100 Episode 100 "The Plan of the Ten Wise Men and The ...

 In a city in the center of the continent...

 This is the capital of the Kingdom of Alicia. Its court.
 Two men were talking in a room given to the highest ranking "Ten Wise Men" of the kingdom.

"General Kelga has been captured. The sorcerer Cactus-Denin is missing......, or should I say dead. Tonia Gurtra was stripped of all her rights and imprisoned, and Carol Gurtra formally informed me that the alliance had been broken.

The fourth of the Ten Wise Men, Zachus the Wise, sighed.
 He was a slender man.
 He clutched the hem of his robe and glared at the boy in front of him.

What do you have to say about all this? Riedal-Dalgus.
"...... It wasn't supposed to be like this.

 The boy called Riedal sat in his chair and looked sideways at Zachus the Wise.
 He fumbled with the pendant on his chest and blew on it with a feathered fan.
 Perhaps offended by this attitude, Zacchas the Wise stomped on the floor.

"You call yourself a messenger of the goddess, so I leave you in charge, and this is what you get! Riedal the Strategist. You made all the plans, didn't you?
"Yes, as the goddess Nemesis instructed.
"We will use the power of the Ten Wise Masters to destroy all those who resist. To that end, you will do everything in your power. ......
"There's no point in regretting what's done, Master Zachus.

 The boy called Riedal stood up and bowed.
 On either side of him stood puppet-like soldiers. His body was clad in armor, but there was no face beneath the helmet.
 He is unarmed, but Zachus the Wise knows well that his hands are powerful enough to kill a man.
 It is with this power that Zacchus himself has risen to the top of the Ten Sages.

Perhaps he was not well informed.

 Riedal the Strategist said.

If the rules of the game are not clear, even we, the Family of Nemesis, will not be able to fight well. We attacked because there were no summoned people in the north. ...... It seems that the rules were wrong.
"That's not enough, you idiot!
Don't yell at me. Sir Zachus.
How can you be so calm? The Grand Patriarchate of Kittle and the Grand Patriarchate of Gurtra have been united into one. A great power has been created in the north of the continent.

 Zachus bit his lip.
 Originally, he had planned to have the Kitoru and Gurutra Patriarchates fight each other and attack when they were weak.
 However, the whole plan backfired.
 The two forces have formed an alliance. It was reported that the alliance was strong enough to unite the two lords.
 The one who organized the alliance is said to be the one who calls himself the King of the Frontier.

The identity of the King of the Frontier is not well known.
 Soldiers' accounts vary.

He breathes fire, he crushes rocks, he flies, he summons demons.
"appear in two places at once," "move castles," "turn over cavalry.
I can make more food, build trading posts, and hey!

 It's hard to believe it's just one person.

"Perhaps there are several people who hold the title of 'King of the Frontier. They've brought the two forces together. This is the analysis of the Ten Sages.
It may be that those called by a different goddess than Nemesis have gathered in the northern city.
Either way, we can't invade anymore.

Zacchaeus, the Tenth Wise Man, said in a trembling voice.

No, on the contrary, there is a possibility that we will be invaded from the north. There is a possibility that we could be invaded from the north, since the Grand Patriarchate of Kittle and the Grand Patriarchate of Gurtra are now united into one great power.
"I have a plan. Master Zachus.
"The ...... plan?
A simple plan. All you have to do is close the Denggokukan, the road to the north.

 With a cool face, the military strategist Riedal said.

Stop the circulation. The people are forbidden to trade with the northern lands. Especially those that could be used as weapons or to kill demons. And warriors and wizards are forbidden to go north.
You mean cut off supplies?
I've heard that there are powerful demons in the north. Weapons will be depleted if we fight them. You will also need herbs and medicine for wounds. By cutting off their supplies, we will exhaust them. In addition, if we drive the demons to the north from here, it would be a bad idea.
"I see. In that condition, they can't attack us.
Driving the demons into the fields would be perfect. No matter how strong your soldiers are, they can't fight without food.
All right, where do we start?
The Grand Duke of Gurtra. The new lord is probably confused.

 Riedal pointed with his fan in the direction of the northeast, the Gul'tora Patriarchate.

"If we attack them when they are moderately weakened, victory is assured.
"As expected of a military strategist from another world. That's impressive.

 As if he had forgotten his earlier anger, Zachus the Wise laughed.

"Using demons to conquer the enemy. That's a brilliant idea.
No, no, this is common knowledge.

 The boy called Riedal, the warlord, waved his fan in satisfaction.

"We are sent by the goddess Nemesis. We will do our duty. But don't forget your promise.
"I know, .......
When the Ten Wise Men have more territory, we'll take some of it. We'll create an autonomous region for the Goddess Called. There, we will wield absolute power. ...... That's the deal.
"Yeah, you can have it if you drop the Grand Protectorate of Gurtra.
I've been called by the goddess, but I can't do this without at least having some fun. I'm just making memories, so to speak.

 The warlord laughs.

"Instead, I will use my abilities and all the knowledge I have to help you, Lord Zachus. First, I have a plan to make the northern lords thin, so watch this...

 From Shoma's point of view...

I'm appointing Lysette-Luge as the new lord of the castle. Wake up! "Wake up, Dragon Vein!

 When I activated my skill, the magic circle shone.
 A soft light envelops Lisette's body.

I've gotten used to ...... this feeling.
It's the fifth place Lysette's been as lord of the castle.

 Me and Lysette went outside.
 This is an old fortress in the territory of the Gurator.
 It's surrounded by an unpopulated forest. Right now, there's magic light in the air.

The war in Gurtra is over.
 Princess Sylvia's father, Argos-Kitor, is recuperating in the castle of the Grand Patriarch Kitor.
 Her sister, Princess Mireina, is with him.
 It seems that his body was damaged during his long imprisonment.

 The culprit, Tonia Gurtra, has been taken to the castle of the Gurtra Lords.
 To Princess Carol, he was her brother, but she had no choice but to forgive him.
 Tonia-Gurtra was imprisoned in the castle's dungeon.
 I don't think he will ever come out.

 General Kerga and his men are also in prison.
 Princess Carol has sent an inquiry to the Ten Wise Men about the incident and the treatment of the generals. But she hasn't received any letters.
It is said that the envoys of the Grand Protectorate of Gurutra are unable to enter the Distant Country Gate.

 The same is said to be true for the people of the Kitoru domain.
It seems that the Ten Wise Men have completely recognized us as their enemy.

Well, I'm glad that Princess Carol is now the lord.
I'm glad that Princess Carol has become the lord of the castle, because now she can show me the map and the mural of the Dragon Emperor in the Castle of the Fangs.

 Thanks to that, I know where the magic circle is.
 That's why, with Princess Carol's permission, I've been reviving the magic circle in Gurutra's territory.

 The total number of magic circles in the frontier, Kittle and Gurutra has exceeded 20.
 Everyone is happy because the land has become fertile and crops are plentiful.

By the way, do you know something, brother?
What is it, Lisette?
Lately there have been a lot of demons coming from the south, haven't there?
The Grand Dukes of Kittle and Gurtra?
Yes. Yes, but they hit the walls of the wards and go back.
Of course.
There are times when powerful demons enter, but they seem to be defeated easily because they stop moving inside the ...... wards.
We can get materials.
That's right. Princess Sylvia and Princess Carol sent me a thank you note.
That's good.
Princess Sylvia said she's ready for your brother's request.
I see. Well, shall we pay her a visit?

 Lisette and I returned to the fort.
 We stood on the magic circle and activated the warding transfer.
 The destination is, of course, Princess Sylvia's room.