400 scabove

 For lunch, I simply grilled the meat I hadn't saved. It's one of the delights of the day when you bring back your catch.
 This is the only time I can cook and eat fresh raw meat, since I usually use preserved meat for small celebrations.

 If we have a big celebration in the near future, I'll probably bring the meat home the day before and cook it on the day of the celebration, but I don't have such plans at the moment.
 I don't think I can carry a boar to Marius' wedding. .......

 After lunch, we had free time for ourselves. Liddy and the others went to see the field. They are excited that they might be able to harvest some of the herbs soon.

 Rikke is going to practice with his knife, so I lighted the furnace and fireplace in the forge. I'm going to finish the blade of my guardian sword as well.
 The body of the sword is already finished, so all I have to do is to make the scabbard and hilt. This time, since it is to be used as a wedding gift, it is made of white wood and has no guard. It can be used for practical purposes.

 No, it's a bit of a misnomer to say that it can't be used. The finished product itself is a custom-made model, so anything can be cut if you want to.
 However, from what Deanna tells me, Julie is not particularly skilled with a sword, so you can basically put it away somewhere or have her put it on display.
 Marius is well aware of the danger of the custom-made model being too sharp (he's used it before, after all), so it's unlikely to be a problem.

 Place the blade of the guardian sword on the wood for the scabbard that you have reserved, measure its approximate size, and shape its outline with a knife using a cheat.
 Prepare two identical pieces of wood, and use a knife to cut off half the thickness of the blade so that the blade will fit. Of course, the shape is the same as the blade.

 Paint the two pieces with nikawa, paste them together, and lightly scald them over a fire in a fire pit. Tie this one tightly with a leather string until the glue dries a little more.
 Now apply the same kind of wood to the stem and work it in the same way. The only difference from the scabbard is that there is a hole for the eye nail to pass through, but everything else is exactly the same.

 After an hour and a few minutes, remove the leather strap from the scabbard. It is necessary to leave it for a whole day to let the glue harden completely, but it is no longer a problem to modify the outline.

 Shape the sheath with a knife. Each time you slide the knife around the outside of the sheath, you will hear a swooshing sound and the wood chips will fall off as if they were being peeled off.
 After a while of immersing myself in this process, the sheath eventually took on a beautiful, almost oval cross-sectional shape. In my previous world, I had seen most of them in yakuza movies.


 I growled at the sheath. It's fine as it is, but I wonder if I should do something more decorative with it.
 These manners don't have to follow the previous world, and I feel that if there is a slight deviation from my manners, I can just say, "I've adapted to this area.


 I rolled up my arms again, picked up my knife and used the cheat to carve a relief of a rose flower on the surface of the sheath to prevent it from being punctured.
 With the cheat, I knew exactly where to carve, so I could work faster and make fewer mistakes, but it would still take some time for an elaborate relief.

 I started working in the afternoon, and by the time I had finished one side of the relief, the sun was almost setting.
 When I held the sheath up to the orange light, the rose in full bloom was glowing orange. This was not a bad blend of Japanese and Western styles.

"Oh, you're done?

 Rike, who had finished his work, noticed me holding up the sheath.

"Yeah. I think we can call it done for now. ......

 I held out the sheath in my hand to Rike. He took it reverently and looked at it as if he didn't want to miss the wood grain.

The master's is amazing. I can almost believe it was originally made of this kind of wood.
Is that so?

 I'm a little embarrassed because I feel I'm just doing what I can with the help of the cheat.

But you know what?
"What's wrong with this?

 I nodded to the dubious Rieke.

"I just wish I could color it.
"Oh, .......

 We don't have any pigment or lacquer that can be used for coloring in this kind of situation at the moment. I didn't want to make anything too flashy, but in a situation like this, I would at least like to make the roses red.
 The scabbard and handle themselves should also be white, not white wood, though it would be gaudy. In other words, I want to eliminate the drossiness as much as possible.

Hmm, is it too much to ask Camilo to do it now?
"He might have it, but I don't know if he'll be able to deliver it in time.
The ring is ready to be delivered and there's still time before the wedding, so if the store has it, we can use it.
That's our only option.
If not, we'll think of something else. Maybe Mr. Liddy knows some plants that can be colored.
That's a good idea.

 If it's a product of a blacksmith in the forest, coloring it with plants from the forest seems to be quite clever.

 Rikke and I continued to clean up the forge, discussing the coloring of this and that.