397 naughty boy

 The door between the house and the forge opened with a bang, and Diana jumped in.
 I thought I had seen something unusual, since it was usually Samias who jumped in at such times, and called out to her.

Welcome back. What's up?
"I'm home. Can I use your water? You don't want to drink it.
Hmm? Of course not. I'm done for the day.
Okay. Thanks.
What's going on?

 Originally, regardless of where you were, inside or outside, you were supposed to cleanse yourself with hot or cold water at the end of each day's work. When working in the forge, you sweat, and when hunting, you also get dirty from the dirt.
 Deanna knows this, so the fact that she came to ask means that she has an unscheduled use for it.

"We killed a big boar today, but Lucy jumped in when we were putting it in the lake.
Oh ....... It's been getting a little hot lately. ......

 The lake is full of water here and there. So there are many cold places. It would be nice to jump in when it's hot. I'd like to do the same at this point, and I understand Lucy's feelings.
 Deanna nodded at my words and continued.

I could have just jumped in, but then I'd have been rolling around in the mud. We all talked about taking another dip in the lake, but it wouldn't do any good if we did it again, and we didn't bring any big towels with us, so we decided not to.
"I see. There should be enough water left to wash Lucy, so you can use it all.
"Yeah, okay.

 Deanna nodded and dashed out. When she opened the door, she could hear Lucy whimpering a little.

 When I asked her about it at dinner on the terrace, she told me that it had been a big deal, as I had expected.

It all happened so suddenly.
I guess he thought he'd just follow everyone.

 Samija and Anne say with a smile that is a little bitter. Anne seems to like Lucy for some reason, too. Basically, she's a good girl who listens well. Krull, too.

"Can't you keep up with the lightning?"
Not at that speed. "There's no one anywhere who can keep up with a hound trained in the Kuro Forest."

 I laughed and Helen shook her head and said. Lucy's athletic ability seems to have improved remarkably.
 I don't know if it's because she's a demon or not, but she's a creature that originally lived in this forest. It will only take a short time for her to catch up with the rest of us.
 In fact, today, even though he is still a wolf, he has helped both in the search and in the eviction. The wolf himself, perhaps tired from today's "work" or from being washed, is curled up at my feet after a hearty meal, sleeping peacefully.

You're running fast, aren't you, Krull?

 Liddy said, looking at Krull, who was curled up outside on the terrace. You'll be able to find a lot more than that.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that he's grown up.
I wonder if Krull is growing up.
Maybe. I don't know. I've never had a running dragon before.
When he's big enough, we'll have to rebuild his hut.

 Deanna and I both look at Krull. I'm not sure if the improvement in Krull's abilities is due to the magical power of this forest or physical growth, but if it is growth, you need to prepare an environment that suits it.
 For the sake of my lovely children, I will do everything I can.

 As I was cleaning up after dinner, Krull woke up and gently lifted Lucy up by the scruff of her neck. Either Lucy was sleepy, or it was her habit to do so, and she was left to her own devices.
 As Krull walked back to the hut, he looked after Lucy as if he cared for her, and we finished our day.