381 pattern

 After lunch, I started to work again, but I was still transferring magic power to the Megistium.
 I've always had a cheat for tapping, but I think I'm getting the hang of it, and it's getting a little smoother.
 The steel sheet metal that has been drained of its magic contains no sparkle - no magic at all, and it is somewhat sad. It even seems to be dull in color.
 Well, that's not true at all.

 I took my time and finished transferring about two sheets of magic power to the megisphere. It should be quite hard, according to the way I felt during the experiment.
 When I picked up the flattened sheet of megistyme and kneaded it with my fingers, a heavy response came back to me. It was hard and difficult to knead.
 With a little effort, I made it into a lump. I put a lot of pressure on it and it seemed to change its shape a little. It is about the same as milk caramel. There is no milk caramel in this world yet, so I can't be sure.

 If you make it harder than this, it will be difficult to process. I'll just make a shape while I'm still here.
 I'm going to get a piece of paper from the house that has the size of the ring on it. I'll adjust the shape to this: .......

I should have done it while it was still soft.

 It was harder than I expected, and it took me quite a while to roll it into a cylinder and make a hole in the middle.
 Since it went smoothly, I got carried away and put too much magic power into it. When I make my wife's, I'll try to keep it to a little over a sheet of sheet metal. .......

 In the previous world, I made a small ring out of silver clay, which turns to silver when fired, and this is just like the ring I made before firing. In this state, it is still unfinished.
 As I was looking at the unfinished ring, I suddenly realized.

"Oh, by the way, ....... Deanna! Anne!

 I called out to Deanna and Anne, who were working on deburring the longsword right next to me. Both of them are getting a little more adept at holding their hammers.


 Deanna and Anne put down their hammers and came over to me.

"Sorry, we were working. Sorry, I was working. I just wanted to know if there are any rules about decorating wedding rings. Especially for a nobleman, right? If I didn't follow the rules and couldn't wear it on a regular basis, I'd be in deep trouble.

 In silver clay, the rough design is made before firing. This is because it is easier to work with than after it has been fired and turned into silver.
 It's the same with megistichum, it's troublesome if you don't process it before it becomes incredibly hard.

"Hmm, I've never heard of that. How about Anne?

 "Well, I've never heard of her. I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it. I was inwardly relieved that she also asked Anne.
 I don't want to point this out, though, because it would be a good punch in the gut at worst, not in the shoulder.

I've never even heard of the Empire. I've never heard of it in the empire. There is a saying that it's not good to be too flashy, but that's only because it's hard to wear on a daily basis if it's too extravagant.
I see.

 Deanna and I both nodded our heads. Is there any particular restriction on the design?
 You can't have ominous motifs that remind you of death, though.
 Designs that are difficult to wear on a daily basis are also not allowed, so armoring like this is probably not allowed.
 It's probably the best choice to take advantage of the hardness of megistium, and it's not a bad choice for fashion, but it's too opposite to be suitable for an engagement ring.
 I can't help but chuckle when I picture a handsome and beautiful couple wearing armor rings on their left ring finger.
 In my imagination, it looks good with the clothes, but as an ex-terrestrial, I think it's a bit too middle-aged.

"What's wrong?
What's wrong?" "Nothing, nothing. It's just that my stupid imagination was too much.
Yeah, what's that?

 I answered honestly to Deanna's question.

I was thinking that a ring with only the fingers of the cage could make use of the hardness of the megistium.
It's .......

 I was relieved to hear that, even though he looked like he deserved it. That's a great idea! Let's try it! I wondered what I would do if she said, "Yes!
 Anne was shaking her head, and my trivial fantasy came to an end as trivial as it was.

"Hmm, so you want a plain one or one with a pattern that will protect you from bad things?
Hmm. Oh, yes, a northern pattern will be fine, right?
Okay. Thank you, both of you.
"You're welcome.

 In a slightly droll manner, the ladies bowed gracefully and returned to their work. The gap between their earlier gesture and the work they were about to do was a little amusing.

 When I heard that there was no problem with northern patterns, several auspicious patterns came to my mind.
 I decided to combine one or more of them and make it look not too strange. I decided to do so, and sat up to get a small iron to carve the patterns.