33 Episode 33 "Hegemony Roars Its Name into the World...

 "In the next village...

"Obey us, villagers! We, the people of the village, will establish a new dynasty, the Rikaku Order!

 A man in yellow robes shouted to the people gathered in the center of the village.
 Behind him were about twenty men in iron armor. All of them were armed.
 Around them, several houses are on fire. Suddenly, the cultists arrived and set fire to them. Before they had time to extinguish the flames, the men of the cult were threatening the villagers with their weapons.

The villagers trembled when they heard the name of the Rikaku Order.
 The villagers knew about the cult that burned villages and stole crops.
 The reason we didn't have enough countermeasures against them was because we didn't have enough information and because the Kittle Patriarch was working to defeat the cult. The villagers didn't think that they would be able to attack the village with impunity under such circumstances.

The great High Priestess is in despair over the corrupt kingdom of Alicia!

 Unaware of the villagers' inner thoughts, the man from the cult continued to shout.

The High Priestess told us that we should use the old magic to establish a new dynasty. We are acting in accordance with that cause! Those who resist it are already 'evil'!
"...... They're talking a lot of sense, what are we going to do?

 "What are we going to do?" murmured a large man among the gathered villagers.

Of course, we, Hazama Village, have no intention of joining the cult. If you guys want to follow the cult, we'll just leave.

 Garunga, a man of the demon tribe, looked at the villagers and said.

...... We do not intend to follow the Order either.

 The white-haired man behind him, the village chief, shook his head.

"...... Thank God you're here. On our own, we would have been shaken up.
We're just here to trade for wood.

 Garunga and the rest of the demons were forming a line to protect the villagers.
 They came to the village about an hour ago to trade for wood.
 By that time, the village had already been attacked by the Rikaku cult.

 Besides trading lumber, Garunga and his friends had one more mission.
 In order to accomplish this mission, Garunga and his friends decide to hide among the villagers.

"Will you lend us your strength? Oni people.

 The villagers called out over Garunga's back.

Even though it was ...... Alicia's minister who drove the subhumans to the frontier, they are still human beings like us. ......
"Don't worry about it. You can't tell the king that we've abandoned the humans.
The ...... king?
You'll see. The cult won't be a problem, our king's power will!

 The demon tribe raised their weapons.
 A little further away, the Rikushaku cultists are smiling fearlessly.

"Ajin, huh?

 The yellow-robed man from the cult spat.

The yellow-robed cult man spat, "Subhumans, huh?" "If you join our ranks, you can be a part of our new dynasty.
"Wait a minute, I need to check something.

 Garunga took out a small wooden board from his pocket.
 Garunga took out a small wooden board from his pocket, which Shoma had given him when they left the village.

If you happen to encounter the Rikaku Kyodan on your journey, Garunga, you should run for now.
 However, if they seem talkative and easy to talk to, or if they seem to get carried away, ask them this question. You might be able to get some information about them.

 That's what Shoma had been telling Garunga.

...... "Let's hear it. What are the benefits of joining the cult?
"...... Oh?

 The man in the robe narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

I'm not going to invite people to come if there's no benefit. If you're recruiting people, there must be at least a little something good about joining the cult.

 Unaware of the man's expression, the demon Garunga continued.

"If the people in the cult are big on their cause, they'll get carried away and answer these questions. It's worth a try." - Oh, I shouldn't have read that.
"What are you talking about? Ogres.
Let's repeat that. Even though they're burning villages and forcing people to gather, there must have been benefits to those who gathered in the first place. It's not their fault if you ask them. ...... Mm-hmm. The king's writing is difficult to read. ...... Oh, so you want me to say this?

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

I'm not sure what to say. I wonder what good things will come from joining the Order?

 The demons asked the robed man with a straight face and their weapons at the ready.

"...... All right. I'll tell you. The villagers should listen carefully.

 The man in the robe turned his chest up proudly.

"We, the Order of Riku-Kaku, are able to control insects through the power of the Great Horn!
"I know that, so don't ask.
Shut up! Shut up! This is the power of the Order!

 The man in the robe flinched backwards.
 A small man in the midst of the soldiers poked the ground with his staff.

"Woof woof woof woof woof.

 There was the sound of wings.
 It was the sound of insect wings.

 A huge insect emerged from inside the man's cloak.
 It was about the height of a child. With its long body, well-developed jaws, and long wings, it was a grasshopper - no, a locust.

"'Summoned from the jet-black flames. A great messenger.

 Whenever the little man with the staff muttered, giant locusts appeared one after another from behind his cloak.
 There are fifteen of them.
 With them on either side of him, the robed cult leader smiles broadly.

"Behold! Look at these insect-shaped monsters! With these, we can devour the fields in no time. It can steal our food. It can even deliberately cause a famine. Being able to control people's food is the same as being able to control them. That's the advantage of following the Order.
I see.

 Garunga nodded.

I'll tell the king when I get back.
"The king?

 The man from the Order nodded his head.

"The King of the Demons ......? Who is he? Who is he?
He's the one you evil cultists can't touch. He's the one who turned the barren frontier into a fertile field. He is the one who sees into the depths of the world and makes even the Goddess of the Eighth Heaven, who sits in the Upper Heaven, afraid!
"What's ......?
"The cult's 'bugs' can't even enter the King's territory. You'll see. You'll see that you're powerless before the one we subhumans have been waiting for, the one who will rule all races!

 Garunga and the demons shouted in unison.
 The villagers began to rustle.

"The king of the subhumans, .......
"The king of the subhumans, ......, who rules over all races, including humans?
"A ...... that no insect demon can enter?
If that's true, then there's no need to be afraid of the Order. ......

 The frightened men of the village picked up their weapons.
 All at once, they began to shout for resistance. The villagers behind them also shouted.
 We don't follow the cult. We will not bow down to those who force us to follow them.

That's your conclusion? ......!

 The man in the robe held up his arms.

I'll beat them here! After that, we'll take only those we can use! Soldiers, come on!

 At the signal of the man in the robe, the soldiers behind him start running.
 They are holding halberds with axes and tips at the end of long handles.
 The soldiers shouted threateningly at the villagers and raised their weapons.

 As if to protect the villagers, five members of the demon tribe step forward.
 They hold wooden clubs in their hands. When the soldiers see this, they smile twistedly. They must have thought they could smash the club with a halberd axe.

"Have some respect for yourselves! You subhumans!

 The soldiers swung their halberds straight at the demons.
 The demons met them with wooden clubs. They don't scream. They don't laugh.
 They just believed in their king and raised their weapons with the might of demons.

 And then the iron halberd and the wooden club collided...

 That's it!

「「「「! 」」」」

 The soldiers' halberds shattered.

I'm sure you're right.

 The demons snorted in boredom.

...... How long has it been since we left the Warding?
"......6 hours. Mr. Garunga.
...... The king's enchantments should last another hour.

 The weapon's enchancment time was confirmed when the village was settled.
 In the wards, you can use the magic power of the land as it is for the enchantments. Maybe that's why the reinforcement doesn't unravel.
 After that, the effect would continue for about half a day even after leaving the ward.

 That's why their king 'enchanted' the cudgel when they left the village.

 The cudgel they held was still a "metal club" - strong and sticky like a metal. In other words, it was light and extremely hard.

"It can't be helped. Imam! One more time, please!

 The man in the robe shouted to the little man with the staff in his hand.

"The worms! If we devour them and bare the field, the resistance will cease!
"............ In the name of the Kuro Flame.

 The man in the cloak poked the ground with his staff.


 The sound of insect wings rose higher.
 The locusts, flapping their wings and floating in the air, flew towards the demons.

I'm not sure what to say.

 The demons swung their clubs.

 But they can't hit the locusts flying in the air.
 The insects scratched the demons with their hind legs and bit into their arms.

"Hee-hee! Locusts in the field! Wheat!

 The villagers scream.
 The villagers screamed. While the demons were flinching, several locusts headed for the village's rice fields.
 In the rice fields, the wheat is earing before harvest.
 The human-sized locusts kept an eye on the wheat and were about to attack it.

This is what happens when you defy the Order: ......!

 The cult leader held his throat and laughed.

"We'll eat up their fields too. You will spend the rest of your short life starving and regretting your decision to defy the cult...

"Firing line confirmed. Power adjustment complete. "Dragon Seed Awakening"... "Dragon Roar"!

 In the middle of the village, a line of fire ran.
 A red, scorching flame as thick as a man's arm.

 It blew off the heads of all the locusts that were trying to get into the rice paddies.

"You've come! Our king!

 Garunga, the demon, shouted.
 All the people in the village looked up at the same time.

 Before they knew it, a dark-haired man was standing near the rice field.
 He was kneeling on the ground with his jacket pulled down.

 The villagers widen their eyes. None of them knew when the man had appeared. Unless he flew into the sky, there was no way he could have protected the rice field without anyone noticing.

 And that fire that burned the insects.
 It was a momentary thing. With a "breath," a huge flame consumed the locusts.
 Unbelievable. Bugs are the Order's trump card. The Order is only growing because of the Bug's power.

 Are you saying that it is not ...... an enemy to him? .......

What a,......, what a man.

 It seemed to the villagers as if the man was clothed in a divine light.

"Our king! Our king! The High King of the Deformed has come to save us!

 Garunga and the others shouted.
 Hearing their voices, the villagers began to rustle.

"He's the deformed High King!
He's the king who sees into the depths of the world?
"The avenger of the goddess who sits in the heavens above!
"Oh, indeed, his appearance as he descends from the air is worthy of the name of High King!
He has the Dragon's daughter with him! He is recognized by the dragon's blood!
He hears our voice and trembles at ....... You're not praising us enough!
Don't get angry. Don't get angry. Praise him more at ────!

 And the demons, all of them, men and women, young and old, began to shout at the dark-haired man.

"High King! High King! High King!
"High King! High King! The deformed High King!
Ha-ooh! Ha-o! Ha-ooh! Ha-ooh!
Ha-ooh! Ha-ooh! I am the king of the fishes!
Ha-ooh! Ha-ooh! I am the king of karma!

"Hoo-hoo! Ha-ooh! The king of karma!
"The battle cry of the dying is the battle cry of the dying!


Oh, the High King has his head in his hands!
His blood is boiling with rage against the Order!
The Order! How dare you anger the deformed High King!

 And so...

 The High King arrives to the rescue, and as Shoma falters after being immediately hit with the "High King Call" combo...

 The demon tribe and the villagers, emboldened by the arrival of the High King, rush off to fight the cult.