86 Episode 86 "The Princess Search Operation by The M...

 Prim's point of view...

"Then, please search for Princess Carol.

 A few days later.
 A few days later, Prim the Strategist gave instructions to the beastmen gathered at the frontier.

 On the other side of the road, Menes-Nairis, a traveling merchant, was waiting for them.
 The beastmen will now join the caravan of other traveling merchants, guided by Menes.
 They will explore Carroll-Gurtra in secret while learning the work of an escort.

 The members of the search will be those who have met Princess Carol herself.
 Originally, the beastmen lived in the territory of the Grand Protectorate of Gurtra. At that time, Princess Carol once inquired about the beastmen's village.
 Anyone who knows her will be able to find her scent and footprints.

"Take it easy. Okay.
"'Yes, sir. Strategist.

 Wearing turbans to hide their animal ears, they bowed their heads in unison.
 Since coming to the frontier, their expressions had become much brighter.
 They were relieved that they were no longer discriminated against or driven away.

We are grateful to you for accepting us, even though we were manipulated by ...... the King of the Frontier.
We have a castle in the mountains where we can live in peace.
There is no other land like ...... where there are no demons and you can get all the crops you want.

 The beastmen bowed their heads to Prim and then waved to the family members who had come to see them off.
 As Prim watched the beastmen depart, she reconfirmed her plan.

 Prim's goal is to protect and secure Carol-Gurtra.
 By doing so, he would be able to find out how the Ten Wise Men were connected to the Grand Duke of Gurutra.
 Perhaps we can also find out the whereabouts of the missing Kitoru guardian, Argos-Kitoru. With that information in hand, the frontier would be completely above the Kittle Keeper.

 Even if Princess Carol was not found, it would not be in vain.
 The beastmen could learn to guard the traveling merchants.
 They have good ears and noses, and if they go around the continent with the merchant, they will come back with all kinds of information.

"The mission is complete. My king has already checked it.

 Prim murmured absentmindedly as she saw off the beastmen and the traveling merchant Meneses.
 Even though the plan was perfect,......, for some reason, it made her feel uneasy.

I'm not sure why I would ...... want to ...... 'find Princess Carol,' even if I couldn't find her.

 Suddenly realizing this, Prim put her hand on her chest.
 She remembered the words she had exchanged with Shoma a few days ago.

 We didn't talk about much. As a military strategist, she was just asked about the general route to take when coming from Gurutra to Kittle.
 Prim answered in the usual way about the location of the road and the forest.
 There is a forest in the middle of the two territories, so people use the well-developed road.
 That was all he said. .......

What is my king's idea of 'Carol-Gurtra-Hoi-Hoi'? ......

 The "Princess Carol Protection Plan" involves three operations.
 The first one is Prim's plan to welcome the traveling merchant and the beastmen.
 The second is Princess Sylvia's plan to welcome back the beloved Kittle.

 Finally, Shoma and Yukino's "Operation Carol-Gurtra Hoi-Hoi".
 Normally, Princess Carol would be caught by Prim or Princess Sylvia's search, but .......

I'm not sure why ...... my king's strategy seems to be the quickest.

 I should have listened to what he had to say. .......
 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

 Princess Carol Gurtra (fugitive) point of view...

"............ is ......... The castle in Kittle's territory is ...... still not visible .......

 This is the Kittle Keep, in the middle of a forest.
 Princess Carol-Gurtra, accompanied by her maidservant, was making her way through the trees.

 She knew that her brother Tonia would come after her.
 So she had to abandon her horse halfway.
 She had to abandon her horse on the way to the castle because if she rode her horse through the streets, she would be discovered in no time.

 After leaving the castle, Princess Carol disguised herself as a traveling merchant and set out for the "Kittle Governorate".
 She rode her horse through the streets, disposed of it in a village on the way, and then avoided the streets and entered the forest.

 He could not afford to be caught by his pursuers.
 There is something I must tell Princess Sylvia or Princess Llanes.

I have to tell Princess Sylvia or Princess Renesmee something. ...... If we don't do something, the House of Glutra may disappear.
"......, Princess.
I couldn't stop Tonia. I'm not sure what's going to happen if the Ten Wise Men come out in full force, although the generals are on Tonia's side now. They may even take over the castle. Why can't ...... Tonia understand that? ......

 I think my brother is playing with fire.
 I think my brother is playing with fire, not with his own flames, but with the flames of others.
 He doesn't know how dangerous it is to get involved with the Ten Wise Men now.

Then I'll go to the Kittle family and tell them what happened. If this Carol Gurtra is attached to the Kittle family, the soldiers will ease up on their attacks. And yet, my brother ...... is so foolish as to trust Zacchaeus and Balton, the Ten Wise Men.

 Gasping for breath, Princess Carol continued on her way through the forest.
 She is accompanied by her maidservant, Kate, who has followed her since she was a child.

 If she hadn't helped her plan, she wouldn't have been able to escape the castle in the first place. I wouldn't have been able to walk through a strange forest like this.

Anyway... We need to find a large town, ......, or a fort in the Kittle Territory as soon as possible. If your pursuers catch you before you can contact Princess Sylvia and Princess Renesmee,......, it's all over.

"But, Princess ......, the sun will be setting soon.

 Kate, the maid of honor, stopped walking ahead of me.
 She looked to the side and saw the sun slipping behind the trees.

 It is too dangerous to walk through the forest at night in a strange land.
 I think we should stop here and prepare for camp.

I heard a rumor from the merchants that there are no more demons in ...... Kittle's territory.
"Don't rely on rumors. My Master.
That's right. It's impossible for demons to disappear.
It would take a legendary king like the Dragon Emperor to make that happen.
Yes. If someone comparable to him has come down, we should serve him immediately.

 Princess Carol folded her hands in prayer and closed her eyes.
 Then she took a deep breath.

"Let's make camp here today.
"All right. We'll find a place where we can build a fire and not be noticed, or a place where we can keep out the cold.
This is a forest near the border of our territory, isn't it? There is no such thing as a convenient...

 Princess Carol and her handmaiden, Kate, looked around.
 They found a hut.


 They both opened their mouths in disbelief.
 It was indeed a hut, standing in a gap in the forest.
 More accurately, it was a small house.

 It was a simple hut with stone walls and a roof.
 It was made only of stone walls, without doors or windows.
 Looking inside, there is still only a stone floor. There is no furniture. There is only straw on the floor as a bed.

............ Why is there a hut here?
"............ Is it a hunter's hut?

 The hut in front of me looked as if it had been built from stone slabs pasted together.
 I don't know why it's here.
 I don't know why it's here, but the fact that it's here means there's someone who built it.

"What can I do for you? Princess Carol.
"You might want to ...... get some distance from this place.

 Princess Carol left the hut and started walking.

"If there is a hunter's hut, then there must be a village nearby. Then it would be better to walk a little further to where we can see the village.
Then. Let's go on until it is completely dark.

 Princess Carol and her handmaiden, Kate, started walking again.

 One hour later...

"...... can't see the village ......, can you?
"......Yes. Princess.

 An hour has passed since they found the mysterious hut.
 Princess Carol and her handmaiden, Kate, were still in the forest.

 Their feet were covered with fallen leaves, muffling their footsteps.
 If they climbed a tree, they could faintly see the road. So far, there was no sign of their pursuers.

 Considering the position of the setting sun, there is no doubt that they are heading toward the Kittle Territory.
 But the sun is almost completely set.
 We're out of time. We'd better get some rest.

"It's no use. Let's get ready to make camp this time.
Yes, sir. We'll find a place out of the wind where it's hard to find a fire.

 Princess Carol and her maid of honor, Kate, looked around.
 They found a hut.

"...... Why is ......?

 That's strange.
 We're a long way from that hut. And yet there's another hut here.

 Of course, it's not the same cabin.
 The direction of the entrance is different, and the shape of the roof is also slightly different.
 This is probably because the gap between the trees is wider than the previous location.
 The roof is lower and the inside is wider. On the floor, there is also a straw bed.

...... What should I do? Princess.
"I don't think we can go any further today.

 Princess Carol looked to the sky.
 Night will soon fall. We can't go through the forest now.

 And I know my body needs to rest.

 It's a long journey, and we're worried about our pursuers. I'm exhausted, and so is my maid, Kate.

"It can't be helped. Let's use this cabin for today.
That's right. ......

 It's too silly to camp outside the hut.
 Just to be safe, she ate only dried meat and water, and lay down on the straw.
 The straw mattress was soft and smelled of the sun.
 The straw mattress was soft and smelled of sunshine. Despite being in the middle of the forest, there was no moisture at all.

There are a lot of ...... mysteries, but I don't feel any ...... malice.

 If you look closely, you can see that there is a large board under the straw.
 It seems that this is a way to block the entrance and exit.

"Kate, come on in. You can use this board as a door and sleep leaning against it for protection.
"But, Princess. Then we'll go to .......
This little hut won't protect us if they come after us anyway. Let us regain our strength now and make up the distance tomorrow.
...... You've always had a great deal of courage, haven't you, Princess ......?
Do you think so?
Or else you would not have left the castle to go to another realm in secret, would you?
I'm just afraid to do anything about it.

 I'm just afraid of doing nothing." Princess Carol laughed as she and her handmaiden, Kate, leaned against the doorframe.

I'm just afraid of doing nothing. I've heard that the frontier has a king with great power and subhumans who follow him. Do you think my brother Tonia-Gurtra will be able to survive in a land bordering that frontier?
"............ With all due respect, ...... I don't think it's possible.
I'm not sure if it's possible. What's scary is that they will attack from behind when their stronghold is thin. The Ten Wise Men are not to be trusted, and there are twin lords to the south who are to be feared. We should stay where we are and protect our territory. In order to stop Tonia, we should go to ............ "Kittle's Domain" ......".

 Eventually, Princess Carol fell asleep.
 Next to her, Kate, the maid of honor, leaned her back against the wooden board that served as a door.

 The wooden board was so thick that when it was propped up, it fit perfectly into the gap in the doorway.
 There was an air hole at the top, through which the moonlight shone dimly.

...... I hope to see Princess Sylvia Kittle as soon as possible.

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it," she said.

And we're almost out of water. My body is soaked with sweat. I wish there was a watering hole nearby,............, but that would be a luxury,.......... ...

 Slowly, her eyelids grew heavier.
 She must be tired, too.
 The maid of honor, Kate, closed her eyes, telling herself to ...... just a little.

 She has been trained in combat as Princess Carol's bodyguard.
 If someone with hostile intentions comes near her, she will naturally wake up.

"............ Dragon Emperor, ...... please bless Princess Carol, .......

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

"──── Hey there. Hey ho. ......

"............ hmm?

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I think it's a good idea.
 And the ground seemed to shake a little. .......

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.

 She must have been tired.
 I thought I was taking a nap, but I must have fallen asleep for several hours.

 The moonlight was shining through the doorway.
 It was still night.
 But it's ...... strangely bright outside. And there is the sound of water.

It's ...... strange.

 Kate, the maid of honor, craned her neck to open the door.

"What's ............?

 There was a spring in front of her.

 The hut was still in the forest.
 In one corner there was a rocky area from which water was gushing.
 The water was bright because it reflected the moonlight.

 Kate couldn't help but try to sip the water from the spring with her hand.
 The water was clear and unclouded. It was ...... good to drink.
 The water is cold and clean. It would feel good to wash your body with it. .............

It's funny, isn't it? I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
...... "What's wrong, Kate?

 Princess Carol comes in with a sleepy look on her face.

Oh, my God, there's a fountain here.
It's funny, isn't it? Princess. There's no such spring anywhere near here! Could it be that the hut has been moved?

"...... Maybe you didn't notice. We were both tired.
...... Is that how it is?
"Well, if there's a watering hole, why not use it?

 Princess Carol smiled with a soft expression.
 She took a cloth from her luggage and filled it with water from the spring.
 Then she untied her traveling clothes and began to wipe herself slowly.

 The maidservant, Kate, sighed at the sight of her master's overly defenseless appearance.
 Princess Carol had always been like this.
 She was a natural born princess, bold and natural at the same time.

 When she thinks it's the right thing to do, she goes straight for it.
 She's not afraid of superiors, and she doesn't care if they're subhuman.
 That was Kate's master, Carol Gurtra.

If there's a watering hole like this, then the village must be close by.
It might be ...... true.
It's too dark to tell right now, but when you wake up, you might be right next to the village.
Hahaha. No way.

 After the sweat of the journey, they went back inside the hut.
 After taking a rest at the water hole, they fell into a deeper sleep than before...

"Hey... Hey there.
"Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.
"Hey, hey, hey. "Hey, hey, hey. ............

"Good morning, Princess. Princess.
Good morning. Kate. Let's do our best today.
Let's hope we find a village today.

 The next morning.
 They woke up refreshed from their journey.
 The next morning, tired from their journey, they woke up refreshed.

 There, in front of their eyes, was a village.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
"Oh dear. Was it too dark yesterday for you to notice?

 The hut was at the edge of the forest.
 Beyond the trees was a meadow, and beyond that was a small village.

 On the plain by the village, a traveler was having breakfast by the fire.
 It could be a caravan of traveling merchants.

"Isn't that strange? Princess! Where is the water?
"It's no use, there's no water. Kate.
What's with this hut? It's like it's alive. Are you sure you ...... didn't sneak out while we were asleep?

 Kate asked, but the hut didn't answer.
 A small 'hey' was heard ......, probably a bird's cry.

"Quiet, Kate. People are coming.
"...... Yes.

 Princess Carol murmured, and Kate, her handmaiden, put her hand on her sword.
 A woman wearing a turban walks toward us from the caravan that was eating on the plain. She is unarmed. She holds up her hands as if to show that she is not hostile. The wind whips up her skirt. A fluffy tail appears from beneath it.

"A beastman?
I've seen it before. Is that the ...... from the village where you delivered food before?

 In front of them, a woman took off her turban.
 Underneath it appeared a pair of animal ears.

"It's been a long time. Princess Carol-Gurtra, I presume.

 She knelt at a distance from Carol and the others and looked at me.

"...... You don't have to say your name. If it is you, please nod. I am on your side.
"...... You're from the Beastman Village. How did you come to be in the Kittle Territory?
I'm sorry to say that I was ordered by my brother, Tonia Gurtra, to disrupt the Kittle Patriarchate. He cast a black spell on me and told me to go crazy.
"──── Tonia?
But now she is free from her magic and is working for the King of the Frontier.

 The beastman girl said.

The King of the Frontier has made an alliance with Master Sylvia Kittle, and as such, has sent us to protect Princess Carol. We are under the direct command of Prim, the King of the Frontier's subordinate "Shogunshi".

"......, 'King of the Frontier', with Princess Sylvia.
"...... I didn't know that was possible.

 Princess Carol and her handmaiden Kate opened their eyes.
 The beast woman was looking at them with very gentle eyes.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where by and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.
I'm not sure what to make of it. He led you both here safely.
"The King of the Frontier?
Yes. His Hay.
The King of the Frontier's army: ......? I didn't see anything like that. ......?
...... Yes. He's not here anymore.

 Princess Carol and her handmaiden Kate nodded their heads.
 They looked back and saw that the hut was gone.


"............ hey, ............ hey, ............ hey.

 The hut was nowhere to be seen.
 There was only the sound of a distant call echoing in the forest.

"...... What was it? What was that hut?
...... Well, I feel as if I've been bewitched by a demon. ......
............ Our master will explain the details to you.

 The beastman woman then held out her hand to Princess Carol.

We have been asked to take the princesses wherever they wish. But first, we would like you to meet our master. Princess Carol-Gurtra.