21 Episode 21 "Future Province Management Plan"

 After returning to the village, there was a festival.

Hazama Village had always been terrorized by the demons of the forest.
 After the Kuro Knight and his gang settled in the abandoned castle, the demon attacks had become even worse.

 Now that it's all over, it's understandable that everyone is happy.

 Now there is a big bonfire in the village square, and everyone is making noise around it.
 The adults of the demon tribe are laughing while drinking wine made from fermented grains, and the children are running around slurping berries full of juice. The main dish of the festival is a giant wild boar killed by the adults who went out to hunt.
 It is said to be the custom in Hazama Village to fillet it, roast it, and eat it with porridge of grain.

 I was sitting in the corner of the ...... village, idly watching everyone having a good time.
 It seems that there is no custom in this village to force people to drink alcohol they can't drink, and when I said, "I'm tired, so I'm just sitting around," they replied, "Come back when you change your mind," and left me alone. They are good people.

By the way, ...... 'Ryutei-byo'. That didn't work.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
 I'm not sure if you can get the dragon emperor skill for Lisette.
 But Lisette couldn't get in. I opened the door, but she couldn't go through it as if there was an invisible wall.

Maybe Lisette has the blood of a dragon, but not the capacity of a king.

 That's what Lisette said.
 She didn't seem to mind, but I still think that Lysette should have the skills of a dragon emperor. I think we should think of a way to give her the qualifications of a king somehow.

It's not too much to ask ...... Lysette to take over the throne.

 Anyway, it looks like I'll have to keep the Dragon Emperor skill for a while longer.
 In the meantime, I'll study more about how to use it. I've also noticed something.

"Activate 'Naming Breath'.

 I declared, and a window appeared in front of me.
 There are three enchanted slots.

Longsword... Chokken.
Cudgel - The Golden Stick
Seiken... Holy Sword.

 And there are three more free slots.
 That means you've gained a level.
 Perhaps because of this, the magic gauges for each of the Oni, Dragon, King, Sho, and Demon are getting longer.
 It seems that they can now take in more magic power.

 The conditions for leveling up are...

(1) Defeat the Kuro Knight.
(2) Appoint a Lord of the Castle.

 I guess it's one or the other. I'll look into this later.

"Shoma-chan! I brought you more tea!

 The children came around me.
 They have cups of tea in their hands. They must have come in a hurry, because they spilled a lot.

"Thank you.
It's a festival riot today, what's Grandpa Shoma doing?
I'm slacking.

 I'm tired, you know.
 I'm not going to be able to keep up with the physical strength of the demon tribe when I'm in Alaska. .......

How are Lysette and Haruka doing?
They're both talking to Master Garunga. I'm sure you're not the only one.
...... "Thank you"?

 As for me, just letting me live in this village is enough.
 Speaking of thanks, ...... you're right.

That's right. Tell him I'd like him to help me experiment with my skills later.
"Scylla experiment? What are you doing?
"I want to make this village shine.

 I said.

"I don't know." "But I do.

 The kids ran hand in hand toward the others.
 Well. I'm going to sleep in my room.

 The next day.
 I was at the village chief's house, facing Haruka's uncle, Mr. Garunga.

I have a proposal.
"A proposal?

 This is the parlor of the village chief's house.
 It's a big room with a big table, and me, Lisette, Haruka, and Mr. Garunga are sitting on the chairs around it.
 Lisette and Haruka look nervous.
 I've told them what I'm going to propose.

I checked with the two of you, and this village also uses the walls from the time of the Dragon Emperor, right?
"Yes, that's right. Legend has it that this was a small castle used to protect an abandoned castle.

 Mr. Garunga nodded his head, his massive shoulders rising and falling.

It is said that when our ancestors were chased from the center of the continent, they found this place with its walls and a few houses.
The reason the demons live here instead of in the abandoned castle is because it is closer to human territory?
Yes, that's right. Another reason is that the castle walls are still standing. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on. And if you think about the fact that something like the Kuro Knight will show up,......, it would be very, very difficult.

 Well, you're right. If the wards are broken and we're isolated, we could be wiped out.

This village is protected by walls. ...... There are no wards, are there?
That's right.
But what if ...... this village is built on the ruins of an old castle?

 I thought for a moment and then said.

I thought about it for a moment and then said, "Maybe we can build a warding like the one at Ryuuju Castle.

 Garunga leaned forward with his massive arms on the table.

...... I'm not sure about that.

 But I don't think you're off the mark.
 My "dragon pulse" shows the parameters of the "dragon tree castle".
 It has the words "Chain: None" on it. Since the Dragon Emperor's skill deals with words, I think there is some meaning to these words.

 But if this Hazama Village is a small castle protecting an abandoned castle...
If this Hazama village is a small castle that protects the abandoned castle... it might have reacted to the activation of the castle's warding.

But for that to happen, I need to be at the top of this village.

 I explained again what happened when I recreated the magic circle in the abandoned castle.

The "Dragon Vein" skill can be used to awaken the magic that lies dormant in the earth by appointing a "Lord of the Castle". By using that magic, you can create a more powerful ward against demons.
"Abandoned Castle" ......, no, just like "Dragon Tree Castle".
Yes. However, in order to strengthen the magic circle, I need to use this village as a castle and appoint a lord. In other words, I will be the nominal king of this village, and the lord of the castle will set up the wards according to my orders.
Shoma is the king?
Of course, it's a nominal title, I have no intention of claiming any rights.

 I waved my hand hurriedly.

I'm not going to rule this village either. I promise you this, as Lisette and Haruka's family. I just want to make things easier.

 I continued my explanation.
 At the moment, the wards we've put up at Castle Dragon Tree cover about half the forest.
 You'll be safe inside the wards, but you'll have to go through an unbounded forest to get there from Hazama Village. The wards of Hazama Village only cover the area just outside the city walls.

 However, we can't all move to the abandoned castle.
 There are no buildings there. No fields. It's hard to move livestock there.
 Besides, if we leave Hazama Village empty, the demons will settle here. Then the route to the human territory would be blocked.
The warding of the castle is also very difficult to use.

But if we could put the same level of warding in Hazama Village, we could create a safe zone between the castle and the village.

 Because the two wards are connected.
 Because the two wards are connected, you can move freely between the castle and the village. We can cut through the forest, go hunting and gathering. The children will no longer be attacked by demons.

If it works.

 I'll add this.
 I feel bad if I let you get your hopes up and then tell you it didn't work.

"Hmm. ......

 Galunga folded his arms and looked up at the ceiling.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 He's smiling a bit. Mr. Garunga.
 Did I say something so strange? I...

As a sister-in-law, Lisette fully trusts her brother.

 Lysette said with a face like she was trying not to laugh for some reason.

As the protector of this village, I think your proposal is excellent.
I agree with you. I agree with you. I don't think you're going to be unreasonable with everyone. Because you didn't demand anything when you distributed the weapons to everyone.

 Haruka raised her hand and said.
 Lisette looked satisfied...

Lysette was satisfied... "Since the prospective lord says so, Lysette agrees. Master Garunga.
"What? What? Who?
Haruka, of course.
Who else could it be?
...... You didn't get it, did you?

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
 And then...

"No, no, no, no, no!

 Haruka shook her head violently.

No, I can't! There's no way I can be the lord of the castle! I can't be the lord of this castle!
"No, you can't do that, it'll mess up the chain of command.

 I said.

 It's even more complicated than that. A "village" with a lord and a king.
 If you make the village chief a different person, the chain of command will be confusing.

To commemorate the acquisition of Ryuuju Castle, Hazama Village was upgraded to a castle. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
"Do you think I can do it, ......?
I do.
Then I will!

 Halka raised her hand firmly.

"Can I call you 'King' instead?
It's because you are literally the lord of the castle for both me and my sister Liz .......

 Then, Haruka knelt down in front of me.
 Lysette got up from her chair and did the same.

"All right. I'll ask you as the holder of the King's Instrument. Haruka, please become the lord of Hazama Village.
"No. Brother.
...... No?
No, sir. Brother Shoma.

 Haruka and Lisette both shook their heads with a very nice smile.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 ...... I kind of get it, but I get it.
 I see, I've used that tone of voice many times in front of you two.
 I can't help it.

In the name of the ...... High King of the Deformed, the Demon Dragon King Shoma, I command you.

 I put my hand on Haruka's shoulder and told her.

I put my hand on Haruka's shoulder and told her, "I will lend the power of the Dragon Vein to my sister-in-law Haruka-Karmilia and make her the lord of the castle. I will not allow my life to be mistaken. Use your power for the good of the village and this deformed High King!
"I accept! My Lord, the Demon Dragon King Xiangma!

 Rubbing his horn against my arm, Haruka replied with a big smile on his face.
 I was so embarrassed.

 Then me, Lisette and Haruka went to explore the village.
 Or rather, we ransacked the village chief's house and found it right away.
 There was a small room behind the storeroom... and there...

"......, you're glowing.
"...... You're glowing.
"...... is glowing, isn't it?

 There was some kind of magic circle that was glowing.

I wonder if it's affected by the warding on the other side.

 The main source of the dragon vein is the abandoned castle, and since that one has been activated, this one has also been awakened, or perhaps awakened.
Since we're talking about "dragon veins," we have to activate them in order.
 It's a pain in the ass, but I guess it can't be helped.

 So, I spent about three hours rewriting the magic circle...

"Haruka-Karmillia. I appoint thee Lord of the Demon King's Castle!

 I had Haruka sit in the middle of the magic circle and declared.

 The name "Kioujou" was requested by Haruka. The name "Kioujou" was requested by Haruka, and the dragon was taken out of "Oni Ryuou".

"You can use the magic power that lies dormant in this land. Use it to protect those who believe in you. Awaken the Dragon Vein!

 And again, the light that flooded from the magic circle made Haruka's body glow.
 It's the second time, and this time Lysette was present, so she could afford to avert her gaze. No, I did get a sideways glance at ...... a bit.

"...... phew.

 After the ritual was over, Haruka sat down with a bright red face.
 She mumbled, "...... It's like I've melded with my brother.
 Anyway, the recognition as the lord of the castle is now complete. The wards are up.

 When we went outside to check it out...

"...... Brother Shoma! "Brother!

 There was a light spreading around the village.
 There was something like white snow floating in the air. The light from the wards covered half the forest. It overlaps with the warding of the dragon's castle. It worked.

The King's territory "Kioujou".

 Lord of the castle: Haruka Carmilla.
 Relationship: Sister-in-law (Race: Oni bloodline)
 Warding Effect: Keeps away demons (even higher level demons are unable to act in areas where wards overlap)
 Additional effect: 15% increase in arm strength
 Chain of Custody: 1

 This forest is now our territory. It seems that only the most powerful demons can enter, and that the overlapping parts of the wards make even the top demons unable to act.
 And by "chain," I mean...

"There's a path of light coming from the village. ......

 Straight ahead. Straight to Castle Ryuki.
 So this is the "chain.
 According to my skills, this path is also a "ward".

"In other words, when there are three castles, a triangular path is formed...

 The space between them will effectively be used to confine the demons.
 It's a safe zone where you can hunt all you want.

"I see. Now I know how the Dragon Emperor got rid of the demons.
He probably connected a lot of castles together and set up wards all over the continent.

 Next to me, Lisette is nodding.
 Haruka doesn't seem to understand what I'm talking about and is jumping up and down holding my hand.

I don't want to rule the continent, but ...... I want another castle.

 If you can make a triangle, you can have people live in the land between the triangles.
 If you can build a triangle, you can have people live in the land between the triangles. This will increase the power of the village and increase the harvest.

Let's give it a try. Let's see if we can find another castle.

 I was thinking something like that.