97 Episode 97 "See the Murals of the First Dragon Emp...

 The top floor of the Tower of the Fang Castle in the Grand Protectorate of Gurutra...

 After defeating General Kelga, Lisette and I reached the top floor of the tower.

 The door to the top floor was locked.
 I thought it was part of the ruins, but it was a shiny, brand new lock.
 I had no choice but to break it with my 'super hard' long sword and enter...

The magic circle was there, of course.
"And this is the mural of the first Dragon Emperor. ......

 In front of me, there was a painting that filled the entire inner wall of the tower .
 A man with dark hair stands against a huge pattern. He was wearing a luxurious-looking dress with very long sleeves and hem.
 On his head, he is wearing a hair ornament that resembles a dragon.

 This is probably the first dragon emperor who built the Dragon Emperor's Temple.

...... doesn't look anything like me.
...... Brother Shoma is a hundred times better looking than you.
Thank you, Lisette.
I'm not trying to be funny. I mean it!
I know.

 I patted Lisette's head.
 I patted her on the head, but she was still staring at the mural of the first Dragon Emperor with a dazed expression.

 To Lisette, he is her ancestor.
 Ever since the first time she met me, Lisette had longed for the first Dragon Emperor.
 It was the first time she saw a painting of him.
 It's no wonder she's obsessed with him.

"Is that a dragon clinging to the body of the first Dragon Emperor?

 As if to protect the body of the Dragon Emperor, a dragon with a long body is nestled close to him.
 The dragon seems to be coming out of the background.

 The background of the mural could be a ...... map.
 The map shows castles and towns, which are connected by silver lines.

Is this a ...... map showing the location of the magic circle?
If I revive all the magic circles, this cool dragon will appear?
That's good.
But with this map, we won't have to ask around to find out where the magic circle is.
Yeah, right. I just need Princess Carol to give me access to this place.
I'll negotiate with her later. By the way, Lisette.
Yes, sir. Brother Shoma.
This is the room with the mural and the magic circle, right?
Yes, it is.
But there's a chair and some kind of hanger for hanging clothes.
I think that was Princess Carol's.
"I see. Princess Carol used to talk to the mural of the first Dragon Emperor and dance in front of it.
I think it was for her to change clothes.
Then the clothes hanging there must have been for dancing in front of the mural.
...... Yes, that's right. I don't know if I can call them clothes or not. ......

 Lysette averts her gaze from the dress with a bright red face.

"You know what, Lisette?
Yes. My brother.
We went to a lot of trouble to make transparent clothing, didn't we?
Yes, we did. It's a little crumbly.
But there were already transparent clothes in this world, weren't there?
...... It's more translucent than transparent.
...... It's like a fine mesh.

 To be clear, what was in front of the mural was a see-through dress.
 It was made of a fine mesh - or rather, a combination of lace - which made it very easy to see.
 It was a very high-level dress that allowed me to see her body even though she was wearing clothes.

I don't think it's polite to say this, brother.
I kind of know what you mean, so you shouldn't.
No, actually, Lysette once thought that shining the moonlight on her skin would awaken the dragon's blood. ......
Wait, Lisette. You really shouldn't go any further.
I mean, ...... Princess Carol thought that exposing her skin and dancing in front of the mural would awaken something in her. ......
Let's not do that. Let's not expose the princess's secret here, shall we?

 No, really.
 Our goal is to restore the magic circle, not to learn about Princess Carol's privacy.
 It doesn't matter to us if she's praying or dancing in a see-through dress.

 Let's just pretend we didn't see it.
 I didn't have a healthy childhood to be able to say anything about others either. .......

...... Brother Shoma is right, isn't he?

 I'm not sure what to say.

I was distracted by the mural and those beautiful clothes.
You're right. Let's restore the magic circle as soon as possible.

"I'll ask you about that dress when I see Princess Carol again.
What question, by the way?
...... would it look better if I wore underwear with that dress or not?
Why do you say that?
No, the hanger next to the dress is just the right size for underwear. ......
Stop calmly observing her from a girl's point of view!

 That's why Lisette and I are going to check the magic circle.
 It's well preserved.
 There's almost nothing missing.

 I did a little work on it, while Lisette looked at the mural.
 I wanted her to remember the map.
 Besides, there might be some hidden secrets in the mural.

"Okay, fix it. Lisette, come here.
"Yes, sir. Brother Shoma.
Lysette-Luge shall be the lord of the Tower of the Fang Castle, the castle of the Dragon Emperor's lore. Wake up, Dragon Veins!

 Light flooded out of the magic circle.
 We descended the stairs to the lower levels.
 When we looked out the window we saw the usual flood of light particles.

"Look. Brother. There's a blackness flowing out of everyone... and then it's gone.
"Yes. I see it.

The soldiers in the Tooth Castle were brainwashed with black magic.
 But now that the wards have been created, it's all disappearing.

"...... Huh? What have we been ...... doing?
"...... Tonia Gurtra is the lord of the castle. ...... That's weird. What happened to Princess Carol?
"...... That's right. The princess was the ruler of this castle. The only person who should be our boss is Princess Carol-Gurtra!

The people who escaped the influence of Kuro Magic are shouting on the ground.
 Now it's safe to bring Princess Carol to this castle.
 In the event that you're not sure, you can take out the rest of the soldiers of will from the King's Vessel and use the ...... potion to make them invisible.

 The invisibility never wears off in the wards.
 After Princess Carol's return, the "soldiers of will" will continue to serve as invisible guards.

 As for the first task...

"In the meantime, can you block off the top floor so that no one can get in?

 Princess Carol wouldn't want any civilians to see her like that.
 As someone who's had a similar condition, I'll do her the honor of protecting her.
 Of course, I didn't wear see-through clothes.

Let's leave the rest to the Soldiers of Will and go get Princess Carol.
"Right. I'm sure Lysette will like her.
But don't talk about those clothes.
...... I'll keep it to general fashion talk.

 I'm not sure what to say.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for, and how to get there.