391 the talk of the town

 With a hammer, I put magic power into the megistium. Since my current goal is to make it hard enough to process, I occasionally open the lid of the magic furnace to check the hardness.
 When I checked it just before noon, it had become just the right hardness, so I made a ring to match the smaller of the rings I had copied the sizes of.
 Once the shape was formed, I cleaned up the surface and prepared for the afternoon work. It would be nice if this one were this hard from the start.
 I put down the ring, which glowed a mixture of gold and blue, and started to prepare lunch.

 Lunch usually consists of soup and unfermented bread, or if I prepare it, just grilled meat, but today I prepared grilled meat with soy sauce-based sauce, making it a little more luxurious.
 It was decided that we'd have more drinks at night. I had planned to refrain from drinking because I still had some work to do, but everyone agreed.
 I'm not much of a drinker. .......
 So I'll make a toast, albeit a water one.

"Helen, welcome back!
"Hey, I'm back!

 And so began a slightly different, but as usual lively lunch.

How was the capital?
Nothing much. It was peaceful.

 Helen answered as she sipped her soup. I asked, and Helen answered, sipping her soup, but then she looked as if she had an idea.

"Well, there was one thing.
What is it?

 Helen put down her spoon and turned to Deanna.

I heard that Deanna's brother is getting married. Congratulations.
Thank you.

 Deanna also put down her fork and bowed.

Marius's marriage has become a rumor that has spread to the mercenaries?
"The Count, who has been very active lately, is getting married. "The Count, who's been very active lately, is getting married, and it's after a love affair with his childhood friend.
That's true.

 In the previous world, it would be like a marriage of a popular actor. That's news to me. I just wasn't that interested.
 You know, I saw it on the TV in the cafeteria near my office before I came here.

It's kind of embarrassing.
That's what they're saying about the city?
Yeah. And I hope I don't get in trouble.

 Deanna wrinkles the bridge of her nose. I don't know what the trouble is, but Anne seems to have figured it out.

"Oh, .......

 I don't know what the trouble is. All eyes are on Anne. Anne noticed this and shrugged her shoulders.

She shrugged her shoulders and continued, "I mean, if Deanna's brother gets married, when will Deanna get married?

 She continued. Well, that's true. Sometimes I forget that Deanna is a countess in her own right. Originally, ......

I should have been married off long ago, you know.

 I should have been married by now," Deanna said to herself.

But it's a pain in the ass, too. I guess life here suits me.
"No, .......

 When I tried to open my mouth, Deanna stared at me, and I closed my mouth. Anne is looking at me and shaking her head.
 I don't think it's a good idea to say anything right now.

"Oh, by the way, I heard that the fairies came?

 As if to blow away the slightly heavy atmosphere, Helen said in a cheerful voice.

"The head of the fairy tribe. The head of the fairy tribe is called Giselle.
"Oh, I wish I could have seen her.
I don't know if Giselle will be there, but she's supposed to take care of the sick fairies, so I'm sure she'll be there.

 I nodded, and Helen smiled with delight. Yes, she likes pretty things.
 She thinks she's hiding it, but sometimes she smiles even more than Deanna when she pets Lucy.

I didn't know Eizo was a fairy doctor.
The only thing I can treat is the disease of magic draining from the body. If anything else happens, I can't help you.

 If you have any other problems, I can't help you." A doctor who specializes in a single disease, so to speak: ...... No, it's more like a healer, because he doesn't diagnose. I'm a pharmacist, but I only give the same medicine.

I'm sure you've heard of it. Oh, you don't have to answer if it's too difficult.

 I said what I thought. Elves live by taking in magic power.
 If fairies also lose magic from their bodies and die when the magic is gone, then they must be living with magic in their bodies.
 If that's the case, she thought, they must be in a similar state to some extent.
 Liddy said, "No, it's no problem for me to answer," before continuing.

First of all, you don't get sick very often. Basically, they are no different from doctors in the city or the capital. You can infuse medicinal herbs and drink them. We grow such things.

Do most people have that kind of knowledge?
Yes, they do. I think the doctors in the city know a little more. In fact, I sometimes take him to the city doctor when he's in trouble.

 I wonder if you're less likely to get sick if you're absorbing magic power. If Nilda were here, I could ask her about the demon race. If she comes back, I'll ask her.
 If that's the case, maybe the fairies, who live by absorbing more magic power, won't get ordinary diseases.
 Instead, they may suffer from incurable diseases, if I may say so. And if there is a glimmer of hope for a cure, it's natural to want to rely on whoever it is.

 A chill runs down my spine as I realize what's on my shoulders.
 Still, I think I can do my best for the person who asks for help.
 As if to hide my inner resolve, I bring the soup to my mouth.