382 the first

 Using the smallest tool in the house, I started carving the patterns. Since it is still soft, it can be carved by hand power alone without using a hammer.
 Probably it can be carved with a knife as well, but it is simply too small, so it is necessary to use a suitable tool.

 The pattern to be engraved is a saaya type. The pattern looks like a series of swastikas connected in a diamond shape, and has the meaning of wishing for prosperity and longevity of the family.
 It is called "uninterrupted longevity," and even though the meaning is different, I thought "uninterrupted" was appropriate for a wedding ring, so I decided to go with it.
 ...... I'm sure it will be fine, but I'll just check before I start.

 I've shown everyone how to draw a Saaya pattern on a spare space on a piece of paper, and it didn't seem to get stuck in the swastika.
 I was confident that it would be okay because there was a World War II in the previous world and the problem was not the swastika, but if they said that the pattern symbolized death in this world, I would have to change it.

 Now that I know that there is no problem, I'm ready to start working. Don't put too much pressure on the ring, or it will lose its shape.
 I guess it's because I'm working directly on the metal, so I know how much force to apply.
 I gently apply the tool and slowly carve the shape. The few times I've carved, I've done it on swords, so I didn't have to be as careful as I am now, but this time I'm trying hard to control my trembling fingertips.
 Knowing where and how to dig is one thing, but being able to do it smoothly is another.

 On the contrary, this is an area where I can improve by trying to raise my own level (the concept of level itself is not even in this world: ......).
 It's no fun to just make everything and be done with it, and sometimes it's good to do something that seems difficult.
 I know I'll get sick of it if it goes on too long, but...

 But I'm working on it as fast as a caterpillar eating a leaf. Since it is a very precious material, I pick up the scraps carved by the tool with my fingers each time and throw them into a small container.
 Originally, I bought these containers to keep newly purchased seasonings in small portions, but now, like the pepper in the previous world, they have become treasure jars to hold priceless things.

 The scraps of megisticium I collected can be reused with the magic I put into it to make my wife's portion, and I'm sure there will be a good amount of it in the end, so it should be worth a good price by itself.
 Even a cup of earwax picked now and put into a container would be worth enough to live for a week or two on the outskirts of the city.
 I don't feel like throwing away such a thing as mere garbage, much less tossing it around. I'll make sure I can return it.
 I am, after all, a "pain in the ass" craftsman.

 It took me until late in the evening to finally finish carving the pattern. My eyes are completely tired, and my back is a little sore. This is another area where even cheats can't help.
 I stood up and stretched. The absence of disturbing noises from my waist is a blessing in disguise for a thirty-year-old.
 I held my eyes with my left hand and tapped my hip with my right.

"You smell like an old man.

 Samija, who seemed to be nearby, said to me, "You look old.
 I was so focused on my work that I didn't notice that everyone had already finished cleaning up, and Deanna and Anne were just walking out with their wooden swords in their hands.

I'm an old man, you know. ....... I'm going to get rattled all over the place.

 With a wry smile and a whirl of my shoulders, I replied honestly. My body may be 30 years old, but I'm 40 years old inside. It seems that it's hard to get rid of ingrained movements.
 Perhaps it's a reaction to my concentrated work, but I feel a creaking sensation, though there's no sound.
 Samija looked a little surprised, probably expecting a little more of an argument.
 But her face quickly turned indignant.

What are you talking about? We still have a long way to go!

 He slapped me on the back. To tell the truth, it hurt, but I felt that it gave me a boost.

You're right, we'll have to work hard tomorrow.

 I patted Samija's head, and she smiled a big smile.