386 The Magic Reactor and Experiment

 Now that we've confirmed that the ring is hardening, it's time for lunch. We all still have work to do, so we make short work of it, but the subject of the blue gem still comes up.
 With her eyes wide open in surprise, Deanna said, "You can do that?

"How is that even possible?
I'm not sure if it can, or if it has. ....... I'm sure it can be generated.
That's what I thought you were talking about.

 I nodded at Samija's words. I was a little afraid that Anne's eyes seemed to be glittering.

But it seems to be unstable, and it disappeared soon after. "Well, it seems to be unstable and disappeared soon after.

 My words caused Anne to drop her shoulders in an obvious way. If you can create something that can be turned into money out of nothing, it would be a great help to the nation. It's really alchemy.
 To keep the conversation from going any deeper, we finished our conversation and lunch, and cleaned up.

 Returning to the forge, I put the hardened ring back into its sheet metal enclosure. Since it can produce magical gems (though it's not quite "something" yet), I think I'll call it a "magic furnace". It's a simple one, so I'll call it a "simple magic furnace.

 Cover this simple magic furnace with sheet metal filled with magic power. If you keep hitting the sheet metal, the magic power will be absorbed into the ring.
 When you put it in directly, you can feel the point where you can't put any more, but in this case, it's too indirect, so you need to take it out of the simple magic furnace from time to time to check.

 The feel of it in my hands and the glow of the Megistium itself are not much different from before I put it in. However, you can see that it is definitely filled with magic power, and that the sparkle is increasing.

Hmmm... ......

 If it's this hard, will it be okay? I hammer lightly on the ring, thinking that now is the time to try.
 If it was still soft, this blow would have caused some sort of defect, even if it was only light, but the ring only made a cool "chirping" sound like a wind chime, and there was no particular damage.

 Okay, this is going to work. I tapped the ring in the same way you would tap sheet metal to put magic into it.
 The ring answered with a tinkle. I gave it a few more taps, then put down the hammer and checked the ring.

"No? ......

 I knew something about the ring from the feel of the hammering, but even if I tried to put magic power into it when it was hard, it seemed to slip away.
 I had thought that if it was hardened, it might be possible, but I guess there's no such thing as a good deal. I have to work on it steadily.
 I thought it would be better if I could put the magic power directly into it, so there would be no risk of magical gems or fairies.
 I sighed and hammered to put the magic back into the sheet metal, which had been losing its magic.

 After a while, the sheet metal was filled with magic power in its body. I used it as the lid of the magic furnace, and hammered on the sheet metal so that the magic would be transferred to the ring.
 There are still many things I want to experiment with. Normally, it would be better to maintain a high concentration of magic power.
 In other words, it would be more efficient to continue the work until the magic power is gone, without removing the sheet metal used as a lid in the process. It is similar to the feeling that if you open and close the door of a refrigerator too often, it will lose its ability to cool.

 However, we cannot know if this is really the case until we try it.
 I first hit the sheet metal five times, then opened the lid and left it open, then put the lid back on and hit the sheet metal five times.
 When I checked, the ring was filled with more magic power. It seems that the upper limit is not yet reached. In addition, it seems that the magic jewel will not be created or the fairy will not visit the ring.
 The magic jewel may have been a very small one, though.

 Next, with the lid still on, tap the sheet metal ten times in succession. If the amount of magic is greater than before, then it will be more efficient to continue working with the lid on.

 I gently open the lid and take out the ring inside. It took me about ten tries, but no gems of any visible size were produced.
 I look at the ring again and again to check the amount of magic power.

"Just as I thought.

 The amount of magic power is definitely increasing here, though only slightly. Then...

"Shall we leave the lid open until the very last minute?

 I would have avoided the jewel and the fairy if I could have, but I had no choice. Both of them seem harmless, so I'll just close my eyes and concentrate on my work.
 I put the ring and lid back on, picked up the hammer, and went back to work.