413 color of sheath

 Dip the brush in the green dye. The tip of the brush is quickly dyed green. The green is then transferred to the rose leaves carved into the sheath. Dye, as the name implies, permeates, dyes, and colors. The more it penetrates, the more it is colored.
 The red dye was not applied beautifully at once. So far, it is only a light red.

 However, this green color has turned green almost at once. The color is not so strong that the grain of the wood disappears, but it is so strong that there is no need for further coloring.
 No matter how many coats of dye are applied, the grain of the wood will not disappear, so the green will be done in one shot after the painting is finished. .......

It's really dark.
"Isn't it?

 I'm not sure what to make of it. But it's so thick that I can understand it.
 As the paint is applied, green leaves and a bright pale red rose appear.


 I think it would be better if the red of the rose were not too dark, even if it is not painted with white pigment afterwards. The dye itself can be used for other purposes, so there is no need to use it up.
 If it is left as it is, the dye will run off when it gets wet, so it might be better to protect it with something like turpentine oil.
 If Camilo has the pigment, I'm sure he has it, but I'll have to ask him about it next time I'm there.


 Mr. Lija, who was peering at the sheath from behind, shouted. Deepika chided him.

I'm sorry, .......

 Mr. Lija pauses. I couldn't help but smile and say.

No, no, no, don't worry about it. With the fairy's approval, I guess it's done.

 This time, Lija-san smiled with joy. It's starting to look like a "father's workplace visit" instead of a social studies field trip.

 The fairy's endorsement reminded me of the blessing that Giselle gave to the ring. I've only heard roughly that she gave it her blessing.
 I don't know if they know about it, but I'll ask them.

"Speaking of which, Giselle gave me a blessing, what exactly is it?
"What kind of things?

 Deepika nodded her head. Is it possible that there are no types?

It could be something to ward off sickness, or to bring good luck in love. ......

 Deepika claps her hands together. I'm not sure what kind of blessing the chief gave.

You can't tell what kind of blessing the chief gave until you see the thing that gave the blessing.
Oh, in that case...

 I bring out the ring that was on the altar. I put it in my palm and offered it to Deepika and the others.

"This is it.
"Which one?

 Deepika looks at the ring. Deepika looks at the ring, and Lija looks at it with her.

"It's a protection against bad luck. It protects you from bad things.

 I pick up the ring. It shines as brightly as ever.

It's one of the best blessings a chief can bestow, and I think the recipient will be lucky to have it.
Well, well, well.

 It seems that he paid me an unbelievable amount of money as an advance payment for my treatment. I'm sure it's unpriceable to begin with, but considering that it bought the safety of my friend and his wife, I'd be happy to treat them for free for years to come.

By the way, the disaster you prevented won't rain down on anyone else. ......
No, sir.

 Mr. Deepika denied me. In the past, the impression of the previous world was that they would do terrible things without malice,........

There seems to be a big misunderstanding among the humans.
Oh, no, it's probably just me.

 If you have a sense of the previous world, you may be confused by the difference between this world and the previous one. Perhaps fairies exist differently in this world. I thought that maybe fairies were different in this world.

No, according to the chief, there are people who say that fairies deceive people and kidnap them!
Oh, .......

 It seems that fairies are not treated any differently in this world.
 I smiled and soothed Deepika, who was completely indignant.