363 a second person

 Maybe it was luck, or maybe it was just Samija's enthusiasm, but we were able to pick more fruit than we expected.

 There is a new face this time. It was a pomegranate-like fruit. When I asked Samija about it, she said it was edible, so I tore off two pieces and threw them into my mouth.

I tore off a couple of pieces and popped them in my mouth. "They're a little astringent.
"But it's good, right?

 The astringency is a bit strong, but the sourness and sweetness are delicious. In the previous world, there was one growing near my parents' house, and I used to eat it when I was a child, but it didn't taste much different.
 Many of the fruits and vegetables that I have eaten since I came here are closer to the natives, and their bitterness and acidity are stronger than the ones I ate in the previous world.
 It's not that I can't get used to it, because I've been eating them for a certain period of time, even though it's been less than a year, but it's true that I feel relieved when I eat something that tastes similar to what I had in the previous world.
 I suppose it showed on my face and in my smell. Samija asked me with a grin.

Eizo, you look happy.

 Well, I'm actually happy. I patted Samija's head, and she seemed to squirm for a moment, but then her eyes narrowed. A little feline.
 And so, Samija and I returned home.

"I'm home.
"I'm home.
"Welcome home.

 When we opened the door, we found Rike and Liddy in the living room. Samija walked quickly back to her room. She had moved around a lot, so she wanted to get cleaned up.

Where are the other three?
"They're in the back, practicing and taking care of Krull and Lucy.

 Leake answered. I smiled and said.

"Good to see you. What have you two been doing?
Practicing magic. We're getting pretty good at seeing.

 Rather unusually, Rieke said with pride. I see. I'll probably be overtaken soon.

I don't know if it's because you're a dwarf, but you've got good muscles. If you keep going like this, you might be able to use simple magic.
Oh, you think so?

 Liddy nodded loudly. I'm not sure if this is the first time I've mentioned this, because Rikke is standing next to her, more surprised than I am.

It would be useful if you could at least use the ignition spell.

 In fact, I have used the magic of ignition here and there to save my life. Lighting a fire is an unexpectedly troublesome task. There is a big difference between having this magic and not having it, which is as easy as using a lighter.

Will I be able to light the furnace when I learn it?

 My furnace, fireplace, and stove will keep the fire going if I use the ignition magic to start it. The furnace, fireplace, and stove can be used normally, but their performance is different from that of magic.

It would be nice if we could do the same thing while the master is away.
"It would be nice to be able to do the same while you're away, so I don't have to worry about whether I'm doing my job properly.

 I smile again and say. To be honest, I don't want to be in a situation where the work stops without me.
 Even with the cheats I've been given, you never know when something might cause me to lose my second life.
 I don't know if the girls will continue to use this workshop when that happens, but I want to get them to a situation where they can at least use it.

But I'll do my best.

 Whether or not she knew what I was thinking, her expression tightened and she showed her determination with her heart once again.

 At dinner that night, the next selection was already announced. The announcement came from Diana.

"Next is Rike.
"Yes. So that's the order in which they came to us?

 I asked Deanna. It doesn't matter who you are, but it's better to know the order so you can be prepared.


 I was afraid that she might not tell me, but she did. I guess it wasn't a secret.

So, next is Deanna?
No, because ......

 I thought it was Samija, Rike, Deanna, Liddy, Helen and Anne who came to our house (with Krull and Lucy in between), so I said Deanna after Rike, but I was wrong.


 When I said that, Helen's shoulders jerked a little. Helen's shoulders perked up a little when I said that, which was hardly surprising if the order had already been decided.

"How did you know?
Helen was the first to come to our house.

 Yes, in the order of when she first came to live in our house, Helen came later, but in the order of when she came to live in our house, Helen came first because she was here to request the shortsword.

That's why it's nice to meet you.

 Deanna winked at him. If I'm right, Helen should be next, but what will she ask for?

 Half afraid, half looking forward to it, I put another bowl of soup on my plate.