387 the greatest possible magical powers

 I hammer on the lid of the magical furnace. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, it's a scene that will make you wonder if something bad has happened to you.
 In normal work, even mithril or apoitakara will change its shape a little if you hammer on it for a while, so you can feel a slight sense of accomplishment.
 In this case, however, there was no change in the shape at all. The magic power is gradually released from the sheet metal, but the released magic power goes into the simple magic power furnace, and the state of the ring inside cannot be checked.
 If you make a simple magic furnace with a transparent acrylic plate full of magic power, you may be able to check it, but there is no such thing. .......

 So I keep tapping on it, and eventually, when the magic power is almost gone from one piece of sheet metal, I gently open the lid.
 I wondered what I would do if the highly concentrated magic came out like a mist of dry ice plunged into a basin of water, but it didn't happen.
 I also thought that the ring might be glowing as if it were emitting light from a ring that had accumulated magical power, but it didn't. It was sitting there as usual.
 At the same time, there was a larger magical jewel than I had seen this morning. That's how much magic power was concentrated here.

 I placed the ring on the lid that had been removed from the blue gem, and took it out of the simple magic furnace. Of course, there was no rise in temperature or anything like that.
 It didn't glow, but I could tell that it was filled with magic power. Even an ordinary person might be able to detect it.
 So I decide to call Diana to have her take a look. If it's Samija, she can't tell the difference from a beastman's senses, and Anne has probably seen a magical item before, so now that Helen is gone, Deanna is the closest thing to normal.

I see.

 I'm sure you've heard of it," she said, fumbling with the ring I'd handed her. I'm not sure if it's because of the size or the fact that it hasn't melted into the air yet, but Anne is looking at it in her hands. Her eyes seem to have $ in them, but that's probably just her imagination. Of course, there are no dollars in this world.

There's something a little out of the ordinary about this.
"Hmm. Does it feel warm?
Not really. I don't know if the sparkles are because of the megistium or if this is magic.
Oh, I see.

 It is not pure gold that I put the magic power into, but a special metal called megistyme (though whether it is or not is also somewhat doubtful). It's hard to tell if the shine is due to the properties of the material or not, even if you look at it alone.
 Therefore, I will bring the remaining megistyme that has not yet been filled with magic power. As I heard Anne's sad voice, I knew that the magical jewel had collapsed. Apparently, the time it takes to collapse depends on its size, that is, on the amount of magic power that has turned into crystals.

This is what it looked like before processing.

 Anne set it aside and placed the squishy megisticium on Diana's hand.

"What do you think?
The ring is a little more sparkly than the other one. The ring has a little more sparkle to it.
Oh, yeah.

 Deanna says, her eyes sparkling as much as the ring. The ring is a little more sparkly than the ring.

"I'll check the rest at night. ......
If it glows, you'll have trouble sleeping, won't you?
...... That's true.

 You're not supposed to take off your wedding ring much in this world either. In this world, too, wedding rings are not often taken off, and if you wear a wedding ring when you go to bed, it will be difficult to sleep if it is glowing.
 If it were to glow, it would be necessary to find the amount of magical power that would keep the ring strong enough to keep it from glowing.
 If possible, I would like to avoid such work, but if it is necessary, I have no choice.

 When I look out the window, the sky has already turned orange, so I start to clean up my work.
 Then I felt a very small knocking sound. It was so faint that I would have missed it if I had been working.

Did you hear the knock?
How about you, Samija?
I thought I heard it too, but I thought I was imagining it. Did you hear it too?

 Samija said, twitching her tiger ears. So it's not my imagination. A guest is a guest no matter when it comes. I open the door to the smithy.

"Yes, yes, you are .......

 And there she is, a small elf-like woman with wings, smiling and floating.