45 Episode 45 "Princesses Are Terrified of Frontier P...

 "The princess's house in the territory of Grand Duke Kittle...

"Sister Renesmee! What have you done?

 Princess Renesmee's house, Kittle's territory.
 The youngest princess, Sylvia Kittle, pushed past the maids and pushed open the door to her sister's room.

She pushed open her sister's door. How do you do?
What have you done to me, sister?

 "What have you done, sister?" Sylvia shouted to Renesmee, who was enjoying her tea with no sign of displeasure.

I'm not sure what to make of this.
You are the one who's in a hurry. Sylvia.
Take a look at this!


 I'm not sure what to make of it.
 On the surface, there are charcoal inscriptions.
 On the surface were charcoal letters, the kind used in this region to communicate.

It was found this morning in front of the castle gate. As it was addressed to me, the guard took the trouble to bring it to me. Do you know what is written on it? "Sister.
That's funny. Sylvia. How am I supposed to know what's written in your letter?
"It's from ......, the King of the Frontier.
This is a letter from the king of the frontier. The swordsman Dimus and his men tried to invade Hazama Village with weapons! We have neutralized and captured them all. All of them have been neutralized and captured. We would like you to send a messenger to hand them over to us!

 As if she couldn't hold back any longer, Princess Sylvia shouted.

As if she could not contain herself, Princess Sylvia cried out, "I know that Dimus left me and came to serve my sister. I know that he was humiliated in the frontier and that he resents it! What have you done, sister?
What have you done, sister?" "...... You don't have to shout, do you?

 I'm not sure what you're talking about.

"Here's some tea from the capital. Sylvia, you like it with honey, don't you? I knew you would be here today, so I prepared it for you. Bon appétit.
"...... I don't care if you make enemies with the frontier and perish. Don't drag me into this!
So, why are you in such a hurry, ......?
I'm not sure what to make of this.

 Sylvia said.

 A silence fell over the parlor.
 A breeze blew in through the open window, shaking the dresses of Sylvia and Renesmee. It was so silent that you could almost hear the shifting of their clothes. In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

"...... Are you kidding me?
I'm sure you'll forgive me.
"Dougal. Forgive me. Tell me what you see.
...... With my own eyes, I saw the demon evaporate. A dozen soldiers had the same experience as I did.

 An old man standing near the door said in a shaky voice.
 Sylvia nodded back to the old man, Dougal.
 When Sylvia met with the High King of the Deformed, Dougal was at her side. He had been Sylvia's and Renesmee's educator when they were young. His testimony carries a lot of weight.

As you already know, I made an alliance with the King of the Frontier. At that time, I kept my troops in reserve for emergencies. That's when I was attacked by a demon. The Kuro Centipede and the goblins had the soldiers in a panic.
Then ......, the King of the Frontier...
"The king breathed fire. It didn't even touch the demons. And all the demons disappeared. On the contrary, the king had a girl under his command who was immune to all magic.
"...... Oh ............ Oh.
I will say no more to my wise sister about what it means to make an enemy of the king.

 I'm not going to tell you any more about it, my wise sister.

I will now go to the King of the Frontier to explain myself. I'm the one who brought up the alliance. If his former subordinates have invaded the frontier, then I am partly to blame. Of course ...... I will tell the truth, won't I? Sister.
"Wait for me, Sylvia!
It was you who hired Dimms. Sister Lainez.

 Sylvia smiled coldly.

I never disliked you. Even now, as your father's successor, I'm in competition for the position. I really wanted to drink the tea you made me. I meant it. Sister.
If you let ...... go on like this, even ......
If I don't go to explain myself, the King of the Frontier himself may come. If I am dead when that happens, he will knock on the door of this house.

 The swordsman Dimus is already in the hands of the King of the Frontier. A dozen or so of his men.
 I'm sure some of them report directly to Renesmee.
 We'll find out soon enough that it was Lanes-Kittle who was pulling the strings behind the scenes.

If you doubt my words, why don't you come to ...... with me? Sister.

 Sylvia turned at the door and looked at Renesmee.

You can hide your identity as my maid of honor and see the King of the Frontier with your own eyes.
"Do you mean me harm on the road to ......?
"In the name of my proud father, I mean you no harm along the way. Sylvia Kittle has sworn an oath to the Dragon Emperor.

 Sylvia quietly approached Renesmee and dropped the cup on the table to the floor.
 There was a hard sound, and the cup broke.
 Picking up the pieces, Sylvia scratched her fingertips. She drops a drop of blood into the cup of tea.

It's a short form, but I'll take it as an oath.
I'll take this as a short form oath. ...... How could you ...... do that?
What would happen if the King of the Frontier and your father were to go to war? Of course, your father will win, but that will delay the conquest of the vassals in the capital. He has plenty of enemies. In order to support your father's supremacy, we should calm the anger of the King of the Frontier.

 Sylvia declared decisively.

Your father will go to the capital in a few months. It's only natural that he should be relieved of his worries before that. If you have a responsibility as the second daughter of the House of Kittle, I think you should fulfill it.

 Again, silence fell.

 Lanes-Kittle clenched her fists and began to tremble quietly.
 After a moment, she looked up.

I understand. If you are so sure, then I will see with my own eyes what the King of the Frontier is capable of.

 In a small voice, she replied.

 A few days later, on the road near the frontier...

 Sylvia Kittle's procession was heading for Hazama Village.
 In the front and back were soldiers, and in the center was a carriage.
 Inside the carriage are Sylvia Kittle and Llanes Kittle.
 Sylvia is wearing the same dress she wore when she came to the frontier before, but Lainez is dressed in the clothes of a maidservant. She is now in the position of Sylvia's maid.
 Half of the soldiers surrounding the carriage were under Sylvia's command, and half were under Renesmee.
 In the center of the carriage is an old man named Dougal, who is glaring at the soldiers on both sides.

"Stop the wagon. Sylvia.

 Renesmee, who was looking out the window, suddenly opened her mouth.

What's wrong? What is it, sister?
"There's something unfamiliar in the ...... meadow. Is that ......?

 Sylvia and Llanes both looked at the window.
 In the middle of the meadow, they saw a gray object lying on the ground.

 It was large. It was several times as wide as a man was tall. And it's pretty thick.
 There were also marks on the grass that looked like something had been dragged.
 Could someone have carried it in?

It's certainly a ...... strange thing. Sister.
Dougal. Are you with me? Do you know what it is?

 Renesmee opened the window and called the old man.
 The old man turned his face to the meadow and tilted his head as if in trouble.

"Well, it seems that someone from a village near the frontier was just passing by. I'll ask him.
"No problem. You can bring them here.

 Renesmee answered and Sylvia nodded.

 After a while, a villager who was pulling a wagon came in front of Silvia and her friends.

"I ask you. What is that gray thing in the meadow?
It's a fence.
...... A fence?
Well, it seems that the High King wanted to put them up along the roads to protect the frontier. I think he was planning to put up a huge fence and use it as a barrier. ......?

...... Pfft.

 Lanes held her mouth.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That's ridiculous! I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it. You think that's why they used people to bring those things here?
"...... I guess. It's not that easy.
Of course! That's ridiculous!

 I'm not sure what to say, but I'd like to know what you think.

I'm sure you're aware of that. Sylvia. He forces his people to work in vain to carry heavy stone slabs.
But isn't the skill to cut such slabs a threat?
Yes, it is. But you're using your power wrong. Using the power of the people to transport something like that...

............ Hey.

What? Did you say something?
No, sir. I didn't say anything.

 Lanes and Sylvia both looked outside.
 There's nothing wrong.
 There's a meadow all around. There's no procession moving. Just a villager with a wagon nearby.
 And the plank lying in the meadow... has not changed.

What's the matter, Sylvia?
Doesn't that board seem to be getting a little closer?
Don't be silly, the board doesn't move.
...... That's right.
We're wasting time. Let's move on.

 I've lost too much time." "Let's move on," Renesmee says, and Sylvia gives the signal.

"You've taken up too much of my time. Thank you, Dougal.

 An old man, Dougal, handed a silver coin to a villager in a wagon.

It's strange, isn't it? Does the King of the Frontier really have his people carry those slabs of stone?
"............ No.

 The procession begins to move.
 The wheels of the carriage start to whirr.

The wheels of the carriage begin to turn. ............ It will move on its own as it accumulates magic power, so it will take about two months to reach the road...

 When Sylvia asked back, the procession had already begun to move.
 So she did not listen to the villagers' words until the end.

 "Near the remote village of Hazama...

I've sent a letter of apology to the King of the Frontier. He should be here any minute. ......

 The wagon was moving forward.
 The road was already surrounded by fields.
 Beans, which Sylvia knew, were beginning to grow and bear fruit.

Even a subhuman from the frontier has the wisdom to grow crops.
That's 'flora' beans, isn't it? But ...... it's a little early in the season. And the berries seem to be too big. ......?
It's a variant that subhumans eat, isn't it? What's the point in worrying about it?

 Lanes spat.

"Look. There are children running around like animals. This is the frontier after all. The land of the barbarians.
"The demons look distressed. I wonder if the King of the Frontier is ruling too harshly.

 Sylvia put her face close to the window and listened to the voices of the demons.

I've been busy. Since the arrival of the king... We've been working so hard.
"Oh, no. Maybe it's because of the change... or maybe it's because of the change.
I didn't expect the flora beans to grow in a month.


 I've heard some strange things.
Flora beans grow fast, but they use a lot of the land's nutrients to produce them.
 It's impossible for them to grow in a month. Unless the land is very fertile. .......

"Hey! Children. You should be helping out in the fields! If you keep playing around, the High Lord won't let up!

 In the corner of the field, a woman of the demon tribe was shouting at the children.

You all know it. You know that the High King patrols the town at night.

 The woman's words made the children who had been running around stop.

"Bad boys can be found at .......
"'The bad boy is .......'
"The bad ones will be taken away by 'Haosama'!
Aah! Hey! That's why I'm telling you not to run around! I'm sorry, Mr. Haruka, but this is counterproductive!

...... It's Sylvia.
...... Yes, sister Renesmee.
Is this 'king of the frontier' you speak of really something to be feared?
"Don't you see? Sister.

 In the carriage, Sylvia put her knees together and straightened her posture.
 In the carriage, Sylvia straightened her knees and looked at her sister, Renesmee Kittle, from the front.

In the carriage, Sylvia straightened her posture with her knees together and looked directly at her sister, Lanes-Kittle, "Now we have temporarily stopped our usual power struggle and are facing each other as just sisters. So let me be honest with you. I'm really afraid of the ...... King of the Frontier. What is truly frightening is that it is "invisible". Sister.
"Is it the same as 'Water is strong because it is formless'?
Yes. The stone slab I saw in the meadow. The technology to make them. If it's true that the villagers harvested beans twice, then it was the king who changed the geology of the frontier. Feared by the adults, but loved by the children. Can you imagine such a being? Sister.
"You're trapped in the King of the Frontier.

 Renesmee laughed, holding her throat.

I didn't find any of it terrifying. That's all right. From now on, I'll be your handmaiden and assess the King of the Frontier.
"To your heart's content.

 Sylvia waved at the old man, Dougal, outside the carriage.
 Through the window, Dougal gives instructions to his soldiers.
 The King of the Frontier has probably already been informed of the messenger's arrival, but we need to give him a heads up.
 Now we just have to wait for their response.

 Just when I thought that...


A shout echoed around Hazama Village.

"Gooaaa! ────!

What? What?

 Sylvia and Renesmee opened the window and looked out.
 The soldiers, the old man Dougal, and the demons in the field all looked up and stared at it.

 The jet-black dragon flying in the sky.

"Gooah! Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

 A long body. The scales shine black. And two horns on its head.
 It was definitely a dragon. And a two-headed one.

"Ah! The High King is raging!
It must be that ......'s first wife, Lysette, has incurred the wrath of the High King.
Lysette is a serious woman. Lysette is too serious to meet the demands of the High King. ......
Haruka, my first wife, is ...... not very shy. ...... I hope she does her best. ......
Yukino, the first beloved wife, will be ............ expected in the future.

 The villagers are shivering and staring at the double-headed dragon.
 Sylvia and Renesmee can not take their eyes off the dragon flying in the sky. The soldiers can barely keep their shields up in the sky.
 They all know.
 There's nothing we can do to prevent that dragon from coming towards us.
 Sylvia wrote a letter of apology. I told her I'd do anything to apologize.
 But ...... was not enough? .......


 Lanes is terrified.
 His body is shaking and before he knows it, he is sitting on the floor.

The dream ...... is a dream. There's no way it's real. It's a dream. It's a dream.

You have no tolerance for reality even though you like to use ...... strategies.

I'm sure it's Princess Sylvia's messenger, or perhaps Sylvia Kittle herself.

 There was a voice calling out from outside the window.
 No one noticed.
 Sylvia, Renesmee, and the soldiers were all distracted by the "double-headed dragon".

 This fact sent a chill down Sylvia's back.
 She realized that the owner of the voice could have killed Sylvia and Renesmee at any time.

If that ...... two-headed dragon is under the command of the King of the Frontier, it is ...... truly terrifying.
It's a sign of the frontier king's anger. It's a good idea to take a look at the actual information on the web and also to make sure you're getting the most out of it. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
 It was a girl from the demon tribe.

 Her hair was red, and she wore a transparent crystalline ornament.
 If you look closely, you can see that it is a "magic crystal.
 It was a purified crystal that demons sometimes drop. If you sell it, you can make a lot of money. She wears it carelessly. She wears a sleeveless dress. There are white feathers woven in places. Strangely large feathers. Could they be... harpy feathers that have lived a long time? If harpy feathers are so precious, where did she get the feather of an elder? .......

I'm not sure what to make of this.

 The girl from the demon tribe said.

But before that, he wants to persuade Dimus and his men in the presence of the messenger. If you agree, will you accompany me?

 I had no choice.
The double-headed dragon had disappeared before they knew it, but Sylvia and her group were already too weak to resist...

 The carriage carrying the two sisters, Sylvia-Kittle and Renesmee-Kittle, went straight through the gates of Hazama Village.