"What's next? What?
"Nothing, man! Let's just get some food!

 The answer came in the form of a nice punch to the side.
 I rubbed my aching side and followed Samija around the lake.

 I was so tense before I killed the deer, and so distracted afterwards, that I didn't notice that the sun was already a little past midnight.
 As soon as I began to recognize the area, my stomach began to lament its lack of content.

"Oh, I'm definitely getting really hungry.
You know what? I don't feel like eating in that area, so let's eat over there.

 Sámiá walks at a brisk pace. I'm desperately trying to keep up with her. When we were within sight of the sunken tree, we both decided to settle down.
 As I hadn't been exercising much lately, Samija volunteered to pick up the firewood, out of concern for my health.
 While she was gathering the firewood, I gathered some stones from around the area to make a small fireplace.
 But it was a simple one, just three or four stones in a row. But it is still useful enough to heat the small pot I brought with me.
 When the fireplace is ready, fill the pot with water from the lake. Lunch (unfermented bread with sweet and spicy meat) will not be ready for a while.

 As I was preparing, Samija came back from picking up firewood.

This is about right, isn't it?
Yeah, it should be enough to boil a pot of water this size.

 I put some thin wood in the fireplace and light it with my ignition magic. When the flame peeked out, I added the rest of the wood and made the fire bigger.

 When the fire had stabilized, I placed the pot on the stove. Although it has not been used for that long, the pot has become sooty around the edges and has a warlike appearance.
 From time to time, the tongue of the flame licked the sides of the pot, encouraging it to grow into an old and powerful man, and raising the temperature of the water inside.
 As I watched the flames, I said something that suddenly came to mind.

I remembered that when we first started going to the city, we had to walk and carry our goods on our backs.
"Oh, that's right, that's right. We took some breaks along the way, didn't we?
Yes, yes. Oh, by the way, ......".

 It wasn't that long ago, but we were so busy reminiscing that we almost lost the water in the pot.
 I hurriedly removed the pot from the fire and brought the herbs (with a twinkle in my eye, I said, "I'll mix them myself! I'll mix it myself! It's a bit of a mess, but it makes a great herbal tea, according to ....... Liddy said.

Thank you.
Thank you.

 We took our lunch out of our luggage, poured the herbal tea into our respective cups, and put our hands together.
 When I first drank the herbal tea, it had a faint grassy smell, a sweet scent, and a slight sour taste, and after I swallowed it, I felt a slight coolness.

This is good.

 I couldn't help but think, "This is good," and Samija took a sip of her tea.

"This is good.

 "This is good," she said, gobbling down her lunch.

"This is good, too.

 He laughs. It may not be good manners, but there is no one to blame in this situation.

"That's good. Don't be too hasty, okay?
I know.

 The amount of lunch is not that much. The amount of lunch was not that much, and the two hungry people finished it in no time.

Now, ......, we'll just go home.

 I said as I finished cleaning up the fire. Samija's eyebrows went down when she heard that.
 Oh dear, it can't be helped.

But if we leave now, we'll only be bored, so let's pick some fruit along the way.

 At my words, Samija said.


 He replied with one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen.