23 Episode 23 "How to Use Vacant Houses and How to Re...

I guess we need more people.
"Hazama Village has a population of just over 100.
We can't even get to Ryuujujo, can we? ......


 I'm not sure what to make of it.
 It's a good idea to take a look at the website to see if there is anything you need to know.
 The development of the Hazama Village side is going smoothly. But the rest of the village has been neglected.

 The problem is that we don't have anyone to work on Ryuki Castle.
 The problem is that we don't have anyone who can work on Ryuuju Castle.
 However, we can't just leave the castle unattended. Even if demons don't come, there are other sub-humans in the borderlands, and even humans sometimes come.
 If someone were to occupy that place, it would be a problem.

So I think it would be better if we ask a trustworthy species to live there.

 I said.

"Make a pact with a friendly subhuman tribe that you won't fight each other and ask them to settle in the forest or around the 'Dragon Tree Castle'. The other side can live without being threatened by demons, and we can take care of the castle and its surroundings. We can get information about the other side, right? That's the whole deal. I don't know.

 Of course, this plan won't work if the other side doesn't trust us.
 We can always turn off the warding of the castle and make their place demon-free. This is if you can explain the situation to them and make them understand.

I think that's ...... a good idea.

 Lysette put her hand on her chin and nodded her head yes.

It's a good idea to make use of both the people and the land. ...... That's exactly what a king would do. I feel like I'm learning about empire when I'm with my brother Shoma.
That's probably just my imagination. ......
Lysette agrees wholeheartedly. And Haruka?
I think so. The question is, which species do you want to talk to?

 Hulka leans back in her chair and folds her arms.

We don't have much contact with other species in Hazama Village. Some subhumans don't like humans. Some subhumans don't like humans, so the demons that trade with humans are considered a bit odd.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 In addition to the two that I know of, there are also the Mermaids, the Werewolves, and the Chief Ears in the border region. Each tribe has its own characteristics, technology and culture.
 If you think about the fact that he was able to unite all of the ...... subhumans, you can once again understand the greatness of the "Dragon Emperor".

 But I'm not that good. It's best not to imitate him.
 So let's start by gathering information.

"Let's just visit a race that has a wide range of activities and seems to know a lot of things.

 I said to Lisette and Haruka.

So, can you think of any species that might be willing to live in our territory?

 The next day.
 The next day, Lisette and I were looking for the Harpy's place of residence.

 It was too much trouble to go there on foot, so we awakened the Flying Seeds and flew over.
 I asked Lisette to follow me as a guide.

 The Harpies lived in a forest near a rocky mountain west of Hazama Village.
 Perhaps because they were not a settled race, the village was simple in construction.
 There are simple houses, or rather nests, built on top of large trees that look like they were made by gathering branches.

 I just saw some harpies who came to Hazama village the other day, so I asked them about it...


 Those harpies are kind of puffing up their cheeks.
 I didn't mean to offend you. ......?

I don't know if I explained it wrong ......?
 In the event that you're looking for the best way to get the most out of your business, you'll want to take a look at the following tips. It's too dangerous to leave it there. It would be a shame to waste the land that has been created to keep the demons away.

 I explained again.

I came here because the Harpy seems to have a wide range of activities, and I thought he might have a lot of information. I'm going to return the favor, but I don't know. If you can think of anything, let me know, okay?
"You're terrible, my king!

 I'm pissed.

Why do you have to introduce me to other races?
Even the Harpies would like to live in a land free of demons!

 The two harpies shouted in unison.
 The two harpies shouted in unison. ...... Oh, I see.

The other day. But last time, didn't you say, "If a demon comes, we'll fly away and be fine?
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm afraid of demons, King!
I'm afraid of demons, my king!" "That's because we wander with the wind. Harpies can't be bound by anything. The harpy is bound by nothing but love and fate.
It's not. It's cool, I'll use it next time!
"Thank you, my king.

 You're welcome.

"Anyway, are you sure about that? If we move here, I'll technically be the king and Lisette will be the owner of the castle.
"You know, Mr. King, we've been calling you Mr. King all along, haven't we?

 That's right.
 ...... Okay, then.

But I think we should get the opinion of a grown-up harpy, don't you?

 I said, and they nodded their heads curiously.


 I don't know why Lysette is tilting her head too.

"Well, sir. They're grown-ups now, aren't they?

 I looked at the harpies in front of me.
 ...... By the standards of the original world, they look like they're in upper elementary school at best.

Harpies don't grow very big, because when they're big, they're heavy to fly.
That's why we're adults now.
It's okay to be interspecies, because there have been half-breeds throughout the history of the Harpy.

 I'm not sure what to make of half-breeds between races. ...... I see.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you. ...... It seems I'm still reeling from the thoughts of my original world.
 It is true that if you want to fly, the lighter and smaller you are, the better.

I'm sure you're right. What's your name?
My name is Leroux! It's Leroy!

 The two harpies, Rului and Loloi, shouted.

The two harpies, Leroy and Leroy, spoke up. "I'm an adult, so I can make some decisions, but I think the elder should listen to you.

"Come, my king. Come, my king.

 They then led me and Lysette deeper into the village.

"It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Nanayla, the Elder of the Harpy.

 At the far end of the Harpy village.
 A gray-haired harpy greeted us in the largest nest in the largest tree.

I'm getting too old to move. I'm sorry to be dressed like this. I'm sorry to be dressed like this, but I'm the High King of the Deformed, the Demon Dragon King Shouma.
No, it's fine, I'm just visiting.

 And if you can, don't call me by that name.

I have no objection to you moving to another village.

 The Harpy elder said.
 His long, long gray hair swayed as he spoke. His wings are much larger than those of the other harpies. When spread out, they seem to be four to five meters long. The elder harpy is staring at me and Lysette as he folds his wings in a cramped manner.

The Harpies had been attacked many times by the Kuro Knight Mesethrath and his men. If you have defeated them, then there is no problem for us to take you as our king. The Harpies have been wandering for a long time, but in this turbulent world, it's time for them to find a place to settle down.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.

 Lysette and I bowed our heads together.

Lysette is glad that the Harpy and his friends are joining us.
"It would be a shame to lose you. You are a descendant of the Dragon Emperor.

 The elder harpy, Nanayla, smiled with the face of a child.

The elder harpy, Nanayla, laughed with a child's face. "It was a pleasant pastime for the harpy to bathe near you as you purified yourself by the waterfall.
Did you do that on purpose?
Don't worry. Don't worry, male harpies don't even come close.

 Nanayla is holding her throat with her wings and laughing.
 She looks so happy.

 Do you think the ...... harpies like Lysette?
 She's too serious for them to tease her.

"Now, my king. I'd like to ask you a favor before I become your servant.
A favor?
You will go out into the world. When you do, ...... I would like you to help me find someone, if you will.

 Nanayla the harpy looked at me with red eyes.

"Of course. I'm not asking you to work for it. Just let me know if you find out anything about him. That's all I need.
All right. That's enough.

 I nodded.

I may go to human territory sooner or later, you know. So, who is it you want me to find?
"My grandson. His name is Prim. Her official name is ......, after the primordial bird of our legend, Primordia-Baby Phoenix, but I think people call her Prim.

If it's your grandson ......, I'm sure we'll find him soon enough.

 If it's Nanayla's grandson, then the child is also a harpy.
 If she were in the human world, she'd be very obvious. .......

Prim is the daughter of a human and a harpy.

 "Prim is the daughter of a man and a harpy," Nanayla said, her eyes downcast for some reason.

She has her father's blood in her veins. She was born in human form. She was born in human form, but her heart seemed to belong to the Harpy, and she was full of curiosity. Because she had the curiosity of a harpy and the wisdom of a human, she traveled to the human realm to learn all about ...... the world.
So you're half human, half harpy.
I'm not asking you to come back. But I'd like to know where you are. As your grandmother.
All right. I'll do it.
Thank you.

 Softly, Nanayla spread her pure white wings.

"Then, as an elder of the ...... Harpies, I hereby promise that my family will be your people. These wings shall be the power of the king and all that we see shall be his information.
...... It's not that big of a deal, though.
"Well, what can I say? We like you.

 We like you," Nanayla said, closing one eye.

"Perhaps Prim will be able to help you in the future. She was a smart girl with a thirst for knowledge.
"A girl with the curiosity of a harpy and the wisdom of a human. ......
If Prim is going to be your wise counselor, you'll have a better chance of finding her, won't you?
Maybe .......

 It would certainly be helpful to have someone on our side who knows this world and the human realm.
 Both Lisette and Haruka live mostly in the frontier. The only people they come into contact with are those who live just outside the frontier. If there is someone who knows information about the center, ...... they might be my mentor - well, I'm not going to war - but they might be my advisor anyway.

Oh, by the way, there was something I wanted to ask the Harpies.

 I almost forgot.
 My goal right now is to find another facility where I can use the Dragon Vein.
 If you can create a triangle with lines of magic power, you can make a wider area a safe zone.
 If we do that, ...... maybe we can get all the subhumans on our side.

The Harpy travels over a large area, so I'm sure it knows a lot about geography. So let me ask you this: ...... are there any old forts or castles around here?
"Old forts and castles ............?

 Nanayla pondered for a moment and then...

"Hmm. I can think of a few.
"Are you sure?
"I've seen an old fort in the rocky mountains between the frontier and human territory. I've seen an old fort in the rocky mountains between the frontier and human territory, but I think it's ...... now occupied by a dubious cult.
A cult?
A cult that uses black magic.

 I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. They believe that the country of the Dragon Emperor, Arisia, is over, and they are revolting here and there in order to establish a new dynasty.
But what they're doing is using black magic to manipulate insects, attack villages, and forcefully subjugate their inhabitants.
"...... I see.

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
 They're occupying a fort near the frontier,.......

That's illegal occupation, isn't it?
What? Oh, yes. Yes, it is.
You're forcing your men to stay in an old fort.

 Lysette and Nanayla nodded at the same time.
 I'm sure it's a squatter occupation.

"Then I have a suggestion for Lysette and the Harpies," I said.

 I said.

"I'm sorry, but would you guys mind doing some research for me?