403 another harvest

"It's a waste of money, so I'll just take whatever fruit I can find that looks good, not just the colored ones. Or something to plant in the field.

 I said as we made our way through the wind-swept forest, and everyone perked up. Liddy, in particular, has a twinkle in her eye. There must be something she wants.
 Lucy probably didn't understand what I was talking about, but seeing how happy everyone was, she wagged her tail.

Lucy probably didn't understand what was going on, but she wagged her tail when she saw how happy everyone was.

 Krull snorted at my words, as if to say, "Leave it to me. I gave him a gentle tap on the neck. Hmmm.

"Krull, are you getting a little bigger?

 I feel like I'm lifting my hand on his neck slightly more than before. There is a good possibility that I'm mistaken, because it's just a feeling. Krull is tilting his head in a cute way.
 I don't know the age of the running dragon, but if it is quite young, there is a good chance that it will still grow up.
 It is said that a cat becomes an adult cat in a year, but some cats are still growing up for a while. Even in humans, there are many people whose bodies grow even after they have passed the so-called growth period (I'm not talking about that hateful thing that grows around your stomach).

 There is also a big difference between living in another place and living in my house. It's the density of magic. "The Kuro Forest itself is a region with a lot of magic, and our workshop is located in a part of the Kuro Forest where the magic is particularly strong.
 It's not too far-fetched to think that Krull is affected by the magic he is ingesting. Lucy is also growing fast, but it's hard to tell if it's because she's still a little wolf.
 The wolves in this forest are about a hundred centimeters long or a little larger, so if she grows much larger than that, it is suspected that she is under the influence of magic.
 I think we should keep a close eye on my daughter's growth in many ways. .......

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

It's good for burns.

 It is similar to aloe in the previous world. The fact that it is said to be effective against burns is also similar to it. Well, the aloe in the previous world seemed to be better not to use, because of its ingredients and so on.
 The knowledge of the installation also says that it works, so I guess it works in this world.

"Sure, it's better to have it at home.

 Although we deal with high-temperature objects on a daily basis, fortunately there have been no accidents involving burns of more than the depth of II degrees, as in the previous world.
 However, minor burns are a common occurrence. They are so minor that they hardly leave a mark, but if the burns are of a level that we can treat in the future, it is better that they heal quickly.
 We are all young ladies on the verge of marriage, so we can't be too careful about our skin.

 Me, Helen, and Anne are going to dig up some herbs that are good for burns. We dug very deep because we were going to plant it in our field, but the roots were still long enough to have been cut off.

Here we go.

 Since this was a replant, I didn't remove the soil, but put it in the opposite basket from the one that contained the Akane-like plant. I think it would be better to protect the roots properly, though.
 Since Liddy hadn't given me any specific instructions, I decided that it would be okay if I went home and replanted the plant right away.

"You're really sweating when you move.

 Anne said, patting her face with her hands. Even though the breeze felt good, the temperature seemed to be rising. It would be nice if we could know the temperature in detail, like when we were blacksmithing.
 I'd be grateful if I could see the temperature in detail like I do when I'm blacksmithing. ...... doesn't know the temperature like a digital display, but it says "the best temperature is here! It's just that I can recognize things like "the best temperature is here", so even if I know the temperature, I can only recognize "it's a nice temperature right now! So even if you know the temperature, you might just be able to recognize "it's a comfortable temperature right now!

I should have brought a change of clothes and a towel. I should have brought a change of clothes and a towel so I could take a dip in the lake.

 I don't have a proper bathing suit. I don't have a proper bathing suit, but I feel like I know what it's like to bathe in a bathing suit.

If we did that, Eizo would be left out.
Of course.

 I nodded at Helen's words. A man of forty on the inside and thirty on the outside would be very reluctant to mix with them.

So, no.

 Everyone but me nodded at Helen's next words. For some reason, Krull and Lucy also seemed to agree, squealing.

Then, if we can find some clothes that won't show through when wet, we can do it with them on.
"Oh, they have bathing suits in the North?
No, they don't. That is, if they have any.

 Helen said in disgust and slapped me on the back. I said, "Ouch," and thought that it might not be a bad idea to have such an opportunity.