407 a late-night visitor

 By the time I got back home, the sun had already set. I might have taken it a little too easy.
 Fortunately, we have a few magic lights, so I used them to unload Krull and clean Lucy's body.

 Some of the plants that I brought down with their roots were transplanted to the side of the field and watered.
 I'm sure they'll be fine for a night or so if I keep them watered as they are, but just in case.
 I've also thrown some medicinal herbs into the warehouse for now, and will sort them tomorrow.
 In the dim light, they were busy doing various tasks. I decided to finish my work early and start preparing for dinner.
 As I entered the house, I glanced back and saw that Krull and Lucy were also running around the house, as if they were enjoying or trying to help everyone.

 Even though they were well-trained, they had been walking in the forest almost all day, so after dinner, everyone went to bed early. As soon as I went to bed, my consciousness melted into darkness.
 I don't know how much time passed without dreaming, and I don't have a clock, so I don't know the exact time, but it was probably still quite some time before dawn when I woke up to a presence.
 As I opened my eyes and stared blankly, I heard a sound, faint but clear. At first, I thought I was sleepwalking and misheard something, but it seems I was wrong.

 I jumped up in a panic and headed for the front door with a light in my hand. As I get closer to the front door, the knocking sound I've been hearing gets louder and louder.

I'll open it now!

 I replied, unbolted the door and opened it. I answered and unbolted the door and opened it to see a small woman, Giselle, the head of the Kuro Forest fairy tribe.

"Ms. Giselle. What's wrong? No way. ......

 Giselle-san gave a small nod to my words. I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

Let's move her to the forge for now. Come here.

 I take the limp fairy in my hand and run through the house to the forge. When I opened the door to the smithy, I found it quiet and still. It was a sight I would never normally see. The tools seemed to be asleep.

'Sorry, urgent late night work.

 I said quietly to myself, put down the light, laid out a clean cloth on the table, and gently laid the elf down on it. She's limp, but not breathing hard. On the contrary, it was very weak. On the contrary, she looks so weak that I feel as if she might just disappear.
 According to what I've heard before, this could actually happen. I can't let that happen.

 It's a good thing I saved the sheet metal with full magical power just in case. Put them together to make a box-like shape. Unlike the ring, there's nothing inside.
 It is fortunate that it does not need to be heated. If it had been necessary, I would have had to put fire in the fire pit and wait for the temperature to rise, and then do something lengthy like .......
 I quickly swung the hammer down on the lid of the assembled steel box. Over and over again. I use a cheat to fill it with magic power.
 I can't tell because I can't open the lid, but the magic must be condensing inside the box right now.
 Unlike normal processing, you don't need to be conscious of the shape. Just concentrate on getting as much magic into the box as quickly as possible.

 A little while later, the sound of the box, which had been making a cracking sound whenever I hammered on it, changed slightly to a cracking sound. I put the hammer aside for a moment and call for Giselle.
 I was so focused that I didn't notice, but my family had all woken up. I didn't want to wake them up because I didn't need their help, but I guess they would wake up if I made this much noise. It was no different than hitting a half-bell at full speed.

"Oh, Deanna and Liddy, if my daughters are awake, you can keep them company.

 They're behaving well, so they're not making any noise at the moment, but they'll be awake. They nodded and ran out of the entrance to the forge.

Okay, I'll open it then.

 This time, he turned to Giselle. I made sure that Giselle nodded, so I gently opened the lid. A blue light leaked into the dimly lit forge.
 The light was bright enough to be seen in daylight, but it looked dazzling in the dark. When I checked inside, I found a magical jewel about the size of a grape, emitting a blue light.

"All right, take this then.
"Okay, then.

 Giselle holds it and literally flies to the fairy lying on the table. She and the other fairy fixed the magical jewel on the sleeping fairy's stomach.
 We watched for a while, and soon the sleeping fairy's weak breathing became calm. Just when we thought it was safe to do so, the magical jewel crumbled away as if it were melting away.

How did you like ......?

 I asked Giselle as I got into a position where I could make additional gems if I needed them. Giselle was checking her pulse, listening to her breathing, and putting her hand on her forehead.
 After a while, Giselle sat down. I wondered if something bad had happened to her. I finally got ready to hammer, but Giselle's answer was different.

It's okay.

 Her voice filled the forge with a mixture of relief and joy. I slumped my hammering hand and said to myself in a small voice, "Good .......