383 magical powers and demons

"Hmm. Oh, shoot.

 The next day . After completing my morning routine, I fire up the forge and groan at the ring.
 Then Rique comes up to me.

"What's the matter?
No, I got a little careless. How do I get it hard from here?
Ah, .......

 If you put the magic sheet metal directly on the ring and hit it like you have been doing, the ring you have just made will turn into a flimsy sheet again.
 If it became too hard in that state, there would be no way to get it back. Probably the hardest metal sheet in the world would be created.
 It could be used as a bulletproof plate in the previous world, but that's not what I was asked to do.
 Would it have been better to make it a little harder before engraving it?
 No, this hardness is the limit for shaping. I'm not sure I can erase the seam if it's harder than this.
 Maybe I can get away with it by using a cheat, but if I bet on it and fail, I'll be in deep trouble.

Let's go to ...... and surround it.
"Sheet metal?
When I hit it to put in the magic power, I could feel it going in. But it didn't go in, which means it's probably ......
And then it just slipped out?

 I nodded to Rike.

What's the problem with moving it from the sheet metal?
"What if it's not just the sheet metal that's holding the magic?

 Yes, there's an anvil under the sheet metal across the megistium. Magic must be contained in that too. I've never thought about it before.
 If it is in the form of a sheet, there will be less "escape" in the horizontal direction. However, if the magical steel cannot escape that way, and the magical power remains in the Megistium, then...
 If the magic remains in the Megistium, then surrounding it with magic and keeping it in a high concentration of magic could contain the magic. That's what I thought.
 There is one thing that bothers me about this method.

Is it possible to create demons by doing so?

 Demons are generated when the magic power is stagnant. ...... In fact, I've fought demons that have occurred.
 It's also possible that the stagnant demonic power can turn ordinary creatures into demons. This is the case with Lucy, my little wolf (the little one is about to be removed).
 So far, she has never become stagnant, even with a custom-made item filled to the limit with magic power.
 But what about when the space is filled with a high concentration of magic? Here again, I will ask for the wisdom of the experts.

"Is it ......?
"Yes. If you surround all six sides with sheet metal filled to the brim with magic power like this, and then beat the magic power inside, the magic power in that space will become quite concentrated, right?
Yeah, that's true.
And when you put it in that state, won't demons be generated from it? That's what I'm wondering.
That's right. ......

 Liddy put his hand on the thin mane.
 In the event that you've got a lot of money, you're going to need to be able to pay for it.
 They should be able to take out a goblin or two with ease. It is unlikely that the magic power that has congealed in the space the size of this ring will generate a stronger monster than that.
 So I don't think it will be a big deal when it happens, but there is a big difference between knowing it will happen and preparing for it, and panicking when it doesn't happen.

 Liddy pondered a bit and opened his mouth.

I don't think this will cause a demon outbreak. The amount is too small.

 I was relieved to hear her say that. Even if it can be dealt with, it's better not to have demons like goblins.
 If my Lucy hadn't become a demon, she would have been able to live out her life as a forest wolf in a pack.
 I have no way of knowing whether or not she will be happier than she would have been in a pack.

Just go to .......

 Liddy continued. It's getting a little uncomfortable.

If the magic is very strong, it is possible that fairies will appear.
"Fairies ......?

 Liddy nodded his head.

I'm not sure what to make of that. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for. But ......
Unless there's an even greater concentration of magic there.
That's true.

 Liddy nodded again at my words. I'm not sure if it's the word "fairy" that's causing the others to pause and pay attention to what Liddy is saying.

"Can you talk to them?
I've heard that some of them can, but most of them don't do anything, just suck up the magic they've gathered and go away.
They don't do anything bad?
No. If the elf can talk, he might do something naughty, though.

 I wonder if they're like the fairies in the fairy tales of the previous world. There are many kinds of fairies in the world, so I guess it's hard to say.

"Well, if the fairies come, we'll think we've seen something unusual. We're surrounded by sheet metal, so they can't touch us while we're processing.

 Liddy smiles. As I looked at her face, I could not help but hope for the appearance of a fairy.