380 formator

 The next morning, after a morning walk with Krull and Lucy to fetch water, I think about it as I prepare breakfast while everyone else is getting ready for the morning. It's .

 "Why didn't the cheat know how to do that?"

 That's the question. When I hammer on sheet metal, I "know" where to hit.
 That was due to the cheat, but he didn't know how to put the magic into the megistium.
 I thought that maybe the cheat had disappeared, but I thought of it before I prepared breakfast, so I went into the forge for a bit, but I could still get an idea of how to work the sheet metal.
 In other words, the cheat didn't disappear.

 If that's the case, then there are other factors, such as the fact that all the cheats don't work unless they are directly processed, or the production cheats.
 The production cheats are only as good as the craftsmen. If I were to compete with Sandro's master in cooking, I'm sure I'd lose badly.
 After the match, he would yell at me, "I'll teach you from scratch! I can imagine him shouting at me after the game.
 Anyway, if that is the case, it may be inevitable that I cannot think of a case like Megistium.
 It might be a good idea to take some time to check the conditions of application. Don't tell my family about the cheat, though, so I'll have to work on it at the same time.

 After finishing breakfast and paying my respects to the Shinto altar, I lit the furnace and fireplace and started the Eizo workshop.
 Today, I asked Rike to produce knives and longswords. The rest of us will be making the raw materials for the longsword. We will be divided into two groups, one to make the molds and one to pour the iron.

 I, of course, will be working on the Megistium. The first step is to get the sheet metal and apply magic to it on the anvil.
 Something shiny is being put into the sheet metal. You "know" how to do this. This is proof that the cheat is working. It seems that the cheat has not been fundamentally lost.
 I feel relieved when I can see it clearly like this. I put my worries and doubts out of my mind for the moment, and devoted myself to putting magic power into the sheet metal.

 I put magic power into about five sheets of sheet metal. The amount of energy I put into the sheet metal seems to be a bit large, but I don't think it's too much.
 So I decided not to worry about it for the moment, and mixed the slightly hard Megistium, which I had fiddled with a lot yesterday, with the still soft one that I had cut into about two-thirds.
 Mix them together.
 I hammered it and repeated folding it back when it became thin, and eventually a lump of megistyme with a little magic in it was formed.

 At this point, I had a vague idea of where to hammer, so it is highly likely that this method is only effective for directly processing materials.
 I wonder how many materials are out there that aren't, but it's a different world. .......
 For example, if the processing of orichalcone, adamantite, or even heliocane had to be done through something as in the case of megistium, it would be a very painstaking task in itself.
 In the case of Megistium, steel sheet metal was fine, but if Orihalkon had to be made of mithril, the first step would be to select a material that can transfer magic power.
 I just hope that's not the case now, but I guess I should ask Camilo to get it for me at some point. ....... Fortunately, I have the money.
 For now, it's Megistium.

Now, here's the deal.

 I put the sheet metal on top of the megistium and hammer down.
 I hear a cracking sound, feel a response, and see the magic drain out of the steel. Repeating this process over and over, I first aim for a hardness that is not too hard to work with.

 The rhythmic hammering sound of my hammering is interspersed with the rhythmic hammering sound of Rike's knife as I hammer again on the sheet of Megistium that has spread.
 The rude sound ensemble of me and Rike continued until lunchtime.