370 Take care

I dodged the boos of Deanna and Anne's ladies, who said, "That's no way to be a mere blacksmith.

"Hey, are you okay?

 Helen said with concern. I shrugged my shoulders in a goofy way.

I shrugged coyly, "I'm not that fragile that would be a big deal.

 In fact, I don't know if it's something the watchdog gave me or if I just got hit in the wrong place, but my jaw hurts a little bit, but the rest is no big deal.
 Maybe my brain was shaken or something. In the previous world, I would have gone to the hospital and had a CT or MRI done just to be sure, but in this world, I have to rely on my senses. If I were to have a craniotomy by accident, it would be a disaster.

That's all right then.

 Helen said, looking somewhat unconvinced. I pat her on the head.

Thank you for worrying about me.
"Oh, yeah.

 Helen turned her head away, but I guess she was embarrassed. I chuckled and turned to the others.

"Sorry to worry you too. Thank you.

 Helen turned away, probably to hide her embarrassment.

"So, when are we leaving?

 Turning to Helen again, I asked her.

I think I'll leave tomorrow.
You're early! ...... No, the sooner the better for this kind of thing.
Yeah. That's what I was thinking.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 I'm sure you'll be fine.

"Are you okay?
"Well, with all of Aizo's weapons and armor, it won't be a problem.
"That's true.

 Diana was easily convinced.

"Hey, just because I made it doesn't mean it can't protect you from a dragon strike, so don't be reckless.
"I know.

 Helen shrugged her shoulders. I'm glad you're back safe and sound.

 The dinner was a bit lavish, but there would be no farewell or send-off party. I would if he was going back to mercenary work, but this time he was simply going out and coming back.
 He said he would be back in about a week at the latest. I think I'll borrow a spouse from the ...... Marquis' place. I'm sure the Marquis will lend me one, given the circumstances.
 I'll trust him here. It won't happen again.

Do you have many friends?
"Hmm. It depends on what you mean by friends, but not many.
You know, you never told me what you did for a living.
Mostly I'm on patrol. Mostly patrols, sometimes a little bit of demon slaying and exploring.
The bigger the demon, the bigger the army.

 Deanna and Rike took the opportunity to ask questions, Helen answered, and Anne took over.

I guess. It's possible that we'll be invited there, but it's unlikely.
"Why not?
Because every country has its own values. If a mercenary makes a big name for himself, he'll be in trouble later.

 Samija was the next to respond to Helen's words. The question was answered by Anne. Anne is like a professional in that field. It's not like she was deprived of the position of princess.

"Did you have any funny moments?
"Yes, I have a great one. It was quite a while ago. ......

 So we had a nice dinner as usual.

 The next morning, I decided to go to Camilo's to deliver the goods while I went to see Helen off to the street, so I loaded up the cart.

The numbers were pretty good, weren't they?
Didn't you?

 I said admiringly, and Deanna puffed out her chest. There's more than I thought there would be. I guess that's why everyone's skills have improved.
 I pat Deanna on the head, feeling proud of myself.

 We finished loading and Lucy jumped on the back of the truck. Krull squealed happily, and the cart began to move forward.

 The sun was shining through the trees here and there in the forest. The weather was fine, and the breeze felt good. It was a perfect day to go out.
 If it's a good day for us, it's also a good day for the animals in this forest. A deer was eating leaves from a shrub in the distance, and we were both surprised to see a rabbit jumping out of the trees nearby.

 Time passed at a surprisingly leisurely pace for ordinary people, and eventually we reached a familiar street.

"Take care, then.

"Oh. Thank you.

 Helen jumps off the cart. We turn our heads toward the city, she toward the capital. Before each of us heads out, we call out loudly to Helen.

Have a good day!

 Helen turned around and said with a smile and a wave, just as loud as ours.

I'm off!