390 "The content and ""I'm back"""

 Giselle: ...... The day after the fairy chief of the Kuro Forest arrived. I groaned a little as I looked at my first ring.
 It's good to be blessed. The added value itself wouldn't be a problem.
 A ring made of megistium is a precious thing to begin with, and the added value of scarcity is a matter of course.
 Well, it is what it is, but if Marius hadn't said so, it wouldn't have been so obvious. There aren't many people who have seen items blessed by fairies.
 What I'm wondering is.

What I'm wondering is: "What is the content of the blessing? ......

 What I'm wondering is, "What is the content of the blessing? I think it is very unlikely that it is a curse rather than a blessing, considering the way things went yesterday.
 The fact that Samija didn't interrupt me during the conversation yesterday means that she probably wasn't lying. It may be that she is not human and is very small, so it is difficult to detect her scent.

 Think about yesterday's blessing. "It was "Blessings to all who wear it.
 In the RPG style of the previous world, it would be like an increase in the LUK parameter.


 When the ring is held up to the light, it has a faint blue color in addition to the gold color of Megistium.
 The blue is also blended in with the gold reflection, and is quite clear if you know what you're looking at, but it's a subtle color if you don't notice it.

 While I was puzzling over the ring, Rike, who had finished her preparations for the day, peered at it from next to me.

"What's wrong?
"It's about yesterday's 'blessing'. ......"

 I explained to him what I had been thinking about.

"I see.
I'm pretty sure it's not something weird, but I don't have anything to prove it.

 They both crossed their arms and groaned. Then.

"I guess we'll just have to let Eizo try it once.

 And then a voice called out. It's Deanna.

"Are you sure?

 If it were a knife, I'd try it in no time, but since it's a wedding ring, I'm hesitant.

"Julie's probably not, but it's your brother's.

 The reason this one is a little bigger is because it is Marius'. The reason this one is a little bigger is because it's Marius'. Since there was a test to make it, Marius' ring, which he still knows, is less damaging than his wife's, even if only slightly.

"Well, why don't you at least give it a try? If anything happens, you can tell them that I'm the one who said it was good.
Thanks, but I'm not going to say that.

 If you're going to do it, do it at your own risk. If you want to do it, do it at your own risk. Otherwise, it's bad for your friend who asked you to do it. So Deanna's advice is just that, advice.

Well, I guess you're not going to solve anything by sitting here moaning.

 I nodded. Deanna was right.

"Okay, let's try it on.

 I was afraid to put it on my ring finger, so I started to put it on my right pinky, even though it wasn't the right size.
 Eventually, the ring was placed on my little finger, though it was too big.

How are you feeling?
I don't have a headache or anything.

 When you hold the ring and move it up and down, it moves normally. It doesn't seem to get stuck once it's in place.
 In the worst case scenario, I might have to amputate my finger, so I chose my pinky, but I'm glad I didn't have to worry about that.

 I sat still for a while with the ring on my little finger, but there was no change in my body.
 Fearfully, I changed the ring to my right index finger, but it was still the same. I tried bending and stretching lightly and swinging the hammer into the void, but my body did not feel particularly heavy, nor did the hammer somehow fall out.

I don't know the conditions under which the blessing is activated, but it seems harmless.
That's all you need to know.
That's good enough for me.

 I nodded. As a troublesome old blacksmith, it's okay to be skeptical, but it's also okay to trust people (even fairies) to a certain extent. But it's okay to trust people (even fairies) to a certain extent, though I won't show mercy if they betray me.

Now that you seem to be okay, all we have to do is make Julie's.
Good luck.

 As I threw the rest of the Megistium into the simple magic furnace to reduce it to a more workable hardness, I heard a clang.
 This must mean the door to the side of the house is open. Not many people open their doors at this time of night.
 A bandit, or else ......

"I'm home!

 No sooner had the bell sounded than the door between the house and the forge opened with a bang, and a red-haired woman walked in. She wore a blue breastplate.

Welcome back, Helen. You're back early.
I got to see you all sooner than I expected.

 It was Helen, who had gone to the capital for a while to meet her friends. I don't know what's in the backpack, but it's swelling up.

She said, "Why don't you unpack and get some rest? I'll call you for lunch.
"Okay. Thanks.

 Before returning to her room, Helen said "welcome home" and "I'm home" to the rest of the family.
 I thought it would be a rare occasion, but when I see her coming home safely and rejoicing with everyone, it makes me realize that we are a family.

 Well, I think I'll have to make a little splurge for lunch, but first I have to take care of some important ring work.
 I sat down in front of the magic furnace again and started hammering.