406 flower

Can't we?

 After a while of collecting this and that, Liddy, Anne, and Helen suggested, "How about flowers?
 They are not directly beneficial in that they are tasty, nutritious, or cure sickness and wounds, but they can be good for the soul. It's not like you're living in a house by yourself.

No, it's fine. No, it's fine. It's too hot in the forge, but it would be a pity to keep the house so bleak.

 I replied, putting aside the pros and cons of picking and arranging them. Liddy said in a happy voice.

I'll pick a sturdy one, then.
Yeah. Yes. I don't know much about it, so I asked.

 I know that there is a flower that looks like this in the installation, but unless it is a medicinal herb, I do not know the details of its vegetation. It's as if you only know the pictures in a picture book.

 As I looked at the women (that is to say, the rest of us) about the flowers I saw, I asked myself a question.

I wondered if the plants from the west would ever make it here.

 In this world, it is warmer in the west. Deserts are also more abundant there, ...... the installer had told me.
 I thought that if it was close to the previous world, there would be a lot of fruits such as bananas, although they would be close to the original species.
 If such fruits were available, and if a system to boil water using the heat from the forge was created, I hoped that it might be possible to grow them by building a kind of greenhouse.
 Well, even if this were possible, the temperature would drop at night, and there would still be the problem of how to deal with sunlight.
 The solution would be to build a kind of "crystal palace" with expensive transparent glass all over. ....... For the time being, even if we can obtain it, we will probably only eat or appreciate it.
 Still, the availability of the glass will have a bearing on the future of my family. Maybe.

I haven't heard much about it in the Kingdom.
Same in the Empire. I'm sure it's not unheard of in the Empire.
I see.

 My questions were answered by Diana and Anne. If the countess of the kingdom and the seventh princess of the empire are telling the truth, then it must be true.
 Even if I ask Camilo, it must be as difficult to obtain as soy sauce or miso from the north. If that's the case, they should give priority to the northern ones. .......

 As the sun was about to turn the world orange for the last time that day, Krull's back was filled with the bounty of the forest, including herb plants, roots for dyes, flowers and fruits.

Isn't it heavy?

 I asked as I rubbed Krull's neck, and he stomped his feet and squealed as if to say he was fine.
 I chuckled and tapped his neck lightly.

It's a beautiful flower, though.
"A rose.

 The flower with its roots stuck in Krull's basket was a rose. It's not a rose with double flowers, as you might imagine, but a pretty, single flower that is closer to the original species.
 It can be appreciated as a flower, of course, but the fruit can also be used. The fruit is said to be sweet and sour.
 I think it would have been fine if it was just a flower to be admired, but Liddy and the others said that they wanted something that could be used for more than just flowers and that was strong enough to be grown in the field.
 I'm not foolish enough to waste their kindness, so I agreed.
 Well, I'm going home. I'll think about expanding the farm tomorrow.

 We went home in the reddening sunshine, chatting about what we had collected that day.