369 an ordinary blacksmith

 I'm lying down. I felt something soft against my head. What's wrong with me? ......?
 When I slowly opened my eyes, I saw Helen's face with moist eyes in front of me.
 Oh, right, Helen and I had a mock fight to test our armor. .......

"She's awake!

 Helen said loudly, and everyone started to gather around.

"Are you okay?

 Deanna looked into her face with concern. Everyone else looked at me with the same expression.

"Yeah. My jaw hurts a little, but everything else seems fine.

 They all looked relieved at my words. Krull and Lucy licked my face, though.
 It was at this point that I realized my condition. Helen's face was in front of me, and everyone was peeking at me from a short distance away, which meant .......

"Oh, I'm sorry.

 Helen was kneeling over me, and I hurriedly tried to sit up.
 But my attempts were futile, and I was restrained by both Helen and Diana. That's a lot of power.
 If it's this strong without Samija, Anne, and Krull, it should be able to hold off the Ogre if we all work together.

It might be okay, but you should lie down a little longer.

 So Deanna told me, and I decided to follow her advice. I'm still embarrassed as hell.

"Well, that was a complete defeat...

 I muttered to myself as I lay there. Even though I had dealt with most of Helen's attacks, I hadn't been able to do anything about it.
 It's not hard to imagine that the only difference would have been whether we were beaten too late or too early.

You're really strong.

 I smiled and gently reached out my hand to Helen's face. Helen grabbed my hand and squeezed it. Helen smiled at me, as if it was a matter of course.

"I didn't think anyone could hold out that long against the Lightning, though."

 It was Anne who said that. This one has a completely dumbfounded look on her face.

"Have you been doing this that long?

 I have a strange memory of it being a long time, or a short time. I look at Helen and she tilts her head, so I guess it's the same thing.

It was at least half an hour.

 It was Rike who answered. He didn't seem to be dumbfounded, as if it was too late for him. No, I'm not so sure about that either.

"That much?

 The fact that Helen's momentum didn't slow down even after all that, and that she only let him get to her twice, shows just how good she is with a sword.
 That also points to another fact.

So the armor was perfect.
What? Oh, yeah. Of course. Couldn't have been better.
Well, good.

 If Helen can keep moving at full speed for thirty minutes, then it's a very successful performance test. As for durability, we don't need to test that now. It was made with the same technology as that sturdy sword.

It was like a real thunderbolt, with a blue glow.

 It was Liddy who closed her eyes and said that. Liddy closed her eyes and said, "I wonder if she's remembering everything she witnessed.
 Anne took over Liddy's words with a chuckle.

"Well, you were going so fast I could barely see you.
I could just about see them, but I was too busy chasing them.

 "I could barely see you, but I was too busy chasing you," Samija said. I could just barely see her, but I was too busy chasing her. I'm amazed at the fighting ability the Watchdog has given me.
 It's a bit excessive. Even though there is a possibility that I might have to deal with a ferocious bear in this forest (and I did), I think it would have been better if I had only been seriously injured.
 As for the fact that only women come to my house, I wonder if there is some kind of intention.

 Well, there's no point in worrying about something you can't be sure of. I sighed heavily, letting out all the vexation that was bubbling up in my head with my sigh.

I don't think it's a good idea to ask this, but can I ask Eizo?

 Anne said slowly.

"Sure. If you can answer.

 Even though I said so, Anne still hesitated. Is it really that difficult to ask?

"Who the hell is Eizo?

 What is he? Do I really have the answer to that question? If you want to keep it that way, you're a reincarnation and a cheat, but is that all?
 Right now, I could only think of one answer to Anne's question.

I'm just a blacksmith.