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Main characters that have appeared up to Chapter 4

 Kiryu Shoma (Shoma = Kiryu)

 Gender : Male
 Race : Human
 Age : 28 years old

 Main character of this story. Formerly a junior high school sophomore.
 He was summoned to another world by the mistake of the goddess Lucia.
 Although he is a summoner, he does not have any skills from the goddess.

 The skills that Shoma possesses were awakened on his own through training during the time of his second childhood.
 In the original world, he could not use the skills he had awakened because of the thin magical power.
 Furthermore, Shoma's continued training in that state inevitably led to a state of "high altitude training," and his ability to absorb magic power jumped up.
 This time, the moment he was summoned to the other world, he absorbed magic power at once. He can now use the skills he had when he was a junior high school student at his best.

 After transferring to the other world, Shoma obtained the skills of "Dragon Vein" and "Naming Breath" at the "Dragon Emperor's Temple".

 Other names: "High King of the Deformed," "King of the Frontier," "Enemy of the Goddess of the Upper Heaven," "Organic Dragon King.


Awakened: Versatile form
 Athletic ability: AAA
 Arm strength: A
 Magic power: B
 Defense: A
 Special Ability: Dragon Breath (heat ray generated by magic). Dragon Scales (defense).

Demon Awakening: Close range power type.
 Athletic ability: B+.
 Arm Strength: AAA
 Magic Power: B-
 Defensive Strength: B-
 Special Ability: Ogre Force (adjustable from 2x (Zwei) to 4x (Cuttle)).

Awakening: High speed movement type.
 Movement ability: S
 Arm Strength: C+.
 Magic Power: B
 Defense: C+.
 Special Abilities: Flying Ability.

Demon Seed Awakening: Long-Range Attack Type
 Movement: C
 Arm Strength: B
 Magic Power: S
 Defense: C
 Special ability: "From the Shadows", "Hawk of Darkness", "Absolute Sight". You can also summon other wizards.

King's Vessel (Storage Skill), Naming Breath (Naming Enchantment), Dragon Veins

Enhanced items

Longsword (hardness AA): hard enough not to be broken.

A wooden club with the hardness of a vajra.

A wooden stick with the hardness of a vajra. Seiken (Holy Sword): Creates a magical holy sword that can cut through anything. However, it consumes a lot of magic power, so it can only be used for a few tens of seconds outside the wards.

Iron Axe ("Tetsu no Ono"): Penetrating power +40%. A demon can chop down a tree three times.

Iron Hoe ("Steel Hoe": +40% penetration). Can be used by demons to turn into a human-powered tractor.

Stone Fence ("Soldier of Will": basic power of "High King of the Deformed". It can transform into a wall or a castle, and can fight in a variety of ways. He is also good at fighting in groups and loves to set up camp.

Cotton bandages (Momen no Houtai: Bandages with the effect of blocking abilities. It has the word "seal" in it, so once it is tied, it cannot be untied. It is a high-performance sealing item.


 Gender : Female
 Race : Dragon Tribe
 Age:15 years old
 Fighting Style: Versatile
 Alias: "Ryu Shogun" (an alias I got from "Demon Dragon King Shouma". He uses it when he has to.

 The first girl Shoma met in the other world. Shoma's sister-in-law.
 She is a very serious girl who respects righteousness.

 She has the blood of the Dragon Emperor, and is able to use the power of dragons.

 He was a village guardian and is highly skilled in combat. He is one of the fastest and most agile.
 He uses the fire magic "Crail Flare". It is not very powerful, but it has a cleansing effect and can make demons fall. The power and area of effect increase when used within wards.

 Mobility: AA
 Arm Strength: B+.
 Magic Power: B
 Defense: B
 Special Ability: Crail Flare

 Additional Naming Attribute: Lysette = Luge
 Enchantment" used by Shoma on Lisette.
 The meaning of the name is to cut off reason and cast a spell, so it can nullify all magic and special abilities. (Except for Shoma's own ability).
 As a side effect, it can unravel the fibers of Lisette's clothes and even knots in her threads, which can be very embarrassing if used for a long time.

 Haruka Carmilla

 Gender : Female
 Race : Demon
 Age:15 years old
 Combat Style : Close quarters power type
 Alias: "Oni Shogun" (Like Lisette, she took one letter from "Oni Ryuoh Shouma" and gave it to herself. (Like Lisette, he got the nickname from one of the letters of "Demon Dragon King Shouma.

 Lisette's childhood friend and the current mayor of Hazama Village. Shoma's sister-in-law.
 She has a tendency to be wary of humans due to the fact that the demon tribe was driven to the frontier in the past.
 However, once she trusts them, she treats them like family. Easy-going.

 He is a natural, family-oriented person.
 She treats Shoma as her real family.
 For Haruka, family means always being with each other, not hiding anything, so she usually changes her clothes in front of Shoma.
 She is also an innocent and kind girl who can be a good friend regardless of gender.

 Mobility: B
 Arm Strength: AA
 Defense: C (with regeneration ability)
 Special ability: Mujin-tsuki (a technique similar to a release of internal magic power at zero distance). When used within a ward, it becomes a pile bunker that can shatter steel.

 Yukino Murakumo (Yukino=Claudy=Dragon Child)

 Gender : Female
 Race : Human
 Age : 14 years old
 Combat Style:Distance magic type
 Alias: "Ice Witch" (changes to "Freezing Witch" and "Permafrost Witch" when ranked up). (When she ranks up, she changes to "Ice Witch" and "Permafrost Witch. Later, I was torn between "Dragon General" and ......, but decided to respect Shoma's "Demon Awakening".

 He is from the same world as Shoma, and is an active junior high school student.
 In his original world, he was sickly and almost died, but was saved by Shoma (in his Chuunibyou era).
 After that, she was infected with Chuunibyou just like him.
 Although they have only met once in the original world, both Shoma and Yukino feel as if they are childhood friends. (Because they are friends with Chuuni Sickness).

 He was picked up by Shoma when he was wandering in another world, and became his companion.
 He recently revealed his true identity to me, and I'm thrilled.

 He has a desire to be a hero, but it's only as a subordinate of the "True Lord".
 He thinks that it is enough if he and Shoma run through the world together.

 He is small for his age, probably because he was sickly in his original world. He is sometimes seen as a schoolboy.
 He uses powerful magic, but needs support in battle due to his low physical strength.

 Athletic ability: C
 Arm strength: C
 Magic Power: AAA
 Special ability: Ice magic ("Eternal Flowing Pillar of Ice Cruelance", "Freezing Coffin", etc.)

 Primudia = Baby Phoenix (a.k.a. Prim)

 Gender: Female
 Race : Half-human, half-harpy
 Age: 18 years old
 Combat Style: Scheming
 Alias: Street corner fortune teller

 Grandson of Nanayla the Harpy Elder, she is half Harpy and half human. She is full of curiosity.
 She has been working as a fortune teller in the capital, but suddenly decided to return home.
 On the way, she meets and joins up with Lisette. She becomes Shoma's companion.

 With the curiosity of a harpy and the wisdom of a human, she travels all over the continent, wanting to know everything about the world.
 As a result, he has a great deal of knowledge. He also knows a lot about military affairs.
 Since joining Shoma and the others, he has become a "self-proclaimed military strategist.
 During the siege of the Western Castle, he gave Shoma information about the Toki-Hoose.
 She is also in charge of the castle that was built by the Soldiers of Will this time (Yukino gave direct orders to the walls).

 (Nanayla has a soft spot for Prim.) She has a weakness for Leroy and Loloi because of the guilt she feels for having selfishly run away from home.
(Nanayla has a soft spot for Prim.)
 (Nanayla, however, has a soft spot for Prim.) She has only just appeared on the scene, so her real activities are yet to come.

Other people

My friends in the frontier.

Mr. Garunga.

 Haruka's uncle. A good-natured warrior of the demon tribe.


 Elder of the Harpy. She has big white wings. Prim's grandmother.

Leroy and Leroy.

 Girls of the Harpy. They look small, but they are adults.
They work for the King of the Frontier, gathering information and helping with transportation.
 They are mischievous. They also like to be bullied by the king.

People of Kittle's Domain

Sylvia Kittle.

 The third daughter of Argos Kittle.
 When she heard the rumor of Shoma, she sent a messenger to the frontier.
 However, because her subordinates were a bit unpleasant, she came into conflict with the frontier.
 In the end, he did not relax his vigilance against subhumans until he made an alliance with Shoma.
 Since the alliance, he has become a good friend of the frontier, exchanging information and cooperating in operations.
 Lately, he seems to be thinking about many things.

Renesmee Kittle

 The second daughter of the lord Argos Kittle.
 She is more skilled than Sylvia.
 Recently reconciled with Sylvia after a long conflict over the succession to the throne.
 She has a phobia of walls.


 An old man. One of Princess Sylvia's men.

Captain Dorus and his subordinate Sailor.

 Princess Sylvia's men.
 They're supposed to be staying with an acquaintance at a distant kingdom. Hey!

General Hurka.

 Princess Llanes' men.
 A person who wears a helmet on a daily basis to avoid showing her face to others, and was misunderstood and given the nickname "General Hulka the Beautiful" (or rather, Princess Llanes spread the name).
 In reality, she is just not good at making eye contact with others.
 He is currently in charge of the castle in the westernmost part of Kittle's territory. Competent.


 Lord of House Kittle. Currently missing.

Mireina Kittle.

 Eldest daughter of Patriarch Kittle. Missing with her father.

People of King's Landing (not yet appeared)

The Dragon Emperor.

 The current emperor. It is said that she is a direct descendant of the Dragon Emperor.

Ten Sages

 Powerful men around the Dragon Emperor.
 Their power is so great that even the families of the Ten Sages are said to live like little lords.