401 material availability

"I see. I don't have any of those growing in my house, but I'm sure you can find some in the forest.

 I asked Liddy about it during dinner on the terrace, and she replied.
 In the previous world, indigo was extracted from indigo plants and used as a dye, so there must be something similar. By the way, I did some free research on dyeing plants and trees during the summer vacation. .......

What colors do you need?
Red, green, and preferably white. ......
"Shiro? ......

 Liddy is pondering. Shiro paint is hard to come by. If you want to get it in this forest, you can make it by burning the shells of shellfish in the lake.

Shiro will be difficult to make from this forest. It would be difficult to find the raw materials.

 Another way is to use limestone, but it would be a fool's errand to see if there is limestone in this forest. If we go to the mountains in the distance, we might have a chance, but we don't want to go there and come up empty.

I'll ask Camilo about the white one.
As for the red one, I remember seeing a plant that uses roots as a material a few times, so I thought it would be a good idea to use that. There are plenty of greens, don't worry.
"Yeah, I guess so. ......

 Now it was my turn to ponder. Considering that this is a gift from my family, I would like to have as many items as possible from this forest.
 If you can get red and green almost without fail, you can use them from this forest at least.

Is it ready to be delivered?
It's fine. "We have enough of the ordinary ones, and we've already been told that we don't need the high quality ones.

 When I checked with Rike, he replied. We've been able to maintain a steady flow of deliveries to Camilo's store, which is almost the only "job" we have.
 It might be time to think about whether we should expand or just take more days off.
 Anyway, I think I've decided on my schedule for tomorrow.

"Well, let's go out and look for them tomorrow, shall we?

 When I said this, Samija and Anne began to get anxious. Samija likes to go out, and this will be Anne's first experience since we became a family. You can see how high their expectations were.
 Krull and Lucy are also running around, probably reacting to the word "excursion. I hope they don't get so excited the day before the field trip that they can't sleep.

"Now that we've decided that, let's go to bed early to prepare for tomorrow.

 I said, and went to clean up the rest of the dinner.

 The next morning, after completing the daily routine, the whole family gathered in the yard. Krull and Lucy were the most excited, but from the looks of it, Anne was no less so.
 Everyone had brought their own weapons for self-defense, as they had encountered a bear before (which was the reason why Lucy came to our house), but Anne also tried to go out with a two-handed sword, but was stopped.
 My ice is not bad, but it's too big to go all over the forest with.
 Instead of a two-handed sword, Anne was given a spear with a much shorter handle. Anne has a long reach, so she should be able to handle the shortened spear.

 I decided to leave the gathering to Krull. He was in a good mood, hanging the baskets with strings on both sides of his body. Lucy was looking at him with envy as she circled around him, but you'll have to wait until you're bigger.

Let's go, then.

 And so, in high spirits, the family proceeded into the forest.