378 a circular ring

 I've figured out how to put the magic in. All we have to do is clear one more thing and we can proceed accordingly.

 Yes, the most important question is still unanswered: "Will the Megistium become hard if it is filled with magic? the most important question is still unanswered.
 The amount of magic that I have just put in is very small. When I kneaded the sheet of megistyme, it easily transformed into a small lump.
 This level of magic power is not enough to see if the hardness has changed.

 But once you know that magic can make things hard, you just have to do it, even if it takes a while.
 Now we have the beginning. I thanked Deanna for the opportunity.

"Thanks, Deanna. Thank you, Deanna, for noticing me.
"This is a small price to pay.

 Deanna gave me a quick wink. She winked at Marius, but it's always nice to see a beautiful woman winking at you.

I'm not sure how much of this I'll need.
It's not a lot, is it?

 I nodded my head at Rike's words. I nodded my head. It would be very painful if I were told that only one piece of the material would go in at a time, but that I would need a hundred to make it hard.
 Well, I had to do it. After placing the rolled megistyme on the anvil, I placed a sheet of sheet metal filled with magic power on top of it and hammered it down.

 While transferring the magic to the megistium, I asked Rike to prepare the sheet metal filled with magic.
 I tried several times to see if I could transfer the magic from the sheet metal to the megistium while putting it into the sheet metal, but it seemed that I could only do one or the other, even with my cheats.
 So, as if charging a battery, I asked Rike to prepare the sheet metal filled with magic power.

I'm sorry.
As I said before, one of the roles of an apprentice is to prepare things for the master to use like this. You do everything too much by yourself, you know. There are many things that only you can do, so it can't be helped.

 When Rike said this in a somewhat theatrical and angry manner, everyone who seemed to have been listening nodded their heads.
 I am aware that most of my abilities are cheats, so I am just conscious of the fact that I have to do what I can by myself, but apparently my family is not happy with that.
 I can't give up my morning routine of fetching water because it's the time I get to spend with Krull and Lucy, but I think I'll leave the other tasks to them as long as I don't lose the ability to do them. .......

 While thinking about this, I just keep on transferring magic power to the Megistium. The amount of magic that Rike can put into sheet metal is not as much as mine, but since he doesn't have to heat it up, he just has to do it in large numbers.
 The only difference with the sheet metal I put magic into is the number of times I have to replace it.

 After I had finished using my own sheet metal, I began to transfer magic power into the sheet metal that Rike had made for me.
 When I swung down the hammer, I heard a small "kong" sound in addition to the "kong" sound that I had been hearing until then. The response to the hammering was also slightly different.
 I tried kneading the megistyme under the sheet metal with my fingers. It seems to have hardened, but only slightly.
 But I haven't gone too far beyond the level of imagination yet. I feel like I only know this because I have the cheat, so I put the Megistium back under the sheet metal and beat on it.

 As I do so, the "con" sound I heard earlier gradually increases its presence. It is no longer a mishearing, and the sound is becoming more like a glass harp, with a "phong" rather than a "con".
 After more tapping, I became completely convinced that the recoil from striking the sheet metal was not caused by the steel alone, so I kneaded the flattened megistium with my fingertips.

 A solid response comes back to me. If the hardness of the unmagical megistyme is that of paper clay that has been kneaded and softened, then this is clay before kneading.
 Although it has a certain hardness, it can be easily scratched, and can be easily reshaped by hand.

 I held the hardened Megistium up to the orange sunlight and stared at it.
 If this is the limit of the amount of magic power in it, then the upper limit of the hardness of the megistium I can process is here.
 Then, I would have to find a way to make it harder from here. That would be too much trouble, but I guess I should be prepared for that.

 There is a glittering substance clinging to the golden mass, which is orange in the western sun. This one should still fit.

"Rike, Liddy.

 I called out to them. "Rike, Riddy," I called them, to see if what I was seeing was right.

"Liddy, look at the magic.

 Liddy looked at the Megistium I was holding up from my side and nodded.

She nodded. "I think it's pretty full. But it's not the limit.
"Okay. Thank you. Lique, check the hardness for me.

 Rique took the small lump of megistyme from me reverently, and kneaded it with her small but firm fingertips.
 With the strength and finesse of a dwarf, Rique created a small octahedron of megistyme.

'It's certainly hardened. I'm not sure I'd want to make a ring out of it, but I think it's a good place to start.
"I see. Thank you.

 With this, all you have to do is to pour in the magic power. The last problem is .......

The last problem is how to make the circle and still get the magic in.

 I said, and Rikke and Liddy nodded loudly. But there was nothing pessimistic left in the air between us.