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 Since Marius' and Helen's wedding rings were finished, and Helen's welcome home party was a simple affair due to the afternoon's work, we decided to combine the two into a slightly more luxurious celebration.
 I prepared three kinds of meat: one with simple salt and pepper and soy sauce-based sauce, one with wine and berry sauce, and of course sake. It was a little disappointing that the soup and bread were the same as usual, but considering that it was prepared on short notice in a house in the forest, it was sufficient.
 Tables and chairs were brought out to the terrace, and food and drinks were laid out on the tables. Now that we have more opportunities to eat here, we might as well have a new table and have dinner here when it's not raining.

"Well, here's to the completion of the wedding ring and to Helen's welcome home!

 Krull and Lucy's voices joined in the toast. Lucy was on Helen's lap, receiving a piece of meat that had been cooked but not seasoned. The one on her lap and the one on her lap are both in a good mood.
 Krull, after sticking his head out and having Diana pat his head for a while, sits down nearby and relaxes. He doesn't eat or drink much, but he enjoys being with everyone.

 They are asking Helen about the souvenirs she brought back from the capital, which she hadn't told them at lunch. Mainly about her friends in the same mercenary corps.

"So some of them quit?
"Yeah. Yes, but they found other jobs or got married.
It's a shame, but it's a relief.

 Helen answered what Deanna had asked. Helen answered Deanna's question. She had gone to tell her friend that she was okay, so she was happy to hear that her friend was okay, and her face was beaming during the rest of the conversation.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.

 In the middle of the conversation, Helen abruptly left her seat. Lucy, who was in her lap, had already changed her place to Deanna. She is a good and caring girl.
 Helen retreated to the house, but returned a little later with a backpack in her hand. It was the one that was packed when she came back.

"I didn't just bring you something. I've got a lot of things to buy. ...... But mostly I've talked about the people here and they've been pushing me to get this and that.

 On the table, which is now somewhat cleared of food, Helen removes the contents of her backpack.
 On the table, now somewhat cleared of food, Helen took out the contents of her backpack.
 I ask Helen about the ones I see.

"What about the comb and the ...... jar over here?

 It's large, sealed with leather and wax, probably to keep the contents from leaking out. Most of the reason my backpack was so full seemed to be due to the size of this.

"Incense oil. It was given to me by a man who was quite fussy about his appearance. "He said, 'Wherever you are, you have to keep yourself clean.
"I see.

 Even if you're a mercenary, you're still a woman, and it's understandable that you'd want to keep yourself as clean as possible on the battlefield or wherever, regardless of how you feel about men.
 Sadly, as a 40 year old man, I didn't pay any attention to this. Deanna brought her own comb, though. Rike said, "My hair is so hard that the comb loses its strength," so it seems she doesn't have one.

Maybe I'll ask Camilo to do this next time.
"You don't have to show it to anyone.

 Anne reacted to my words. You're the princess, you don't have to be so reserved.

Well, it's all in how you feel, isn't it? It's better to feel good, right? It's not like you have to wear it every day, just when you feel like it.

 It's not like you have to wear it every day. But this is the reaction of someone who is just getting into it. You'll like it when you use it.

You'll like it when you use it." "It must have cost a lot for this amount.
She said she could get it cheaper by stealth.

 I got answers that made me want to ask about details, but also made me not want to ask. I somehow think that it would be better not to ask about it in our house.

 After that, I put on the collars that my creature-loving friend had given to Krull and Lucy (both of them were happy), and finally, Rike picked up the remaining small box.

"Wow, it's heavy. What's in this?

 Helen grinned at Rike's words.

Helen smiled at Rique's words, "What Eizo would want.
What do I want?

 Helen nodded, startled by the sudden turn of events.

Helen nodded. "I only got a grain or so, though.

 Helen nodded. Helen nodded in surprise.

"I heard it's babylon.

 At Helen's words, I felt my eyes widen in surprise.