398 Summer comes

 The next morning, when I left the house to go fetch water, I was greeted by a cheerful Krull and Lucy.
 I wonder if it's because I'm young that I can recover after a night's sleep no matter how tired I am. I envy them very much. The older you get, the less you can recover. ....... I have the feeling that the upper limit itself is also decreasing.

 Anyway, Krull and I are holding two water bottles each as usual. I gave Lucy a small jar with a short string tied to it so that she could hold it in her mouth, and she was happy to hold the string.
 She did her best to wag her tail because it would fall off if she barked.

Let's go, then.

 I patted Krull's and Lucy's heads, and we headed off to fetch water together. We'll come back to the lake later today to get our catch, but I feel sorry for Krull if he has to get water along with the big catch, and they seem to be waiting for this in the morning, so we're going to fetch water, even if it means doing it twice.

 When I arrived at the lake, I filled up bottles and jars with water and cleaned myself, Krull, and Lucy. Lucy is being washed because she got too dirty yesterday, but she took the initiative and jumped into the lake.
 Is she aware that "a lake = a place to clean herself"? No, when I fetch water, I don't laze around after I've cleaned myself. .......
 I guess it's because it's hot and everyone else went in, so I followed them.

 I'm going to go home as soon as I'm done. I'm going to go out again after I finish my morning routine.
I'll understand on the way back! Lucy led the way, sprinkling water from the pot with great gusto, and Krull and I followed her on our merry way.

 After completing our morning routine, we got ready and headed to the lake to retrieve our catch. Now that Krull was there and we had more people, there was no need to go with so many people.
 It's not, but it's half a picnic, so we're just taking a break.

 We walked through the forest where the sunlight was a little stronger. The trees are shading us from the direct sunlight, and the breeze is cool, so it's hard to feel, but the temperature seems to be rising.

I knew it was getting hotter, but now that I'm outside I can feel it.

 I grumbled to myself. I think I'm sweating a little faster than before.

It's always hot when you're cooped up in the forge, anyway.

 Rikke with his axe is nodding his head. The forge is quite hot, with hot iron and burning coals as heat sources almost all day long.
 In a sense, I'm getting stronger because I'm being forced to acclimatize to the heat, but that doesn't mean I don't feel the heat.

It will get hotter in a little while.

 That was Samija. When it comes to this forest, she's right.

I hope it's not too hot when we leave the forge.

 I'm getting used to it, but it's still hot. I've been trying to cool down by going outside at intervals, but I feel that if I don't do that, it won't be good for my work efficiency.
 I wonder if I should make something like a mist shower. Or perhaps it would be better to make just a shower, without going that far.
 Eventually, I'd like to make a system to boil water with the waste heat from fireplaces and furnaces. .......

 Even if we build such a system, the next question will be "where will we get such a large amount of water? Since we have cultivated land, I guess we need to think about digging a well. I can make the tools for digging a well, but the question is whether the water will come out as expected.
 If the water doesn't come out, I'll have to draw it from the lake. In the previous world, I saw a TV program that showed a channel running through an uninhabited island, and I'm going to do the same thing here.
 It took a lot of time to do that, so it will take some time here as well. I'd like to use the well if possible.

There's not many places hotter than there. If it's that hot outside, all the trees and flowers will die.

 As I was thinking about the heat and water resources, Anne said in a rather disgusted tone. She hasn't been here that long, so she's the least used to the heat.

I guess so. It's so hot that there are places where there is almost nothing but sand and rocks.
Is that so?

 When I mentioned the desert, Helen surprisingly took to it. You've been all over the place as a mercenary, but you've never been to the desert?
 I nodded and began to explain the desert to Helen. Everyone listened (even Krull and Lucy, who probably didn't understand).
 And so our family made our way to the lake, taking it easy and fulfilling our relaxation purpose.