392 second

 After a short but lively lunch, we started the afternoon's work.
 I had told Helen that she could take the day off, but since we were only moving around and she had rested enough in the morning, she immediately joined Samija and Diana in their work.
 I haven't done any work on this side for a while, so I guess it's a kind of rehabilitation.

 I started carving a pattern on the smaller ring. The smaller one requires a little more finesse. I'm really glad that my presbyopia hasn't started yet.
 Still, the strain on my eyes was the same this time as it was the last time.
 Occasionally, when I press my eyes tightly, I feel a sensation of creeping. It's a feeling I used to experience frequently in the previous world. I'm not sure if I should be nostalgic or not.

 When you have finished carving the pattern, you adjust the parts that inevitably become fluffy. Since I had already done this work once before, I could proceed smoothly.
 The result was a ring that looked almost as good as the finished product.
 There was a pale blue light mixed in with the golden glow. If I hadn't known it was Megistium, I wouldn't have believed that it was so soft that it would crush in my grip.

 I gently placed the ring in the magic furnace. The lid was, of course, sheet metal that I had filled with magic.
 I hammered the sheet metal to increase the concentration of magic power in the furnace, as if it were .......
 If we could use a transparent material for the furnace or use ultrasonic waves to see what is going on inside, we would be able to understand what is happening, but since that is not possible, we can only use our senses.
 Increasing the concentration of magic power can be applied to more than just megestiums, and it will be necessary to find an efficient way to keep the magic crystals from collapsing for the sake of the "fairy doctor".

 You hammer away at what appears to be a simple iron box. With each hammering, a loud cracking sound echoes through the forge, mingling with the sounds of Rike and Samija working.
 I kept the same rhythm, while Rike and Samija changed the tempo slightly, and I wondered if I could have recorded this, it would have made a very interesting piece.

 Since we were working on the same thing all the way to the evening, and it didn't seem to change much, we took breaks from time to time without opening the lid.
 I took a break every now and then, without opening the lid, just to go outside for a while and take care of Krull and Lucy, who were also outside the hut.
 Still, it was a nice distraction.

 And then, in the evening. I gently remove the lid, which has completely lost its magic. Before I knew it, the others were approaching me.
 I gently open the lid to reveal a ring that looks almost exactly the same, and a blue gemstone, the first crystal of magical power we've ever seen.


 A small voice escaped Helen's lips. It's the first time she's seen this magical gem.
 She took out a rather large gem and handed it to Helen.

It's beautiful.
Isn't it? Well, I can't keep it in that state right now.

 While we were talking, it seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. Anne and Liddy are peeking at me from the side, which I think is charming.

Oh, .......

 Eventually, the magical jewel crumbled noiselessly, and Helen made a sad face. I'm sure the fragility of it is part of the beauty of it, but I'm not sure about everyone else.

Now, let's get down to business.

 I take out the ring that is still in the furnace and hold it up to the still remaining sunlight.
 The ring, while catching the slightly orange sunlight, reflected a solid golden color and a faint blue that was stronger than in the morning.
 If Giselle is right, there is also the blessing of the fairy race in this ring.

 I poked the ring lightly with my hammer. It made a clear sound. Little by little, I strengthen it, and eventually I strike it with a force that would surely crush pure gold.
 The ring made a sound, but was still there, shining without a scratch.

"Now they're both done.

 I mutter, and a small cheer fills the forge.