79 Episode 79 "Hegemony Defeats enemies with Ambush"

 From Shoma's point of view...

The day after I reactivated the magic circle in the Kitor Territory.
 I came to Princess Sylvia to report the situation.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why.

 This is the parlor of the castle of the Grand Patriarch Kittle.
 I was facing Princess Sylvia across the table.

"Beastmen are subhuman, but they have nothing to do with the frontier. The beastmen are proud and they didn't get along with the demons and harpies. I don't know where they are now. Do you believe me, Princess Sylvia?
"Of course I do.

 Princess Sylvia nodded.

"Who would doubt the information that the King of the Frontier has taken the trouble to give us?
"Good. Good. We don't want anyone to misunderstand the frontier.

 I drank tea from a teacup on the table.
 I remembered that I had passed Princess Renesmee in the hallway.
 I greeted her, but she didn't reply. And she seemed to be shaking. .......

Thank you for the valuable information. I'll circulate a note about the merchant and his associates right away.
Please do.
To be honest, I didn't expect you to be so cooperative.

 Princess Sylvia relaxed her shoulders and let out a sigh.

I'm glad you're my ally. I really am.
I'm glad to hear that.
I'm glad to hear that. There's no one else I can rely on as much as you.
Okay. So, here's a diagram showing the towns and villages where they've been spotted.
Wait a minute!
......, what's the problem?
Why do you have this diagram?
I made it by canvassing the towns and villages in the area.

 After that, I looked at the ground from the sky and drew in the locations of the villages.
 I also contacted Menes, a traveling merchant, and got information about them.
 As a result, I created this "Information Map of Unidentified Persons in the Kittle Territory.

Aside from this castle, there are eight other locations where the enemy has yet to appear. They seem to be concentrated on the west side.
We don't need to think about the villages and towns near the Yuanguo Guan. They are under the control of General Hulka, and there are many soldiers stationed there.
So it's a place the enemy can't touch.
Yes. Then there are only five places left, aren't there?

 I've narrowed it down, but there are still too many.
 The enemy doesn't always visit every town or village. There is a possibility that they will back out at the right place.
 I want to catch them before they do and get information out of them.

 If that were true, my job as an ally would already be done.
 But if the subhumans and beastmen show up, that's a different story.

 If the beastmen continue to run rampant, it could lead to a conflict between humans and subhumans.
 If the beastmen continue to run rampant, it could lead to a conflict between humans and subhumans. I want to catch the mastermind before that happens at all costs.

 I check the location of the town and village with my fingertips.
 There's gotta be a magic circle around here.
 If I can revive them, we'll be within warding range from here on out. .......

...... I have a suggestion for Princess Sylvia.
"What is it, 'King of the Frontier'?
"Is it possible for the Princess to leave the castle for a few days?
"...... Yes.

 Princess Sylvia thought for a moment.

I'm sure she'll be fine without me for two or three days. I'm sure you can manage without me for a couple of days, though it will mean a little more work for you.
"Then, how about Princess Sylvia making her own rounds of the village during that time?

 I said.

"The people of the village would be relieved to hear her direct words. The gossip of the suspicious ones would be less effective.
"I see.
But that's just a pretext. I really want Princess Sylvia to be the decoy.
"............ me as a decoy?

 I'm sure you've heard of it.
 It is understandable that she is surprised.
 It's a proposal that would normally be met with anger.

"O king of the frontier! What do you mean you're using my sister as bait?

 What do you mean, you're using my sister as bait?

 I turned around and saw Princess Renesmee standing there with the door open.
 What? What? You've been listening outside the door this whole time?

"No matter how grateful I am to the King of the Frontier, to put my sister in danger...
"Sister Renesmee. Please calm down.
No, you're right. I want Princess Sylvia to serve as a decoy to attract the enemy.

 I said.

"The enemy has entered the Kitor Territory to ravage it. That's why they're spreading rumors and attacking soldiers to make people uneasy. What will you do if they find out that Princess Sylvia has left the castle?
"They'll go after me, .......
That's where they'll get her.
"...... I know. King of the Frontier.
I think it's best to have Princess Sylvia go around the villages that the enemy hasn't touched yet. That's where the probability of the enemy showing up is the highest. I think it'll work.
Your plan is unreasonable, King of the Frontier!
I know what you're going to say. Princess Raynes.

 I looked at Princess Llanes.

"The enemy will know this is a trap, an invitation. That's why they won't make a move if the princess is surrounded by soldiers. But if there are not enough soldiers, they will put Princess Sylvia in danger. ...... I think you mean?
...... That's right.
Sister. This is a time of emergency. Our priority should be to capture the enemy, even if it means risking our lives.
If Father and Sister Myrna don't return, you're the one who'll be the next lord! If you want to be the bait, it should be me!
So be it.

 The two princesses looked at each other blankly as I said this.

I don't care if it's Princess Sylvia or Princess Renesmee. And I have no intention of endangering the princesses. I'm going to lay down my troops to meet the attackers.
"Laying low ......, I see.

 Princess Renesmee took a map from a shelf in the parlor and unfolded it.

The village we are going to is surrounded by flat land, but there is a forest at a distance. You want to hide your troops there and intercept the enemy when they come?
No, we'll lay low where they can't find us.
"More difficult to find"?
I'll tell you the plan. I'll tell you the plan, and then you can decide for yourselves.

 And so I told Princess Sylvia and Princess Renesmee the plan.
 The original plan is mine.
 Prim arranged the plan by adding her knowledge of the surrounding terrain.
 I also visited the site and made the final adjustments with myself, Lisette and Haruka.

How about "......"? Princess Sylvia, Princess Renesmee.

 After telling them what the plan was, I asked them.
 First, Princess Sylvia nodded, and then Princess Llanes shook her head.

 The decision was made.

 A few days later...

"Villagers. Princess Lainez-Kittle is here to speak to you!

 The soldiers surrounding the carriage shouted.

 This is one of the villages to the east of the Kitor territory.
 Princess Lanes-Kittle came here with a few soldiers.
 She wanted to talk to the villagers to calm their agitation.

It's my first time to see you. Villagers! I am Lanes-Kitor!

 Princess Lainez opened the carriage door.

 The villagers shouted "Oh!

 Princess Renesmee in her dress gets out of the carriage and stands behind a wall of soldiers.
 Behind her is the carriage. Around her are soldiers. There are also soldiers behind the carriage.
 Including me, who was disguised as a soldier, there were six of us in total.
 This is the minimum number of people who can protect the princess.

The absence of my father, Argos Kittle, must be making everyone uneasy. There are also rumors that neighboring patriarchs and lawless people are targeting this territory.

 Princess Lanes looked at the faces of the villagers and spoke slowly.

But our family has produced viziers, ministers, and generals of great renown. We will not be dissuaded by such a thing! I will not allow the lives of my people to be threatened, even by a powerful enemy! I promise to protect my people in the name of Renesmee Kittle!
Oh! Princess Raynes! Princess!
We're going to defeat the demons around the village. Your peace will be protected by Renesmee Kittle. Please settle down and get on with your lives!

 A cheer went up.

 That's the princess of House Kittle. She has charisma.
 The villagers are listening attentively.

 I look over at Lisette standing beside me.
 Like me, she's a soldier in a helmet, and she's shaking her head.
There seems to be no "big merchant," "black-robed man," or beastman in this village.

 Princess Llanes' speech continues.
 The villagers, overcome with emotion, are all applauding.
 At this rate, even if someone spreads a strange rumor, it won't affect us.

 If we continue to go around the rest of the villages, the enemy's plan to upset the villagers will have failed. ...... Let's see what happens.

"That's it! You can live in peace, people of the Kitor Territory! The glory and victory are with us! If you have any problems, talk to the regular soldiers! If you have any problems, you may speak to the regulars. I promise to take away your voices whenever possible. In the name of Rhaenes-Kitor!
In the name of Lanes! "Long live the Grand Duke of Kittle. Princess!
We will meet again! We will meet again, my people!

 Princess Renesmee enters the carriage and closes the door.
 The carriage begins to move slowly.

 The villagers follow the carriage as it moves out of the village.
 They all have big smiles on their faces.

 This is a medieval feudal society. A lord's daughter speaking to the people is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It's understandable to be excited.

 Now all we have to do is head to the next village...

"...... (tentative)

 Suddenly, Princess Renesmee beckoned to me through the window.
 She half-opened the door of the carriage - does this mean I should come in?

 We're far enough away from the village.
 I climbed into the carriage, still dressed as a soldier.

"......, King of the Frontier.

 Princess Renesmee sat in her seat, staring at me.
 She had tears in her eyes.

"Well done. Princess Llanes.

 I said in 'High King Mode'.

"I may have misjudged you. You're a fine princess.
The villagers will be relieved to hear this. No, this could become a legend. The princess of the lord's house has spoken to the people herself. Great work, .......
"...... Princess Llanes?
I'm scared! I'm scared!

 Roll, roll, roll, roll.

 Princess Renesmee started to cry!

I'm... I'm the princess. I, the princess, stood before the people with only a few guards! You never know when an arrow might fly! I'm scared! I'm scared!
"...... Didn't you lead soldiers into battle before?
That's not what I said!
Is that so?
"When I take up arms and charge, I feel safe because I have forgotten myself. But to stand in front of the people without a weapon and talk to them ...... is so scary. ...... And what's that? And what's with that text?
I had my disciples and warlord make it for me, what is it?

 That speech was a collaboration between Yukino and Prim.
 Prim had a high ability to process reality, but her writing was not gorgeous.
 So after I finished writing it, I had Yukino arrange it for me.

What the hell? What are the three lovely flowers that bloom in the northern part of the continent? Sylvia is a white, graceful flower, and I'm a big, beautiful flower! I've never heard of such a thing.
I'm sorry. I checked it out too. ......

 I checked it out too, but I must have missed it.
 I can't help it. Because it's cool.

But it should calm down the people of the village.

But now the people in the village should be calmer," I said, reverting to my 'High King' tone.

I think Princess Llanes has done her job well. You have soldiers in the village, don't you?
"Oh, yes. A few. They are disguised as merchants, hiding their swords and armor. ......

No problem then. Let's go to the next village.

 I opened the carriage window.
 The carriage is heading east. We're a long way from the village.
 I look back and can't see it anymore.

 It's just grassland for a while.
 But a little further on, you'll see a forest on your left. If the enemy is hiding, it's there.

I'll go back to escort the princess. We'll protect the carriage. You keep going.
I hope she's okay!
Yes. Yes. I've hidden the soldiers.
"...... 'Ambush on the Frontier'... That's very scary, too!
I'll see you later.

 I got out of the carriage.
 I got out of the carriage, and for some reason, someone in the carriage said, "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm scared! I don't know why I'm hearing that. Your voice is too high. The enemy will know we're here.

"Lisette. What's your status?
We're almost at the place Prim said we'd be. ...... No, we're here. It's the enemy!

 Lysette pointed at the forest.
 That's what I thought.

 The cavalry came out of the woods and headed straight for us.
 At the head is a large soldier and a man in a robe. Perhaps those are the men who've been spreading the strange rumors.
 They must have heard Princess Lanes was coming and came to attack.
 And behind them, the beastmen are following. 30 cavalrymen and a few beasts, I'd say.

Lysette, take the wagon. I'll hold them off here.
Be careful. Brother.
I'll be fine. So far, so good.

 The wagon will go on, leaving me alone.
 There's a river ahead.
 Cross the bridge and you'll see the next village. We should be safe there.

You're a fool! "How dare the princess of the Grand Duke of Kittle wander about so carelessly!

 A man is shouting at the head of the cavalry.
 The man in robes is silent. He is gesturing to the cavalrymen and beastmen behind him.
 The faces of the beastmen are invisible. They are coming toward us with weapons in their hands, expressionless as if they were machines.

In the name of the deformed High King... 'Dragon Seed Awakening'!

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

I'm not sure what to do. What can you do by yourself?

 The cavalry ignore me and try to chase after Princess Lenneth.
 The cavalry ignored me and tried to chase after Princess Renesmee, but I was faster than the cavalry. I won't let them get away.
 I sprinted at full speed to block their path.

No! This is too much trouble! Kill this one first!

 The first cavalryman shouted.

The lead cavalryman shouted, "Go and get Princess Llanes! Go!

 The cavalry is coming towards me.

 They've decided to crush me first.

 ...... It's scary as hell. And they're moving pretty fast.
 A cavalryman coming straight at you is pretty powerful.

 But this grassland is under the control of my ambushers!

"Show yourself, my soldiers! Avenge the enemy!

 I raised my arms and shouted.
 And then...

"'Hey ──────────!

 The "soldier of will" who had been lying face down on the grass rose up with great force.

「「「「「 What the hell!!!」」」」」

 I'm sorry.

 With a pop.

 Unable to avoid the wall that suddenly appeared in front of them, the enemy cavalrymen fell to the ground.
 Okay, the surprise attack by the fence was a success.

"What the hell is this?
"There's a board on the ground ......, or is it a stone wall? What is this?
Why are these things here?

 The enemies are all wearing yoroi.
 They were heavily armed, probably to take us all down at once.

 That's why, after falling off their horses, they are all holding their limbs and moaning.
 Well, if you fall off a horse while galloping at full speed, you're bound to break a few bones. .......

But ......, it's like a forest of monoliths.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

 A dozen or so "soldiers of will" lined up in the empty meadow.
 All of them were lying on the ground, covered with dirt until a moment ago.
 I knew this would be the point where the enemy would attack Princess Llanes, so I kept Hay down.

 I've been laying the Soldier of Will here for a few days, covering him with dirt and grass.
 On the morning of Princess Llanes' arrival, I disguised myself as a villager to replenish my magic. To the people around me, it would have looked like I was on a picnic.

"Whoa! "Gghhh! "Gee!

 The fallen soldiers were lying on the ground groaning.
 It's understandable. They were running at full speed when the ground suddenly rose up. They wouldn't have been able to catch themselves.
 The big knight and the man in the robe can't move.
 The only ones who could move were the beastmen who were running behind them.

What are you doing? Kill my enemy! Kill my enemy!
"──── Obey my master's orders!

 A large soldier shouted, and a man in a robe answered him.
 A gush of what seemed like black magic began to pour out.

 Behind the beastmen, something shadowy emerges. They're all silent and expressionless.
 They are all silent and expressionless. They are coming towards me at full speed, as if they are being controlled by an invisible thread.

I knew it was black magic. ......

 The man in the robe is suspicious.
 But he's not ...... the Mage Riccak. He's human.
 So there are human black wizards too?

I'm not sure what to do.
"In the name of the deformed High King... 'Shoshu Kakusei'!

 I grabbed the man in the robe by the neck while he was in the state of "flying kind awakening".

What are you doing?
"You're going to accompany me to the other side of the river.

 I jumped up, taking the robed man with me.
 I jumped up with the robed man and flew to the other side of the river with all my magic power.

 The beastmen follow behind me.
 But I'm faster than they are. I cross the river and head for the carriage where Princess Renesmee is waiting.

 I moved into the ward (・・・・) of the magic circle I had revived yesterday.

"Oh, no!

 The man in the robe screams.
 The man in the robe screams because the black magic surrounding him is evaporating.
 But he doesn't disappear. It seems he's not a demon after all.

 And the beastmen who entered the ward...


 They're all sitting on the ground.
 It's like they've been possessed.
 They've stopped chasing me and are looking at me with clear eyes.

"Gotcha. Human.

 I throw the robed man to the ground and say.

"My people, you deserve to die for your manipulation of subhumans. You are to be handed over to our allies at ....... Do you have any last words?
"...... Ow!

 The man in the robe begins to tremble.
 Lysette and Princess Renesmee are applauding at the carriage.

 Good. I'll turn them over to Princess Sylvia...

"Can you guys tell us a story? Why were you with them? And more about the black magic that was on you.

 I told the clear-eyed beastmen.