402 red

 The trees in the forest are blocking out the sunlight, which has been getting stronger and stronger lately. And today the wind was stronger than usual, as if it was trying to bring coolness to the forest.

We don't have any trees around here, but it's a little cooler when the wind blows this much.
"It's usually very windy this time of year.

 "It's usually windy at this time of year," Samija replied to my words. I wonder if there's a difference in sunlight between the grasslands and the forest, and the sunlight is stronger this time of year, creating a difference in pressure.

Wouldn't that make it harder for the arrow to hit?
"Of course.

 Samija shrugged her shoulders, but quickly patted herself on the arm.

"Well, we'll have to see about that, won't we?
You're good.

 This time, Sámiá was very proud. It's a good thing she's not modest when she's praised. Everyone in the family smiles.

 Since today was not a hunting trip, and we didn't want to find any plants to collect, we were just going to relax and enjoy the scenery of the forest.
 However, there are many dangerous animals in this forest. There are many dangerous animals in this forest, so it is better to be careful.
 With that in mind, I looked around at the family. If we were all together, I think we could drive back a small unit with ease. There was an archer, a mercenary who could do it all, a master swordsman known in the capital, a swordsman with the strength to handle a two-handed sword.
 He is also an elf who can use a bow and magic, and a demonized wolf (though still a child). If Krull were to use his running ability to hit you with his body, you can be sure that he would do a lot of damage. I wouldn't let a pretty girl do such a thing, though.
 The only one who doesn't count as a fighter is Rike. But then again, the others are just too strong. .......
 I shook my head to drive out the scary image that popped into my head.

 Lucy, who has the best nose in the house, sees a green-haired squirrel (she doesn't have much to eat) or a leafbird, runs up to it, barks at it, and looks sad when it runs away.
 Well, I guess he just wants to play with them. If it had stayed in the wild, would it have developed more hunting instincts? Or maybe it would have awakened in the process of growth.
 I wonder if he would be ready if his instincts as a demon awakened during the process. When I took her in, I was determined to get rid of her, but now that we've been living as a family for so long, I realize that my determination is getting weaker.
 I wonder about Deanna, who is still steadily reducing the HP on my shoulder at a high rate. If the time comes, I hope I won't be the only one who hesitates. .......
 No, for now, I'll just enjoy this happy time to the fullest.

Oh, that's it.

 As we walked through the forest for a while, Liddy pointed a finger at me. At the tip of her finger, we could see what looked like a shrub with a small flower. As we all approached, we saw that it was not a shrub, but a grass-like plant with a very thick stem.
 We judged it to be grass because its surface was not like bark, but this was the Kuro Forest, so any plant could grow here.

We boil the roots of this plant and dry the liquid.
"Let's dig up that big one.

 Liddy told me to dig out a large piece of the plant. I found a bunch of roots that looked like tree roots, but were not very thick. At first glance, the roots themselves did not seem to be so red. As I recall, the roots of Japanese Akane tend to be yellowish to reddish-orange.

Please try to cut the roots.
"Please cut the roots.

 When I cut one of the roots with a knife, a bright red section appeared. I heard someone say, "Oh! The redness of the root made me think that it was inevitable. I have never seen a cross-section of the root of Japanese Akane, but it is probably not so red that it looks like it is dripping blood.
 However, this one is completely red, or scarlet, or at any rate, so red that I have no problem saying, "This is bright red. There are many differences between the animals and the previous world.

If it's this red, it's okay. Let's take this one.
Does the redness of the plant vary?

 Liddy nodded quietly.

The less mature plants are less red, but as they grow, the redness of the roots increases. At this level, it looks like it's about three years old.
"That much?

 Liddy nodded again. Liddy nodded again. As an ex-Japanese, I wondered if it was a good idea to dig up such a thing so easily, but it was a part of nature.

"I think wood would be a good color for this.

 This time I nodded. As I removed the soil from the roots and put them in the basket on Krull's back, she squealed happily, "Krull, Krull," she said.

"Good, good, you're going to need a lot of help today.

 The family laughed as Krull squealed even louder, as if to say, "I'll leave it to you. The family laughed.