404 lunch outside

"Let's have lunch around here first.

 We arrived at a river where we had been fishing several times. It must have been quite a while since we had wandered around so much.
 I looked up at the heavens and saw that the sun was about to reach the position that would give it the most blessings.
 The riverbank here would be a good place to have lunch. I said, and everyone agreed, including Krull and Lucy, so we started to prepare immediately.

We didn't have many opportunities like this when we were over there.

 "We didn't have many opportunities like this when we were over there," Anne said wistfully as we prepared for lunch.

I would have thought that the great men of the country would be hunting in the forests and mountains they manage, or having tea parties in the fields. I've heard that it's important for nobles to socialize with each other.
"Yes, .......

 Anne was a little taken aback by what I said. Isn't that right?

I don't deny that there are people who place importance on such things, but in the first place, there is a difference between relaxing with family and socializing with other nobles, which is practically the same as on the battlefield.
I see. That's true.

 I nodded my head honestly. Well, the emperor was always saying, "Since I'm free today, I'm going on a picnic with your mother, Anne! Oh, why don't you join us, Harriet? I can't imagine him saying that. ...... No, you can. That's why I don't do it very often.
 Maybe that's why I felt uncomfortable that I hadn't done much of that kind of thing.
 But it's not surprising that you haven't had many opportunities, since you're never too busy. There must have been a certain amount of people around.
 I said, "I'm sorry," and Anne fluttered her hand.

"What's that?
What's that?" "That's what Eizo often does. That's what I'm doing.
Oh, .......

 In other words, there's nothing wrong with it, or don't worry about it, but it might be a little embarrassing to look at it objectively. But it's like a habit. I'll keep it in a corner of my mind.

 After the preparations, we all sit down in a circle and put our hands together.

"Kurururu Kurururu" "Doggie Dog!

 Today's lunch is something like a sandwich ....... It's similar to the Kakuni burger I made before, but with herbs grown in the field that can be eaten raw, and rehydrated root vegetables.

It's good!

 Samija shouted the loudest. This kind of food seems to be her favorite. Deanna had once told me that she looked forward to her lunch boxes on hunting trips.
 Needless to say, since then I've been doing a much better job than before. I've also been securing the meat for us.

 The drink is mint tea, which I brewed at home and brought with me. It's completely cold, but on a hot day like today, it's nice and tepid, and I appreciate the coolness of the mint.

I should have put it in a metal container and cooled it in the river.

 I muttered as I gulped down the first cup. I should have used a metal container and chilled it in the river. It would have taken a reasonable amount of time to cool down, but cold and lukewarm would have been different.

"Well, well, I think that's enough for today.

 I think that's enough for today," said Rike, who had also finished his first cup and exhaled. I don't know if it's because she's a dwarf or if it's just a personal preference, but she apparently doesn't like anything cold.

Before it gets any hotter, let's dig a well. ......

 The bottom of the well is much cooler than the surface. The bottom of the well is much cooler than the ground. If you want to cool something down, or rather if you want to keep the temperature low, you can sink it there and eat cold fruits or water.
 Even if you can't use it this year, it doesn't mean you won't use it next year, and it's a step forward for the bath project, so it's a good time to do it.

We'll be able to secure water.
We'll have less trouble finding water for the fields.

 When I said that, Liddy, who heard me, looked at me and shook her head. Apparently, her main concern right now is her farm. I'm sure it's because she's got some elven seeds planted. I laugh and say

I chuckled and said, "Okay, I'll try to make it a priority.

 And Liddy said.


 Liddy replied in a not-so-loud voice. Let's try to dig a well. .......

 I looked at the riverbank lazily. Cermia and Helen, who have finished their lunch, are playing tag or chase with Krull and Lucy.
 It's hard to say that the footing is good because it's a riverbed, but all four of them are running around at such a high speed that I feel as if I might turn into butter. After all, one of them is a tiger.

"Don't get too excited and fall into the river!

 I said loudly, to which they replied, "All right," and with a small sigh, I poured myself a second cup of tea.