91 Episode 91 "Yukino, The Demon General, Talking a L...

 From Yukino's point of view, at Princess Sylvia's castle...

"By order of the King of the Frontier, I have come to assist the Demon General, Yukino-Claude Dragonchild. I've come to help Princess Carol Gurtra with her "Hostage Exchange Plan".

 This is the grand hall of the castle in the capital of the Grand Protectorate of Kittle.
 In front of a crowd of retainers and Princesses Sylvia and Renesmee seated in chairs, Yukino announced in a loud voice.

 Yukino had been instructed by Shoma to make friends with Princess Carol and, if possible, extract information about the Castle of the Fangs.
 That's why she visited Princess Sylvia's castle head-on, without using the transfer.
 Of course, she had informed Sylvia beforehand, so...

"I have a letter from the King of the Frontier regarding this matter. Yukino the Demon General.

 Sylvia was sitting in a tall chair with a gentle smile on her face.

 The general Hulka is among the retainers. She was still wearing her helmet, but she was waving a small hand at Yukino.

 The other military and civilian officials looked tense.
 Princess Renesmee, in particular, had a completely stiff expression on her face.
 Sylvia, standing next to her, patted her sister's knee to calm her down.

When we protected Princess Carol, we also borrowed the power of the 'King of the Frontier'. It is our hope that the King will lend us his help again this time.
"Thank you.

 Yukino pinched the hem of her skirt and bowed.

As the first apprentice of the King of the Frontier, I want to do my best.
I'd like to ask you a question. ...... Did you come here with an army?
Yes. Two small walls. We have two small walls outside the castle.
"Smaller soldiers, you mean?
Eighty centimeters tall... about my waist. The same width. I don't think he'll be a problem.
"......, that's right. Sister Lanez.
Oh, yeah. That's a good size for you.

 Princess Llanes straightens her back.
 She's not very good with soldiers of will.
 But this time, she was relieved to hear that Yukino had brought a small fence with him.

I owe the King of the Frontier a debt of gratitude for saving my territory. The King of the Frontier sent a group of traveling merchants and beastmen to find Princess Carol. Princess Carol knows this and is eager to speak with the king's people.
As a person of my age, I'll do my best to be her confidant.
You said Yukino was the first disciple of the King of the Frontier?
That's right. This Yukino-Claude Dragonchild will be the first disciple of the King of the Frontier, Lord Shoma.
I see. So ...... this is what Princess Carol wants to know .......

 Princess Llanes coughed, and then said.

I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.
"How did I meet you, Shoma-san? ......

 Yukino suddenly pondered.
 It would be a bad idea to tell him that he is a reincarnated person here.
 The only person here who knows that Shoma is from another world is Princess Sylvia.
 It would be better to tell her a story arranged for Princess Llanes and the vassals of the Kittle Lord.

(...... Actually, I'm itching to tell the story.)

 Yukino suppressed a throbbing in her chest.

 If I could, I would tell everyone in the world about our encounter on that snowy day.
 If I could, I would tell everyone in the world about our encounter on that snowy day. Yukino, who was half-dead at that time, was saved by Shoma from the bottom of her heart.
 I want to tell everyone in the world about that encounter. And that her family's smile returned.

 But I can't just tell you what happened.
 So, Yukino thinks for a moment and then begins to speak.
 To keep Shoma out of the way, he rearranged the story for the other world...

In the closed area of the Queen of Eternal Snow, when I was being held by the Grim Reaper, there was a Dragon King who was not the King of the Frontier at the time. I was saved by Shoma-sama, who was not a 'frontier king' at the time, but a 'dragon king' who had received the blessings of the earth.
""Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

 A cheer went up in the audience room.

The audience room cheered. "At that time, I was facing not only the Grim Reaper, but also a huge car - no, a giant beast made of steel. The giant beast was several times the size of a carriage and faster than a thousand miles of horse, and it could blow away a person's limbs just by touching it. However, Shoma was not afraid and rescued me from the Grim Reaper and the Iron Giant Beast.
"...... What? What's that? Oh, yeah. What a .......

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

"A Grim Reaper ...... is a kind of high-ranking undead, like a lich or a wraith ......?
The giant beast is a dragon ...... or, if it is several times the size of a wagon, the legendary behemoth ......?
If it has a body of steel, it's probably a mutant. If the body is made of steel, it's probably a mutant of it. ...... Is it possible for a human being to rescue a girl whose life has been targeted by one of these ......?
You are the ...... 'King of the Frontier'. He is indeed the "King of the Frontier." ......

 Yukino listened quietly to the people murmuring.
 You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.

 Because just talking about it like this makes Yukino's heart burn.

 In her previous life, when she learned that she had only a few days left to live, Yukino had almost given up on everything.
 When she got stuck on that snowy road, she even thought she could die like this.

 It was Shoma who brought her soul back to life.
 That's why she's here now.
 She was reincarnated as the Frozen Witch, Yukino-Cloudy-Dragonchild.

(And that's what we should tell the people of this world in a way they can understand, right?

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.
 For example, ......, if I were to arrange the story in an otherworldly way...

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.
Of course, ...... is not something you can do over and over again. I guess I was lucky.

 Yukino folds her hands as if in prayer and tells him.

After that, I was led by fate to meet my true master, Shoma, and I came to this place. When we met again, my true master had decided to become the "King of the Frontier" and protect the subhumans and those who did not wish to fight.
 Therefore, I have decided to serve the true Lord Shoma Kiryu-sama with my life and soul.

 Yukino bowed her head.

In order to bring about the peace that my true master desires in and around the frontier, I, Yukino the Demon General, would be happy to do my very best.

 After Yukino had finished speaking, Princess Sylvia, Princess Renesmee, and the rest of the vassals simply fell silent.

 The King of the Frontier, who is no match for the Grim Reaper and the Iron Giant Beast.
 Yukino, a girl who was brought back from the brink of death by his power.
 The people of the Kitoru Territory, who have heard of this extraordinary story, are unable to speak.

There was no doubt about the power of the King of the Frontier and Yukino.
 They had defeated the 100-strong Toki-Housae and saved the Kitoru Domain.
 However, no one had imagined that the two of them had gone through such a tremendous battle.

 Of course, I did not understand the story.
 But there was no doubt that the King of the Frontier and she had passed through such a deadly line.

 The crowd in the room could only sigh.
 For these women, who had transcended life and death, this turbulent world was nothing at all...?
 Such a thought crossed the minds of the princesses and their retainers.

 Of course, Yukino never said anything false.
 She had arranged it so much that if Shoma had heard it, he would have wanted to retort without question, but it was all true.
 Yukino was satisfied enough that she didn't care if no one believed her, but...

"I've heard wonderful things about you.

 Suddenly, a voice came from the entrance of the audience hall.
 The soldiers who had been standing around opened the door.
 There stood Princess Carol-Gurtra in her dress and her maid of honor, Kate.

The great King of the Frontier had such a past: ......
"Princess Carol, what are you doing here?
"I'm sorry, Master Sylvia. I heard that there was a man who was going to escort me, so I came here. ...... I didn't want to interrupt the conversation, so I listened outside the door.

 Princess Carol pinched the hem of her dress and bowed.
 She looked at Yukino and Sylvia with a clear smile on her face.

I would very much like to have Yukino-Cloudy-Dragonchild as my escort. Can we talk in a separate room? The three of us, including Princess Sylvia.