379 congratulations

 I think we are off to a good start for the first day. At least, I have an idea of what to do next, so I can say I'm doing well.

 It's not bad to groan for almost a week and go through trial and error, but that's only when you're working on something for yourself.
 When you are asked to do something like this, it is better to find a solution as soon as possible.
 If something happens at the last minute that you don't understand, and you can't finish it in time, you're screwed.
 And this time, it's my friend's wedding ring. There should be no such thing as a delay.
 If the wedding ring is not ready in time for the wedding, it's not good. No, Marius himself may laugh and forgive you, but if such a situation arises at a gathering of nobles, Marius will lose his position in the future.
 I'm sure Marius is not unaware of this, and I'm sure that's a sign of his trust in me.
 If I'm wrong, it's okay as long as I think so.

 Dinner that night consisted of grilled meat, soup, and unfermented bread, as usual.
 It was still a little early to celebrate. I seasoned the meat with berries and wine, which was a bit of a celebration.

"Speaking of which...

 I said, as a thought occurred to me. All eyes were on me.

"Do we have to prepare a gift or something to celebrate?
"Well, ....... We usually do.

 I'm not sure if I'll be invited to the ceremony or not. It is not strange to prepare a gift for a friend who is getting married, even if you are not invited to the ceremony.
 In this case, making the ring was part of the celebration, but the client had to pay for the materials.
 It may be possible to say that the labor cost is a gift, but it makes me feel a bit sad.
 If possible, I would like to give something tangible.

"In what capacity will your brother invite you to the ceremony, or not?
There's always the possibility that he won't invite you, right?
Yes. At least in terms of status, he's just a blacksmith. I'm sure your brother and Julie won't mind that at all, but whether the aristocracy will allow it is another matter.
Well, even if I'm not invited, I'm not going to hex your wife.
What's that?
There's a story about that.

 It was a celebration for the birth of a princess. I recounted the story. The mildest version I could find.
 Perhaps because there are people who can actually use magic in this world, it seems to have been accepted with some reality.

It's frustrating that I can understand the feeling of those who were not called. I don't think I'm going to curse them, though.

 After I had finished speaking, Anne said with a rather sullen feeling. In this world, those who can handle magic are often of the noble class with a good education.
 For people of such a class, not being invited to a celebration is a matter of prestige.

 It is unlikely that there are many noblemen who have the guts to hobble a member of the imperial family at an occasion where they should be invited, but if there were such a person, there would be people who would consider that the authority of the imperial family has been lost.
 If that were to happen, it would affect the governance of the country. Therefore, it is impossible not to consider the fact that she was not invited as a position like Anne's as a problem.
 In the case of a wedding of a count from another country, for example.

I'll stop her if she really tries to curse me, don't worry.

 I said to Anne with a mischievous laugh. Let's just laugh it off and let it not be so serious. Anne nodded her head, small but firm.

"But a gift for a celebration. ...... What do you bring to a celebration in this forest?

 This time she asked Samija. Samija, who had been munching on some meat, swallowed it properly before answering.

Mostly meat, I guess. Some of the better brewers bring their 'specialties'. We bring it all together and eat it all in one night.
Wow. Sounds like fun.
I went along with my grandfather once, and it was pretty fun.

 We'll probably have a big bonfire and roast some meat there, or make some noise around the fire. That sounds like fun.

It's a bit like our house, but I don't think we'll be bringing any meat.
"Not when we're going out, though.

 Deanna nods and says.

"Is that a good idea as a souvenir?
We've had people bring us deer meat from some forest or other.
Oh, yeah.

 My question was answered by Anne. If it's okay to bring it to the emperor, I guess it's okay to bring it as a souvenir.
 So far, we've been consuming it at home, but if there's too much, we can take some to Camilo and Marius.

If you want to have a good time with your family and friends, you need to have a good time with them.
I'm sure it's something only we can make.
Yeah, that's it.

 Rikke's words gave me an idea. It's the only thing we can make.
 I told everyone that it would be a secret until it was ready, and then I went to clean up the rest of the dinner.