1 Episode 1 "Summoning and The King's Vessel"

 I was at my wits end, so I turned in my resignation to the company and said, "Let's move on! I walked out and found myself in a forest.

 ...... Funny.
 I just left the company building a while ago.
 I went to a convenience store and bought some mineral water, chocolate and rice balls. It's still in my possession. I was walking towards the station with them and ...... before I knew it, I was here.

......It's in the woods, for all intents and purposes.

 There are no buildings around me.
 There is a tall tree growing high above my head.
 The ground is a little damp. The ground is a little damp. I wore light walking shoes so that I could resign and get out of here quickly, but if I had worn leather shoes, it would have been very difficult to walk.

 But ......, really, where am I?
 I don't know at all. I'm not hallucinating, am I? You can smell the grass, and when you grip the ground, ...... yes, there's wet dirt on it. It's been a long time since I've messed with the ground properly, so there's no way I'm hallucinating something this real.

What should I do ......?

 How can this be happening right after I quit my job?
 It's not like there was a backdoor rule that said anyone who ran away would be left in the mountains ....... .......

Anyway, let's walk towards the direction of the people ......
I'm sorry!

 Suddenly, I heard a voice.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

 I turned around and saw a person.
 Or rather, it was floating in front of me.
 He was bowing deeply to me.

"I was going to transfer a young mortal soul with aptitude, but ...... you're alive, aren't you?
"...... What?

 I don't know. This person ...... no, is not a person?
 What I see floating in front of me is a girl with wings.
 I see a blonde girl with feathers, wearing a shimmering robe, moaning like, "Oh no.

"You're alive, right? I'm sure of it!
...... Who is this?
Please tell me you're alive.
I'm alive. ...... I think.

 When you ask me that seriously, I start to get worried.
 I think he's alive. His memory is intact. He's unharmed.

"What is your name and age?
"Kiryu Shoma. Twenty-eight years old. I'm about to be Alaska .......
...... Ah.

 The girl fell back with her head in her hands.

I've done it!
Are you the one who summoned me here, by any chance?

 Even if you nod so vigorously.

I'm the one who summoned you. I'm sorry about that.

 ...... Summoned?

You mean you summoned me into this world?
Yes. I'm Rukia, one of the goddesses who regulate this world.

 The feathered girl bowed her head once more.

Thank you very much for your time. I am Kiryu Shoma.

 I bowed back like a working adult.

I'm really sorry for the trouble I've caused you with my mistake!
I'm really sorry for the trouble I've caused you!
Yes. It will be a different world, a little less ...... civilized than yours.
...... Why did you summon me?
No, no, I didn't invite you.
You were called, weren't you?
It's a mistake. I'm sorry, sir!
Enough with the bowing, please explain. And if possible, take me back to my world.

 I've just handed in my resignation and quit my job.
 The work I'd been doing was just too much.

 Overtime after overtime. I'm trying to finish my work early, and when I try to streamline my work without permission, I get angry, and when I push through, the next job comes at me for finishing early. It wasn't that I didn't like the work, it was that it was never ending. So after six months of hesitation, I turned in my resignation.

 I didn't think much about what would happen next, but...

"Return to the world?
"Yes. Yes, please.

I can't.

 The goddess said, keeping her head down.
 I thought I misheard her.

I can't. The gates of transition that the Absolute has opened will close soon. And if we don't.
You and I will be found. I've left a letter with your equipment explaining the details of this matter.

 Suddenly, the girl's figure climbs into the sky.

"Wait a minute!

 I stopped the girl.
I didn't get any explanation other than 'I called you here by mistake'.

At least explain the ability! Isn't this kind of summoning supposed to give the summoned person amazing abilities?

 I'm pretty sure I've heard something like that before.
 I'm sure you've heard of it, but I don't think it's possible to leave a different world without it.

I don't have any skills to give you.

 The girl said.
 My mind went blank.

"I don't have any skills to give you.
"Are you kidding me? ......?

 I looked around.
 For all intents and purposes, it was a forest.
 I don't know what kind of world this is. I'm pretty sure it's another world. I don't know if there are demons, but even if there aren't, this is pretty dangerous. We don't know where the settlements are. There's no food or water. We're out of luck if we run into any wildlife.


 As if reading my mind, the goddess Rukia shook her head.
 The place was already up in the sky.
 She almost looked like a small doll.

"You will be able to live in this world. Because... you...
That's absurd! How can you do that ......?

 There was no response.
 The figure of the goddess climbed higher and higher and then disappeared from sight.

 Leaving me alone in the forest.

I wish I had ...... dreamed it or hallucinated it. ............ ......

 I slumped down at the base of the tree.
 I don't know what to do.
 In my world, I was treated like an unwanted object. .......

 In my former world, the company I worked for had a huge faction, and I was forced to work endlessly.
 Because I was hired in the middle of the year, I had no peers or bosses to take my side, and I was treated as a lower rank. I worked hard in the hope that one day they would treat me as an equal, but ...... I had reached my limit.

I wonder what it's like to be treated as an unwanted ...... thing even in this world.

 I don't know what's going on.
 Is it my fate? I don't want that fate.

I've got food and water, at least.

 In the convenience store bag, there's mineral water, chocolate, and rice balls that I just bought.
 Next to it, there was an unfamiliar object. It was a sword.
 By the way, the goddess said that she would give me equipment. I wonder if this is it. I've never used a sword before. ...... But it's at least a blunt instrument.
 There is a letter with the sword.
 It reads: ...... Well...

"I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

 That's right.

The summoning was originally supposed to summon the souls of dead youths.
 This world is currently infested with demons, the emperor with dragon blood has lost his power, and the world is in a state of chaos.
 The Absolute God's plan was to gather souls with talents and give them skills in order to control the situation.

 As a goddess, I participated in the plan.
 Then, ...... somehow caught you.

 I am truly sorry.
 I sincerely apologize.
 As a token of my apology, I have restored your mental and physical strength to your prime. In human terms, you're in your early teens. It should help you survive.

 Also, if you are an official summoner and have done well, you will be given the privilege of returning to the original world with your abilities intact.
 So, the time when the turbulent world is over and the privilege is given is your chance.
 If you are still alive at that time, I will take the responsibility of returning you to the original world.

 However, if the absolute gods find you, you will be punished, so please do not let that happen.
 Also, there is a trick in this letter.

 If you write your question in the space below, I will be able to answer your question only once. But only about you. I can't give you any information about other summoners or other countries.

 This is my apology for not being able to give you my skills.
 Please survive.

 Master Shoma.

 From the Goddess Rukia.

 ...... was a reckless goddess.
 And she misspelled my name.
 I said my name before. I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not going to explain myself too well, am I?

 It's the same with this world. The only thing we know is that there are demons and an emperor with dragon blood.
 At the end of the letter, the direction of the human village is written. It's supposed to be figured out from the position of the sun.
 It is in the middle of a deep forest, but you can at least tell from which direction the sun is shining.
 The village is located in the direction of the setting sun, so it is ...... that way.

 If you look closely, you can see a narrow path on the ground. It's a sign that someone has passed through.
 According to the goddess's explanation, we should follow this path.
 Since there is a path, the human village is not so far away. I hope it's not too far. .......

I hope it's not too far. ...... I'm really getting to be a teenager, aren't I? If not, you'll get lost.

 I've been so busy with work lately that I haven't been walking properly.
 The ground is soft and hard to walk on. You have to watch your step. A twisted ankle could be the end.

"Do I really ...... have to live here ......?

 I lifted the sword on the ground.
 It was surprisingly heavy. It was less than a meter long. It's a longsword.
 It's hard to hold, but without it, you'll be at a loss when you encounter a wild animal or a demon.
 No, you might be trapped even if you have it, but it makes a big difference if you don't.

Don't think about the future. For now, let's just think about getting to the village.

 Otherwise, I'm doomed.
 Goddess, you didn't give me any skills or legendary weapons or anything like that.
 ...... No, I don't think she really did.
 Normally, in a situation like this, she would have given me an incredibly powerful skill.

I'll give it a try.

 ...... Imagine.
 It's like pulling something out of you.
 Take a deep breath. .......

There it is: ......

 I found it as a matter of course. It was so easy that I didn't feel any discomfort at all.
 This is the skill I have inside me.

"The king's vessel.

 A skill that shows a king's measure.
 I can accept a lot of things.
 The king needs to listen to his people, so he also has the ability to translate words.

...... So, storage skill and translation skill.

 It doesn't look like it can be used to protect yourself. But it's still helpful.
 I'll just put away the convenience store bag and the sword.

 You can't put any living thing in this thing? .......
 It's not possible for me to go in there, spend the night, and come out in the morning ....... That would be easy. The only advantage is that I can move around empty-handed.

 But, Goddess. You've prepared your skills.
 I'm sure she hid it from the absolute gods so they wouldn't find out.
 ...... Maybe she's a good person. You're getting me into this summoning thing.

I guess I can't be mad at ...... anymore.

 I don't have any guesses in this world, but ...... if you think about it, it's the same in the original world.
 It's not like I had a plan for after I quit my job.
 I just turned in my resignation because I had reached my limit. In the end, there is nothing to do but look for a new job.

In the world of ......, I have the physical and mental strength of a teenager. I have some mysterious skills. Okay.

 I forced myself to be positive.
 There's no point in thinking about it. You just have to use your skills and survive.
 ...... And it would be nice to find a 'friend'.

 The goddess said that she reincarnated a 'young dead soul' into this world.
 If that's the case, you could try to help her. As I know about summoning and such, I might be able to help you. If he's been summoned officially, he's probably got great abilities. If you join them, your chances of survival will increase.

 But we don't know what kind of people we're dealing with, so we have to proceed with caution...

I think you're thinking too far ahead, .......

 I'm in the middle of the woods.
 Let's just keep going. If we follow the path, we should be in the middle of nowhere.
 I'll tell you what's going on there and get some information about this world.

 ...... It's a pain in the ass.
 If it were possible, I would have gotten the immortality skill or something and just relaxed and messed around. .......

 I started walking down the beast path.

 After walking for a while...

...... demons!

 I saw a strange shadow in a gap in the forest and stopped.
 You hide in the trees, but the creature doesn't move.
 It doesn't react when you approach it. It doesn't move when you touch it. This is...

"...... what the hell is ............ a stone statue?

 You scared me.
 I wish you'd stop scaring me. If you encounter a demon like this in this state, you'll be stuck. You'll be stuck. .......

But what kind of dragon statue is this in the middle of the woods?

 Beyond the trees was a statue of a dragon made of stone.
 It was about one meter high. It was a winged dragon, with its mouth wide open, staring at this side of the path. I wonder if it is a kind of amulet.

I see. ...... There are dragons in this world?

 You said there are demons in this world.
 I looked up at the sky and saw some kind of creature flying with its wings spread. It wasn't a bird. It's too far away to tell what it is. But it's not a bird that size. It's flying with its legs outstretched.

 If there's such a thing, there must be dragons.

We need to hurry. If you meet one of these things in the woods, you'll die instantly. ......

 Anyway, there are dragons in this world .......
 Or maybe it's just a world where things like dragons are revered.

I'll make a note of it and put the notebook away in the King's cup.
 I'm strangely attracted to this image. It's cool, but ...... I feel like I want to look at it for a while, but .......
 Now's not the time. Yeah, I know.
 If there are artifacts, it means we're close. Almost there. Almost there.

"...... just a little closer, I hope.

 I don't want to camp out here. There's no fire to start and no place to hide.
 If I meet a demon in this situation, I'll be stuck. .......

...... What the hell is that? Gizama.

 I heard a voice.
 And then there was a crashing sound.
 A black-skinned demon emerged from the forest.

 We're stuck.