26 Episode 26 "Scouting the Incarnant (Provisional) "

"......Thank you for the food.

 The girl Yukino said after eating her lunch and put her hands together.

 Haruka and I had come to the town square with the girl.
 There's still time to meet up with Lisette.
 In the meantime, we decided to feed Yukino and find out what she had to say.

 I wondered if she, Yukino-Cloudy-Dragonchild, was really a summoned person.
 What is the state of the city?
 Both pieces of information are valuable to those of us on the frontier.

You want to hear about ...... the capital, don't you ......?

 Yukino said, drinking water from a wooden canteen.

Yes. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. In the event that you've got a lot more than one of these, you'll be able to find a lot more. The roads up to here are relatively safe as well.
Does this mean that security is recovering?
Yes. Maybe it'll get better in the future.
The Dragon Emperor and the Ten Sages are out there.
"I don't know about the ...... great ones.

 I don't know about the great ones." Yukino pondered for a moment.

I'm not sure about the greats, but I've heard rumors that the turbulent times will soon be over. It's not like I'm related to any great person or the Grand Steward!
You don't have to be so stern. ......

 I'm not sure if she thought she was talking too much, but Yukino's face turned red and she turned her head.
 I've been thinking that Yukino is a reincarnation from another world. But Yukino herself doesn't know that I'm thinking that. But Yukino herself doesn't know that I'm thinking that way. In the first place, people in this world have no way of knowing that there are reincarnated people.

I'm just asking because I'm curious about the capital in the first place, but for us in the frontier (here), the Riku Kaku Kyoukai is more of a problem.

 I changed the subject.

I'll have to leave it to you to deal with the Rikkokaku Kyoukai over here, though.
You're right. I was trying to help, but ......
"By the way, Yukino said earlier that she had a plan.

 The girl Yukino nodded vigorously.
 She waved her light blue hair in a cool manner and turned her chest upside down...

I can use water and ice magic, even though I look like this, so I'm good at attacking and supporting. I can distract the enemy. The Rikugaku Order's fortress is located on top of a mountain.
If we block the mountain path, we can split the enemy up.
I can use my magic to block the enemy's vision...
I can surround them and draw them into a fight.
If I can create a block of ice, for example, I can block a mountain path with it. The question is, how do you escape after that? No, if you can disrupt with water magic, then you can also create fog. Then it's easy. If so, then it'll be quicker for you to escape, and then the allied troops can destroy the divided enemies individually. ......
People in this world are amazing!

 I was surprised.
 I'm sure you'll be surprised.

In the setting of "Demon Dragon King Shoma", the "Dark Demon Army" is supposed to come back from the Eighth Underworld due to the influence of astronomical signs entering the Age of Aquarius.
 So I read military books and tactical manuals to learn how to intercept them.
 I've also been playing war simulations with demons as units instead of actual battles. I think I have the basics down.

 Based on that, I have a plan to take down the cult's stronghold, but...

"...... Yukino would make this a lot easier.

 If this girl is really a summoned one, she must have powerful skills.
 I'd love to have her.

My tactics are not even close to those of the people in this world. ......

 But the girl Yukino is nodding her head in disappointment.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who can't get hired by this world's guardian,......, and you're easily defeated by the people of this world with your knowledge,......, even though you thought that you were a cheat in this world. ......
"Don't be depressed. It's a good thing that you're not the only one.

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why.

You may not know this, but your brother is...
You don't know this, but your brother is very strong and cool!
"I don't know, but I know he's amazing!

 The girl Yukino opened her eyes.
 That was a close one.

 It's a good thing you're honest, Haruka, but you're a bit of an unthinker.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

...... Can I ask you something?

 I changed the subject.
 I'm not sure what to say, but here's the thing.

 Is she really the one who was summoned by Yukino?
 Where are the other summoners?
 What kind of a system is it that if she achieves something, she will be resurrected in the original world?

 Is there a goddess other than the one I met, Rukia?

 There are so many things I want to ask you. .......

"Do you have a place to go from here?

 I put that aside for the moment and asked something else.

...... No.

 The girl, Yukino, shook her head.

I refused to serve the Lord I was assigned to. So I have to look for the 'true master'.
"True Lord?
"When I first came to this world, or this country, someone told me. He told me to choose a master to serve. He said he would introduce me to him. I can't give you the details.
"...... I see.

 So that's the official reincarnation (・・・・・・) system.
 When you're summoned, you're presented with a list of candidates, and you're supposed to serve one of them.

So, what did you say?
"I choose my own master to serve. "I choose who I serve.


And then I was thrown out of the city.

 But you have no idea.
 ...... So that's youth. Amazing.

"Then I met a kind man who told me the way. Where is my true master? And the fortune told me he was in the middle of nowhere.
...... I didn't have anything else to turn to.
Well, that's what a good fortune teller does, I suppose.

 Haruka nodded.
 I see. I thought this was a world with magic.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a good fortune teller.

I was told that what I was looking for was in the frontier, so that's why I came here.

 That's how the girl, Yukino, ended her story.
 ...... In that case.

I'm going to ask you one more thing. Do you like dragons?
I love them. They're cool.
What do you think of demons?
I think horns are a good accessory.
What do you think about winged creatures?
I want to be friends with them and fly with them.

 Yukino answered simply.
 Yukino answered simply.

"Then why don't you come to our village?

If you don't want me, I'll take this person.
 A reincarnate who can use magic and has knowledge of the city.
 There's no one better to survive in a turbulent world.
 Thank you to the soldier who didn't understand Yukino's value. He's going to regret it to his last breath.

I'll tell you more later, but I'm looking for people. "I'll tell you more later, but I'm looking for people. People who can fight, people who can handle people, people who can farm, people who can hunt... I need people who can survive in this turbulent world.
If you don't want me, I'll take you. You will be provided with food, clothing, and shelter. There are dangers... but I'll take care of the real ones. When you find your true master, you may leave. I'll keep my promise as a member of society, not as a "businessman of ......". That's all I'm offering.
"............ Yes.

 The girl is looking at me with her mouth hanging open.

You're sure? I don't even know who or what I am.
I don't care. I don't care. I mean, the information I have is valuable enough.

 And if she's a reincarnation, there's a good chance she's from the world I was in.
 It's not too much to say that she wandered around the frontier and was attacked by demons or killed by a pagan cult or .......
 It's also too much of a waste. It's a waste of talent.

 I have the "King's Vessel", you know.
 It's not like the king is going to miss out on someone he could use.

I'll call her my 'guest'.

 I looked at Haruka.

"Or 'guest general'. If he wants to be. Do you have any objections, Haruka?
"Of course not.

 Haruka laughed, holding his mouth.

You don't have to ask us for our opinion, you know. You're my brother, you're my brother.

"I can't help it. I'm from a democratic country.
Do I like you, brother? Yes, I do.
Oh, uh, .......

 Yukino's looking at us with her hands in her lap.

Can I ask you something?
Are you on the side of ending this turbulent world? Or do you want to disrupt it?
Because I'm not on the side of the disturbed. That's why I'm on .......
Well, ...... we are.

 Well, at least we're not disturbing the world. We're defeating demons, and we're trying to make enemies with a bad cult.
 But we're not the ones to end it either.
 Let's just say...

We're on the side of retreat.
"We're basically holed up in the middle of nowhere, surviving until the end of the world.
Do you ever invade the territory of other patriarchs?
Not unless I'm attacked.
...... Pacifist?
I don't do things I'm not interested in. I don't do things that don't have merit. And we don't do anything that might cause too much damage.
"I understand.

 The girl Yukino nodded.

"I was going to thank you for your help anyway.

 She stood up and bowed to us.
 Then she pulled out her backpack and took out a spear from her bag. It was a crude spear with a wooden handle. With a swing, the girl Yukino held it as an offering.

I will lend you my power of arms and magic until you find the true master. What is your name, ......?
"I'm Shoma and this is Haruka. I'm Shoma and this is Haruka. I came to this town with another girl named Lisette. We live in a village further down the road, in the middle of nowhere.
I'll say hello again. I'm your sister-in-law, Haruka.

 Haruka shook the girl Yukino's hand.

I'm your sister-in-law, Haruka." Haruka shook the girl's hand. "You can decide if you want to settle down in our village after you come. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.
"Yes, .........

 The girl, Yukino, gave a little thought to the matter.

I'll tell you my family name, since you'll be my companion.
"'Ko-sekijo no namae'?
What I just said is my real name. ......

 It was a word that made my back ache for some reason.

"My family name is 'Yukino Kumumo'. Please call me Yukino.
"...... How did you go from that to 'Cloudy' and 'Dragonchild'?
"Cloudy" is for the clouds. Dragonchild is because my true master is related to dragons.
What's so special about this "true master"?

 I asked.
 I was curious as to what kind of person she, Yukino, was really obsessed with.

"That person changed my life.

 Yukino replied with a twinkle in her eye.
 With a twinkle in her eye, Yukino answered, "She changed my life, just like a little girl who dreams of being a little girl.

She said, "Where I came from, I had no hope, I had a dark face every day, but she helped me. It was because of her that I was able to remember how to smile. That's why I've decided to make her the lord of my heart, the "true lord".
 If she were to exist in this world now, she would be around my age. If he is, there is no way he would not be involved in this turbulent world. That's why ...... I've decided that if I ever meet him, I'll pledge my eternal loyalty to him.

 Yukino smiled a disarming smile and said...

"Because thanks to her, I was able to smile when I died in my previous life.

 Without a trace of hesitation, she declared.