399 the recovery of game

 We reached the edge of the lake where everyone seemed to have sunk their prey.
 Lucy was fidgeting in the surf.

I told her, "If you jump into the lake, you'll get jabbed again.

 When I told her, she backed away. He could jump in by himself, but he didn't like to be washed.
 When Deanna squatted down and said, "Come here," he accepted the hug. Basically, she is a smart girl. Maybe I'm just a stupid parent.

 The five of us, Krull, myself, Samija, and Helen and Anne, pull up the sinking prey.
 What emerged from the lake was a huge boar whose meat alone weighed more than 200 kilograms.

It's a big one.

 Samija puffed out her chest. The internal organs had been removed from the boar before it was brought here (that's how it is done in the Kuro Forest), but even so, the original weight of the boar must have been tremendous.

"How did you manage to kill it?

 It is my knowledge from the previous world, but I've heard that big boars don't mind moving and escaping even if they are slightly injured. It is said that even if the spinal cord is damaged, it can move for a while. I guess it depends on the part of the injury.
 While we were pulling it up, Rikke and Liddy had cut down a tree to make a platform, and as we pulled it up together, Samija said.

It's thanks to the arrowheads from Eizo's workshop that they are strong enough to penetrate deep. The skin is very tough for a creature of this size.
Even so, it'll be tough if you don't hit the target properly, right?
I'm sure you'll be able to find something to help you.

 Woof! Lucy barked. It seems that she has done her job well. She must have been running around in the forest, following Cermia's instructions. She must have gotten hot and jumped in.
 The human who pulled up the prey also pulled the carrier. The Krull makes it much easier, but it still feels heavy enough.

Perhaps we should consider a cart for the forest.

 I said to myself as I pulled the rope tied to the carrier. If you can get enough stroke ...... and width to move up and down, you can use it in the forest even with a spring suspension.
 The problem is that the felled trees used for this cart are left to dry for a while before being reused as lumber. If we start using carts, we won't be able to get that, so we will have to find other ways to get lumber.
 The current plan is to build a corridor from the main house to Krull's hut, and possibly add a bathroom, so if we run out of wood, we can cut it down early to allow for drying time.

It's still pretty hard to get to the lake.

 Helen responded to my monologue. We don't have a truck to drag it from the place where we killed it to the lake, and I'm not in the strongest group in the house.
 Helen is also a strong person, but it's still a lot of work, so we'd better do something about it. This is not just a one-time thing, it's going to happen again.

 I dragged myself through the forest, taking small breaks along the way, and made it back home before noon. Since I left the house first thing in the morning, a considerable amount of time had passed. Considering this, I guess I need a cart for the forest.
 The team that dragged the boar hung it on a tree, and that was the end of the job. The boar was transformed into meat by Samija, Rike, Liddy, and Diana. The boar is transformed into meat by Samija, Rike, Lidi and Diana.

That didn't take long.
You get used to it after a few times.
That's true.

 Deanna said as she wiped the knife with a cloth, and I laughed and agreed. I laugh and agree with her, wiping the knife with a cloth. Lucy is fidgeting beside me, so Deanna carves a piece of meat and practices the "wait" command.

"Not yet.
"Not yet.

 Lucy sits up smartly and stares at Deanna. Lucy is drooling a little.
 At the same time, the corner of Deanna's eyebrows lower. This is more of an endurance thing, until Deanna feels sorry for Lucy and says goodbye.


 I'm sure you didn't hear my strange concern, but at Deanna's command, Lucy hugs and bites into the meat. I heard in the past that it's not a good idea to eat raw meat, but she's a wolf of the forest and a demon. I guess I should cut him some slack.
 Everyone in the family was smiling at Lucy as she finished eating the meat and frolicked around with Krull. Feeling a little happy at the sight, I retreated to the house to prepare our own lunch.