405 green

 After a rather lively lunch, we started walking through the forest again. The riverbank was much cooler, probably because there was running water nearby, so we felt the heat in the forest more.

Is it going to get hotter?
"Yes, I think so. It's going to be a little hotter.

 Samija replied to my words.

"Oh, I see. ......

 Even though I'm usually cooped up in the hot forge during the day, I'm not very good in hot weather. The only thing that helps is that it doesn't seem too humid, probably because of the lack of rain in this area.
 However, it must be a forest, so the land itself has a certain amount of water retention capacity. The climate will not be completely dry.
 It would be very difficult to be asked to cope with not only heat but also gloom in a world before we were able to rely on civilization, but where we don't have such things yet.

"Well, the hottest part will be for a week or so, and then it'll get cooler again.
So I just have to put up with it for a week?
That's right.
That's what I'm trying to do.

 If the heat lasts for two or three weeks, I'll lose interest, but if it lasts for a week, I'll be okay.

Is it different in the north?
"Well, it's different from here. Well, it's different from here, because it's always hot and humid.

 In fact, it's probably slightly different here in the north and in Japan in the previous world. ....... In that sense, I will be experiencing heat for the first time in 40 years. I'm both scared and excited.

 As we wandered around the forest, we collected medicinal herbs that could be used as antipyretics and fever reducers. There is no need to worry about storing herbs that are sufficiently effective even when dried.
 I heard that they are also planted in the fields, but it will take some time before they can be used.

 As we were wandering through the forest, Liddy ran up to the bushes.
 We hurriedly followed her.

"There it is!

 When we caught up with her, she was pointing to a piece of grass. It looked similar to wormwood.

"It makes a beautiful green color.

 Helen tried to touch the wormwood-like grass, but Liddy stopped her.

Helen tried to touch the wormwood-like grass, but Liddy stopped her. "If you touch the leaves and get juice on them, the color will stay for a while.

 With these words, Helen panicked and withdrew her hand.

Gently trim them with your knife and put them in this leather bag.
"Oh, yes.

 As soon as the light shone, the mugwort-like grass was cut off from the roots.
 It was a technique that Helen, who was most experienced in handling blades, could pull off.
 Helen gently picked up the cut grass as if it were an explosive and gently dropped it into the leather bag that Liddy was holding open.

Yes. Thank you.

 Liddy tied the mouth of the leather bag with a string and tied it to the side of Krull's basket. She tied it to the side of Krull's basket.

Now you have everything you need, don't you?
"Oh, that's all you need?

 I said, not hiding my surprise. What I had just seen was at most one plant, which in the previous world would have been a handful of spinach.
 I couldn't believe that such a small amount would be enough to produce enough dye. However, my question was answered with a strong nod from Liddy.

Yes. It's even diluted for cloth.
It's that thick. ......

 In the previous world, it was surprisingly difficult to color something green, and there were almost no plant-based products that could soak into wood and take hold.
 If it is very dark, you can expect it to soak into the wood. ......
 Maybe the green squirrels that live in this forest eat this grass and make their body hair green.

Well, I guess we got what we came for.

 I said, and everyone in the family nodded. After confirming this, I declare.

It's not like we're going home, so we'll just pick whatever we want until nightfall.

 Krull and Lucy ran around in delight at my words.