42 Episode 42 "Meeting between the King of Frontiers ...

 On the day of the meeting, in the plains near the frontier...

 As we were walking along the road, two wagons came from the other side.

 One was a wagon loaded with lumber.

 The other was a box cart with a roof and windows. Soldiers in armor were walking beside them.

 As soon as they noticed us, the wagon came to a stop.

 Only the boxcarriage, with an old man acting as its driver, was slowly approaching us.

...... You're the old man who came to the village the other day, aren't you?

 You are the old man who came to the village the other day.

I'm sure that's Princess Sylvia's carriage. Brother.
"Probably. I read in the letter that she was coming disguised as a merchant.

Princess Sylvia is supposed to come here secretly.
 Therefore, she had to disguise herself so that she wouldn't be spotted by the other guardians or the sisters of Princess Sylvia.

The carriage would be guarded by one guardian and one soldier. There will be one guard, one soldier and two companions, so the numbers add up.

 In other words, Princess Sylvia kept her promise.
 That was unexpected.

There are no ambushers ...... nearby.

 Lysette looked around and shook her head. Garunga, a demon, does the same.
 I'm not sure if you've seen this before.

 On either side of the road, there are plains with a good view. There's nothing blocking our view. If a soldier is hiding, you can easily see him. Beyond the plain is a forest and a riverbank with tall grasses. But it's a long way from here. If there's trouble, we can get out of here.

 The boxcarriage stops a dozen meters away from me.
 The carriage door opens and a girl in white gets out.

 The first thing I see is a white dress. The first thing I saw was a white dress, embroidered and luxurious looking. I've seen them in pictures from the original world, but this is the first time I've seen something like this. Lysette seems to be the same, and she compares it with her own normal clothes and sighs.

I'm Sylvia Kittle, youngest daughter of the great father Kittle the Great. Nice to meet you, the King of the Frontier.

 The girl got off the carriage and bowed lightly to us.
 She looked at us with slightly upturned, steely eyes.

 We face each other, keeping our distance.
 We don't fully trust each other. We're ready to go if something goes wrong.

First time I've seen you. I'm Shoma Kiryu, a frontiersman. People call me the 'King of the Frontier' for a reason.

 I said to Princess Sylvia.

"Thank you for coming all this way. Princess Sylvia. I salute you for your courage to come to the frontier.

 I wonder if this is the way to speak like a king.
 I wonder if this is the right way to talk like a king. I can't be obsequious to a human authority, but I can't offend him by being arrogant.
 It's a difficult balance to strike. Is this what you want to do? ......?

"...... 'King of the Frontier' is the one who overestimates me, isn't he?
It's like a thank you for agreeing to meet with me.
Well, well, well.
You're standing in front of me, keeping your promise of two companions. In front of the King of the Frontier. It's only natural to admire your courage. If the princess wishes, I promise in the name of the High King of the Deformed, the Demon Dragon King Shouma, that I will not wield my power, which even the avenging goddess fears, against you.

 I held my mouth involuntarily.
 Oh no ....... The door that opens is the wrong one.
 It's not the "door of chuunibyou" that opens. It's the door to reality processing power.
Because I was called "King of the Frontier", "Demon Dragon King Xiangma" was about to show his face. Oh no.

"Anyway, thanks for coming to the negotiating table. That's all.
...... We have the weakness of having a subordinate who was rude to us.

 Princess Sylvia looked up at me and told me.

"...... Dimms has been dismissed. He is no longer with me.
"Dimms ......?

 Yeah, I've seen that guy before.
 The one who failed to break the fence and got blown up by Haruka.
 Oh, yeah, he got fired.

Don't worry about it. Anyway, could you please confirm the terms of our alliance?

"The conditions are simple. "The conditions are simple: a non-war pact with Sylvia Kittle, and the sharing of information between Princess Sylvia's territory and Hazama Village.
"Simply put, we will not invade each other's territory and we will share important information.
Yes. That's right.

 I looked over my shoulder at Lisette.
 She's nodding her head vigorously.
 It seems to be a very good deal, even from the perspective of all the subhumans.

 The "Non-war Pact" is especially important. It means that the daughter of the Grand Patriarch of Kittle has recognized the subhuman village as an equal partner.
I also appreciate the information sharing.
 In the frontier, there is no information about the prices and logistics of human society.
When the area around Hazama Village is developed and crops become plentiful, this kind of information will become important.

 I have no problem with this .......
 There is a common sense in the original world that all good stories have an ulterior motive.
 Let's check this.

"Can you tell me why you're offering me such a good deal?

 I said.

"Are you dissatisfied?

 Princess Sylvia nodded her head.

It is true that it may seem puzzling that I recruited you and then immediately agreed to an alliance when you refused. ......
I apologize if you find this offensive.
No, it's a valid question. I am aware of the history of humans driving subhumans to the frontier.

 Princess Sylvia looked a little thoughtful.

"The reason we are in such a hurry to form an alliance is so that my father won't be targeted in the back.

 She stepped forward from the shadow of the parasol and said.

"My father, the Grand Patriarch of Kittle, has great ambitions. My father, the Grand Patriarch of Kittle, has great ambitions. He wants to quell this turbulent world and rise to a high position in a new dynasty. As his daughter, I am gathering resources and planning strategies to help my father. That's all.
"...... I see.

 Easy to understand.
 In short, Princess Sylvia's father, the Grand Patriarch of Kittle, has a goal of conquering the world. In order to help him, Princess Sylvia is gathering people and laying the groundwork behind the scenes so that when war breaks out, she will not be caught in the back. To do so, she is trying to get the subhumans on her side.

What do you mean by that?
Well, I was just wondering if the Kittle Patriarchs would come to the frontier after they've taken the throne.
When the Great Patriarch Kittle achieves unification, he will naturally want to make the frontier his territory, right? I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. Is it safe to say that the Non-war Pact will remain in effect until then?

 Wait a minute. Why did you look away?

I'm telling you, this place is way out of hand.

 I said.
 Princess Sylvia raised her eyebrows a little.

"Is it too much for you to handle?
"......, 'King of the Frontier'.
"That's strange. I'm inclined to trust you, sir.
I once had a subhuman friend. When I was a little girl, each of the ......3 sisters had their own faction, and things were tense. I once saved a stray harpy.

 Princess Sylvia had a faraway look in her eyes.

But she was gone soon after. That's when I knew. Subhumans are not bound by human reason. Isn't that true for you too? "King of the Frontier.

 We stood in silence for a while.
 Princess Sylvia turned her head thoughtfully and then looked at the faces of her men on either side of her.
 The old man and the soldier with the parasol - their expressions did not change.

 Lisette is holding my hand.
 She's writing on my palm with her slender fingers. "In case of emergency, I'll use that power.
 I immediately make a "X" with my fingers.

 I told you that the power I just gave you is very dangerous and should not be used here.

"Again, what I want, what the frontier wants, is for you to leave me alone.

 I said.

"That's why I'm here. What do you think, Princess Sylvia?

 I'd like you to decide quickly if you can. This tone is getting pretty tiresome.

"Very well. Let's make a permanent non-war alliance between you and me.

 After a while, Princess Sylvia opened her mouth.

I would like to form an alliance with you as an individual, Sylvia Kittle. If my father decides to send troops to the frontier, I promise not to send them. As the third daughter of the ......3 sisters, my intuition tells me that I have always been afraid of assassination. I will not make an enemy of you.
Is the alliance in writing?
In writing. In writing, so that everyone knows that Sylvia Kittle wants it that way. I'll have it printed and delivered to the messenger later.
Thank you.

 And with that, Princess Sylvia and I separated.
 At the same time, I heard her take a deep breath.

 The king of the subhumans was at her side, albeit with a soldier in between. That must be nerve-wracking.
 For him, it would be like being with a beast of prey.

I have one apology to make.

 Suddenly, Princess Sylvia looked at me.

I have kept my troops in reserve in case you should try to harm me.

 Princess Sylvia pointed to the forest and the riverbank beyond the plain.

The promise was only for 'two companions'. There are two of us here. There is no mistake. I'm telling you this as a sign of respect to you for keeping your word.
What the hell is that?

 Lysette gripped the hilt of her sword and raised her voice.

"Brother Shoma came all this way because he trusted you!
And for that, I apologize.

 Princess Sylvia brushed back her golden hair and said.

I don't know what the 'King of the Frontier' is like. My companion suggested it, and I insisted.
I was the one who suggested it. If you find it offensive, you may dismiss it.

 The old man who had been acting as a guard stepped forward.

"But Princess Sylvia has been targeted by assassins since she was a child...
"No, Dougal. Talking about your sisters will only make the King of the Frontier feel uncomfortable.
"I apologize for the .......

 Old Dougal is motionless. He's holding his head out to us.

You think he was going to shoot us dead if he had to?
Not if I had to. We're just trying to keep him from moving, give us time to get away.

 Princess Sylvia answered my question with her eyes down.

I'm not going to kill you. Princess Sylvia.
I've taken measures to prevent that.

 As Princess Sylvia said this, the man holding the parasol chanted a small incantation.
 At the same time, the parasol is brought down towards you. A translucent shield floats on the surface.

It's ...... defensive magic. Brother Shoma.
It's the kind that condenses magic power into a semi-transparent defense field.
You know what that is?

 That's because I was training in the original world.
 I soon got bored and switched to offense.

"I see. So you're prepared to defend against flying objects.
"I apologize again for my rudeness. "King of the Frontier.
That's good. But let me ask you something.

 I said.
 It's important. We need to be sure.

Are the princess's soldiers really hiding in the woods and the grass on the riverbank?
Very. They're spread out in small groups.
Scattered in small groups? What, like ten at a time?
Three each. About 30 total.
Do you have orders not to move until I give the word?
Strictly speaking.
All right. Get them in here now. There's gonna be casualties.

 I said.
 A silence fell around us.
 Lysette and Garunga must have understood what I was saying. They closed their mouths and listened carefully.
 Princess Sylvia and the soldiers were puzzled.
 But their faces gradually stiffened. They must have heard what I heard.

"...... guh. I'm sure the demons of the ...... frontier have been wiped out. ......? "It's hard ......, this goblin is .......

 The screams of the soldiers could be heard from the riverbanks and the forest.

"Demons! Why?
If you're the daughter of the Grand Patriarch of Kittle, you know that the frontier is full of demons, don't you?

 Basically, demons don't target groups that are stronger than themselves, unless they're being controlled by someone else.
 Their habits are no different from those of wild animals.
 That's why Princess Sylvia, surrounded by nearly 20 soldiers, was not targeted.
 The only reason we weren't targeted was because we flew too close.

 But soldiers isolated in the woods or in the grass are different.
 A group of three is a small number. Demons usually attack.
 And the soldiers are under orders not to move. They can't even speak. They're easy prey for demons.

If the soldiers are dispersed and placed in a remote area where demons are present, they will be attacked.
"...... Aren't you the 'King of the Frontier'?
You said it yourself. You said you destroyed the demons of the frontier. Then how can there be demons in a place like this!
You're the one who asked for a meeting at a neutral place, right?
That's why I lifted the perimeter. This is not my territory now. That's why the demons showed up. That's all there is to it.

 That's why I worked with Haruka yesterday to adjust the wards.
The wards are deployed using the magic of the earth. It's a great way to make sure you don't end up in a situation where you can't get out of the house. Demons will not enter either.

 However, Princess Sylvia demanded that the meeting be held in a neutral place.
If there is a ward, it will be treated as my territory. That's why I tried to change the warding of Hazama Village so that only this area was missing. And I got it.

The wards of the abandoned castle and the fortress remain intact, so there are no demons in the Harpy and Mawari Village. I've told the people of Hazama Village not to go outside. I asked Harpy and the others to check if there were any caravans moving along the road.

 All that was left to do was to finish the meeting and quickly set the wards back to maximum.

The King of the Frontier kept his word. The demon's return is just a consequence. If you hadn't kept your soldiers in the dark, nothing would have happened.

 When I said that, there was a scream.
 Several soldiers rushed out from the riverbank. My body is spindly. Their eyes are rolling around.

"It's the Kuro Centipede's poison!

 Lysette shouted.

The riverbank is home to the Kuro Centipede, a large centipede with a poisonous hallucinogenic effect! It's not a good idea.
That's not good. That's not good. We'll end up fighting each other!

 I shouted to the princess.

Soldiers! Hold those soldiers! The rest of you go to the riverbank and forest! The rest of you, go to the riverbanks and the forest to rescue those under attack!
"No, half of you stay behind to guard the Princess!

 "No, half of you stay behind and guard the princess!" Princess Sylvia and her old attendant gave the order.
 Princess Silvia and her attendant give the order. The soldiers take their weapons and begin to move immediately.

The soldiers begin to move immediately, weapons in hand. ...... This can't be ...... happening. ......
"This is the frontier, Princess Sylvia. Princess Sylvia.

 "This is the frontier, Princess Sylvia," said Lisette to the trembling Princess Sylvia.

It's just that Brother Shoma is using his power to keep the peace. Normally, this place is infested with demons and it's dangerous to travel the streets. That's what this place is. Can't you see that? Princess Sylvia.
"............ Ah, ah, ah.
If Lord Keeper Kittle wanted to make the frontier his own, Lysette and the others would flee to any extent.
 Of course, you can't give your brother's blessings to invaders. The Lord Keeper's army will have to make its way through a horde of demons.
 They will pitch their tents in the forest where goblins roam and sleep in the midst of the man-eating Kurohounds. Do you really think you can wage war in such conditions?

 Princess Sylvia is at a loss for words.

"...... Brother. Lisette is angry. The human princess is lying.

 Lisette looked at me with a strong gaze.

Brother Shoma kept his promise and came here with only Lisette and Garunga. But Princess Sylvia brought a lot of soldiers with her. I could forgive that. But she had soldiers lie low to shoot her brother. In the name of righteous Lisette-Louge, I can't let this lie go unpunished.
You insist?
I insist.
...... All right. But you can only show it to me.

 I said, and Lisette nodded seriously.

What are you doing? Subhuman girl!
I'm not going to do anything. It's just that I'd rather you didn't point that 'defense field' at me.

 Princess Sylvia nodded at Lisette's words.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what you think.

...... Huh.

 The soldier holding the parasol was laughing.

You think a subhuman can do anything about this? You can try.
"I'll tell you something. I'll tell you one thing: If you had aimed an arrow at Brother Shoma, ...... you would have been the only ones hurt.

 Lysette said, picking up a branch at her feet.

She said, picking up a branch at her feet, "As long as I have my brother's new name, no magic can penetrate Lysette!
 Wake up. Wake up. Lysette's other name - her name is Lysette-Luge.

 Lysette swung the twig down.

 I'm sure you'll agree.

 It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything you like.

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure what to do.

 I'm sure he saw it from a distance and misunderstood.
 A soldier in a robe, probably thinking that Princess Sylvia was being attacked, shot a small fireball at Lisette.

It won't work.

 Lysette swatted it away with a twig in her hand.
 One after another.
 One after the other, as if in a noble dance, she dispelled the flying magic.

 This is the power of the Naming Breath that I cast on Lisette.
 I gave the name Lisette-Luge a new attribute.

 I thought about it a lot, but ...... the name I gave her was "Lysette = Luge" according to her wishes.
 He looks like a bit of a midget, but he's very capable.

 After all, she has gained the power to make all reason cease and spells flow away.

 This will nullify any magic that Lisette touches.
 Defensive magic, offensive magic.
 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

 ...... But we've banned it because of the risk.

No! It's our fault, sir. Stop it!

 Princess Sylvia shouted.

"The King of the Frontier!


 It was sudden.
 Princess Sylvia bowed her head in front of me.

"I was wrong, sir! The frontier was not a place I could touch!

 At the sound of her voice, the soldiers stopped moving.
 The soldiers stopped moving. They all stared at the trembling princess in silence.

The soldiers all stopped moving. I will persuade my father. Please go to .......
"Of course. We're the ones who wanted the alliance.

 Me, Lisette and Garunga exchanged glances.
 We don't want to antagonize the Kittle Patrol.
 It's a good thing that you understand that I'm not trying to antagonize you.

"Dragon Seed Awakening... Dragon Roar!

 A pillar of flame appeared on the street.
 The soldiers and even the demons stopped moving for a moment.
 The maximum-powered "Breath" that I unleashed right above me became a huge smoke signal...

 At the same time, Hazama Village...

"Haruka-san! Leroy the Harpy, who was out on patrol, called! He confirmed the flame of Shoma's dragon roar!
"Good. Then, I'll deploy the magic circle's warding at maximum power!

 At the same time, in the plains near the frontier...

"Ooooooooooooooh! I can't believe it!

 The demons' screams went up.

 Particles of light were dancing around us. Haruka redeployed the wards.
 The light quickly disappeared, and the surroundings regained their original appearance.

 And the demons that were inside the wards...

"...... Gua", "...... Kyu", and "Shun".

 Every last one of them disappeared.
 They were all low-level demons. I don't blame you.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on with .......

 The soldiers are breathing heavily.
Those who have been poisoned by the illusion are being seized by the soldiers around them. No problem.

"Well then, Princess. We're done here.

 I said.

We'll be waiting for the letter of alliance. Thank you for traveling so far today. There should be no demons on the way back, but please, be careful.
Soldiers, I apologize for earlier. Please forgive my rudeness. Goodbye.
Excuse me.

 With that, we walked away...

Lisette, are you all right?
No, I'm fine. ...... Brother. If possible, I would like to return to the village as soon as possible. ......

 Lysette is leaning against me with a red face.
 Her steps are awkward. I can barely walk with my hand on my chest.

I'll run back. "I'll run back. The king, take Lysette by air, please.

 Garunga of the demon tribe raised his hand and started running.
 I'll take your word for it. Lysette doesn't have much time. At any rate...

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 As an after-effect of this, the fibers of the clothes she wears will be cut off.

 All clothes that come in contact with Lysette's skin will be affected.
 Every piece of fabric will unravel into thread and every knot will be untied.

"Please ....... Brother Shoma, more ...... slowly.

 Lisette is clinging to my arm.
 I'm jumping up and down with my "Shoushu Kakusei" and heading straight to Hazama Village. It takes less than an hour by air. But in the meantime, Lisette's clothes are coming undone.

I told her not to use that power because of .......
It's for the sake of righteousness! I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... The skirt is coming undone at the edges! It's a trifle ...... to be by your brother's side like this .......
The next time you do this, don't use it until I say it's okay.
It depends!
You've got some nerve, Lisette.
It's for your honor and your brother's. I'm not afraid of this. ...... Oh, my brother is in trouble!
What's the matter now?
What's wrong now? What's wrong now? - My underwear is coming undone! What is it this time? I'm sorry, Dragon Lord!
I'm not sure what to do.

 As a working adult in Alaska, I choose not to watch ...... the untied white cloth fluttering to the ground.
 I headed for Hazama Village at full speed.

 I need to do some more research on naming breaths for people.

 And so, Princess Sylvia and the others left behind...

"Do not touch the ...... frontier.

 Princess Sylvia said as she got into the carriage.

We must not make enemies of the King of the Frontier. Do not make enemies of the King of the Frontier. He is as powerful as or more powerful than ...... my father's nemesis. Listen. Don't mess with the frontier, that's the motto of the Kittle family!

 And so, all the way back to the castle, the princess continued to repeat the same words to her soldiers.