84 Episode 84 "Hegemony, Darkness"

 From the perspective of the soldiers of the "Gurutra Guardians"...

"What's going on?
"Night! It's suddenly night!
And what the hell is that? A two-headed snake? No, a dragon! The only thing I can see is that thing... oh no!

 The soldiers were in a panic.
 Suddenly, a darkness engulfed them.
 A two-headed snake emerged from the darkness, a double-headed dragon.
 In addition, there is a giant rabbit that is hopping around in the middle of the darkness, "popping" and "popping".

 If you're distracted by the double-headed dragon, you'll be hit by the rabbit, if you try to avoid the rabbit, you'll be blown away by the double-headed dragon, and even if you try to defeat the two who summoned the demons, they're all in black, blending into the darkness. I don't even know where they are.
 The soldiers could only scream and run for their lives.

Calm down! We just need to get out of this darkness!

 The captain of the soldiers shouted.

"This is a spell that makes the area around us dark. All we have to do is go outside the area of effect. It's not like they're covering the whole world in darkness.
...... No, that wizard said it was a lunar eclipse.
You shut up! All right, everybody, run towards the sound of my voice! Let's go!

 In the darkness, the soldiers start running.
 They're trained men. Even in the dark, they can still gather at the sound of voices.
 Those who can move run toward the voice of the captain.

"Squeak? (Flop. (Poof! )

"Don't come! Don't come!
We're almost there. We're almost there, we're almost out of this darkness!
There has to be an end to this darkness. There has to be. ......

 The soldiers start running in a line.
 And they kept running for a few minutes.



 They reached the end of the darkness.
 It was a wall.

What the hell is this? Can't we go any ...... further?
Captain, ...... this is ...... not a dead end.
"I can't go any further! Can't we get out of this darkness?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let me out. Let me out, let me out, let me out!

 The soldiers desperately tried to move on.
 The soldiers desperately tried to move on, but the Edge of Darkness was unfazed. It's as if there's an invisible wall.
 It's as if it's trying to keep them in this darkness forever.

"Physical darkness ...... warding? Is there such a thing as magic ......?
I'm going to marry my childhood sweetheart when this mission is over!
No. I want to go home. I want to go home. ......

 The soldiers sat down on the ground and started shouting.
 The captain tries to draw his sword, but it's dark. If he swung his sword while his men were in a panic, he risked hitting them. So he slams his fist down, but the End of Darkness doesn't budge.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I think it's a good idea." "...... has the attributes of a dragon and a demon, ...... is a double-headed dragon, ...... eats the sun, ...... is a symbol of the moon... ...the Sun Eater Rabbit... ......

 The captain murmured helplessly.
 I don't know anything about this horrible wizard.
 He's only here on a mission. He didn't know that the Kitor Territory and its frontier was such a terrible place.

"Oh ...... my lord ...... Tonia-Gurtra, ...... your neighboring country has ...... In your neighboring country, there are demons that change the nature of heaven and earth: ......

 The moment I mumbled, "Did you call me? I'm not sure what to do.
 In addition, there is also a hint of a cute rabbit that only sounds like "ping pong" and "ping pong".

 And then...

"No, no, no, no! Get me out of here!

 The screams of the soldiers echoed in the darkness.

 From Shoma's point of view...

"Oh, ...... we can't ...... get out of this darkness anymore?

 No. It's not like that.

 It's just a dark enclosure, blocking the way.
 Here's what it looks like.

"Hey." "Hey.
"The soldiers of will stay where they are. Just be a wall.

 I was commanding the Sun-Eating Hare and the Soldiers of Will from outside the darkness.
 There was a dome-shaped space in front of me, the inside of which looked like it had been sprayed with ink.
 However, as the user of the Jade Rabbit, I can see inside.

 That's why I placed the Soldiers of Will to block the way of the soldiers.
 There are only four or five fences in the "King's Vessel" storage skill, but after applying a "Hot Springs Potion" full of magic power, I was able to move at a very high speed.
 It was easy enough for me to get around the soldiers in the dark.

You can get out by going around ...... to the left or right, but you won't notice.
I'm not sure if they'll notice.

 Yukino is desperately trying to control the double-headed dragon.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

"Mr. Shoma. Can I finish up now?

 Yukino chuckled and looked at me.

"I think it's time to blow up the 'double-headed dragon'?
No problem. They're listening in the dark, so the sound should knock them out.
Let's go.

 Yukino took a deep breath and raised her arms in front of the dark dome.

...... Why are you posing facing me?
It's not like the soldiers can see you.

 That's true.

"In the name of the High King of the Deformed, my servant, the Two-Headed Dragon. Do your job! A special attack "Absolute Sight"!

 The next moment, the double-headed dragon explodes with light inside the dome of darkness.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure what to do.

The light! My eyes! My eyes!

 From the darkness, I heard the screams of the soldiers.
 They all fell down and ...... fainted.
 That's a double-headed dragon. It's very powerful.

I'm not sure. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one. This is one of the 20 demonic techniques of the High King of Different Forms, the absolute sight of the double-headed dragon!

 I'm not sure what to say. She turns to me.
 You've got a nice smile.
 Well, it's a good thing no one's watching.

"Can I do it again?
Just pause. Just pause. Just pause.
Not until you get home.
"...... Yes.

 Yukino deactivated the Demon General's Awakening without hesitation.
 I instructed the Jade Rabbit to pull one of the soldiers out of the darkness.
 After that, I trapped the rest of the soldiers with four Soldiers of Will and then released the Demon Seed Awakening.

You ...... are the one I was talking to earlier. You're the captain, right?
"...... Uh-uh. Darkness ...... is scary. Night ...... scares me. ......
Don't worry about that. Can you tell me why you're suddenly trying to kill us?

 I took out my sword from the King's Vessel and held it up.
 I held it up, trying to look strong.

"I know that the Grand Duke of Gurtra is messing with the Grand Duke of Kittle. Your master is Tonia Gurtra, right? The new lord.
"I have been instructed by my ............ lord to bring back Princess Carol Grutra, who has left the ...... country.
"Princess Carol Grutola?

 That's what the beastmen said.
 The previous Lord of Gurtra had a prince and a princess. The prince was a careerist and had ties to the Ten Sages, while the princess was kind to both the people and the beastmen.
 If Tonia-Gurtra is the successor to the previous lord, then .......

I'm not sure what to make of that.
............ We were told to bring her back in secret. We were told to bring her back in secret. The reason we were so rough was to protect the ...... secret. If Master Carol falls into the hands of another lord, ......
It's a good excuse to intervene in the Glutra Realm.
Please ............ keep this a secret. Please ...... keep this a secret .......

Oh, there you are. My king...!
I hope you're okay! Prim!

 I heard a voice.
 When I looked up, I saw that Prim, who had been awakened by the Flying Strategist, was flapping her large wings and was just coming towards me.
 And she's holding a girl in a dress, Princess Sylvia.
 Princess Sylvia? Why is she here ......?

In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find it on the web.
 He's just cowering and talking...

"Listen, ......, I know this is beneath us. We don't care if we're punished. But I want you to keep it a secret that Princess Carol-Gurtra escaped. Especially if Princess Sylvia or Princess Renesmee of the House of Kittle finds out about it, she will be ...... very vulnerable.
"Princess. I think you've been summoned.
...... to me?

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