412 two-wheeled floral tube

 With the two fairies watching over me, I transferred the bright red dye from the pot to the vial. The red color would have been beautiful in a glass bottle, but unfortunately it was an unglazed bottle.
 I guess I need to check it from time to time to make sure it hasn't lost its water content and become more viscous.
 I used a brush that was originally in this studio. It may be better to make brushes and bristles from wild boar hair.

If I had the materials, I could have used black lacquer with gold inlay or mother-of-pearl inlay. ......

 As I dipped my brush in the dye, I thought to myself. Even though there is talk of black as a wedding gift, I think mother-of-pearl inlay or gold inlay on a black background would be quite nice if you were to carry it around for protection afterwards. Inlaid with megistium would be too much, though.
 But what I don't have now is what I have to do. At some point I will try it on my thin ice scabbard.

 Gently touch the brush with the dye to the sheath. The dye is sucked into the brush and transferred to the sheath. Unlike pigmented paints, the dye is dyed as the name implies, so determining the coloring range should be a serious matter, but I have the support of a powerful cheat.
 However, I have the support of a powerful cheat. Still, it's not okay to just go ahead and do it, so I carefully apply the color. When the whole rose becomes slightly red, it needs to dry for a while. After this, drying and painting (dyeing) are repeated to intensify the color.
 Since there is no longer anything to boil water in, even though the humidity has dropped, drying takes a certain amount of time. In the meantime, I decided to prepare a green dye.
 I brought some mugwort-like grass that had been soaking in water. Gently, of course, so as not to get the juice on it.

"Do you boil this too?
No, you just wrap it in a cloth and squeeze it.
"I see.

 Prepare a piece of cloth, wet it with water, and squeeze it tightly. Normally, it would be better to use a dry cloth when squeezing this kind of thing, but this grass is said to be very thick, so this is a clever way to reduce the amount that gets on the cloth. They said it would be fine even if diluted.
 Using a scrap of softened deerskin, grasp the cloth and squeeze it tightly. Under the cloth is a small bottle. The first two or three times, the cloth was only dyed, but the next time I squeezed it, drops began to drip. The next time I squeezed the cloth, drops began to fall.

This is very hard.

 Even though my muscles are getting stronger, I'm getting more and more tired from squeezing as hard as I can over and over again. I'll have to think about building a press,......, and depending on the crops in the field, I might be able to get some oil.
 As I put all my energy into it, Liddy and the fairies chuckled along with me. Deepika laughs and says.

"Sounds like a lot of work.
"Do you want to try?
"Are you sure?
"Yes. I've heard it's hard to get the juice out of the leather, so you'll have to do it through the leather.
Oh, my God! Thank you very much.

 I hold up the cloth, and Deepika, her eyes glittering, wrings it out. But it's something I can do with all my strength, and unless the fairies have some kind of magic power or something that makes them incredibly powerful, they'll have a harder time than I do.

Lija, help me!

 Lija joined us, and the two of us wrung out the cloth, and once again the green juice dripped into the vial. After a while, the dripping stopped.
 There was a good amount of dye in the vial. It is hard to believe that it came from just one bottle. There must be something peculiar to this world, like the unusually dark color.

"Okay, that's about it.

 When I said that, Deepika turned her shoulders in a circle. She must be tired, but her face is glowing with satisfaction.

"Well, that's a lot of work.
You two must have had an extra hard time.
Yes, but it was fun.
Me too!

 "Me too!" said Lija, throwing her hands up in the air. Lijia is also raising her hands in the air, looking like a cackling doll, as if she is talking to Deepika. Or like a line of small flowers swaying in the breeze.

"Okay, now let's finish this rose. ......

 I picked up a new brush and faced the sheath again.