384 Establish procedures

 Whether the fairy will come or not, I still have to do the work, so I decided to prepare the sheet metal with full magic power.
 There are three things to prepare. One to put underneath, one to put on top, and one with a hole about the size of a ring.
 If it were a larger ring, you would probably need six pieces to enclose it, but since this is a small ring, this should be no problem. ...... I won't know until I try it.

 Two of the pieces are tapped without heating and filled with magic power. I'm quite familiar with this method, and was able to quickly apply magic power to the limit. The second one is made of steel and has a low upper limit.
 For the third one, after heating, I used the corner of the anvil to make a small hole, and then used a hammer to adjust the hole to about the same size as the ring.
 The thickness of the sheet metal is larger than the width of the ring. I'm sure it will be fine because I'll hammer it while it's cold, but if it's too thick, it might distort the ring when I hammer the sheet metal over it.

 Thus we have three pieces of steel fully filled with magic power. Something shiny is clinging to the sheet metal.

I'll have to experiment with getting Rike to hit this sometime soon. ......

 I thought to myself. I had intended to make it loud enough for only myself to hear, but Rike seemed to have heard it very carefully.

"Are you sure?
"No, no, let's try it after this one.
Now that I've said it, do you mind if I don't use my own rice?
"Of course it's better, but I really want to try the sheet metal with the maximum amount of magic power before that. I can't do it myself yet.
"I see.

 It's natural to want to try it if there is a good one. If someone said to me, "I've brought you an orichalcum filled with magic power, would you like to try it? I'd probably say yes, regardless of whether I could process it or not.

 The meaning of having Rike strike the sheet metal that I put my magic into is mass production.
 If all I have to do is put magic into the sheet metal, I don't need to heat it. Even if I can't maintain the magic completely, if Rike can process the sheet metal with most of it intact, then I can concentrate on putting the magic into the sheet metal, and Rike can process it more and more.

 In this way, if I prepare the planned number of sheet metal, and then I chase after him to process it, we can almost double the speed of production by simple calculation.
 There's no way to leave it unattended, and more importantly, if I'm gone for some reason, as long as I can keep the sheet metal, I think we'll be safe for a while.
 If all goes well, I'll try to find time to make sheet metal with magic power and store it in the warehouse.

 That is, if I finish making the ring. I place the sheet metal and the ring on the anvil, and hammer down on the sheet metal.
 After a few taps, the sheet metal on top seems to be losing some of its magic, so it seems to be working well for now.

 Then I continued working, and when it was almost lunchtime, I decided to check once more.
 If it didn't work here, all the work I'd done this morning would be for naught, but the wound wasn't too deep yet.

 I set the hammer down beside me and gently lifted the sheet metal. Something shiny comes out of the gap.
 I imagine it is like opening a box of dry ice.
 There is no doubt that the space where the ring was placed was filled with magical power. I took the sheet metal away.

 There is the ring, glittering. When I poked it with my fingernail, I felt a hard knack. The cheat tells me that it's almost certainly harder than it was yesterday.
 I sigh deeply. Good, now I can establish the steps to completion. When I make another one, I can follow this procedure, and it should be much faster.

 But the relief was short-lived, and with the ring came a concern.
 Inside the ring, in what had been a completely empty space, a very small blue transparent jewel was born.