102 Episode 102 "Hegemony Receives a Report"

 So me, Lisette, and Princess Sylvia came back to Hazama Village through the Boundary Transfer.
"Welcome home, my king. My King.

 At the village chief's house, Prim was waiting for us.
 He was holding a bundle of parchment in his hand. He seemed to have something to report.

"I'm back, Prim. Where are Haruka and Yukino?
They're discussing the wedding. They asked me to come when Lisette returned.
Then may I join them?

 Sylvia stepped forward with a dress in her hand.

I've brought a dress that I think will suit you both. I'd like to try it on.
"I'd love to. Princess Sylvia.
"Thank you, Your Highness. Master Sylvia.

 Prim and Lisette thanked her.
 When Sylvia saw them, she looked embarrassed.

You don't need to thank me so politely. I'm also the "King of the Frontier" - no, I'm under Shoma-sama's command. From your point of view, I'm rather junior to you.
But that's not what this is about.
...... Is that so?
Lysette, as the ...... first wife of brother Shoma, must be as polite as possible, or he will be ...... embarrassed. I'm sorry.

 Lysette glanced at me while saying this.
 Sorry. I'm already embarrassed at this point.

So Lysette is going to try to be more polite from now on. If you don't mind, could you teach her about the manners of the human world? Princess Sylvia.
"Yes, if I may.
And if possible, how to be a lady in the human world.
Yes. Yes, thank you.

 Sylvia looked at me sideways and smiled.
 I wonder what she's planning to do. I'm curious.

 Sylvia is a natural-born princess, but she's got some weird weapons and a bit of a midget streak.
 If she is connected with Lisette, Haruka and Yukino, .......
 I don't know. I have a feeling it's going to be scary.

Can I come with you?
"My king has much to report.

 Prim tugged on my sleeve.
 She shook her long hair and said.

The situation on the frontier, in the Kittle and Gurtra territories. It's as if more territory has been added, so please confirm.
"Yes, sir.

 I went to my room with Prim.

First of all, let's look at the status of the crops. ...... There is no problem at all. To be honest, we have enough to sell. We've already had two harvests of Flora beans, Karturo wheat, and Hororo corn.
So the land is fertile because of the Dragon Vein?
Yes. My grandmother, Nanayla, told me that there had never been such a good harvest in the remote area. She's been alive for almost a hundred years, so I'm sure of it.
What else did Nanayla tell you?
She said everything tastes better these days.
It's good to see you.
No, the crops in the frontier used to be small and meagre. But now the beans and wheat are full of sorghum, and the taste is juicy and delicious.
I see.

 The reason why the crops are doing so well is probably due to the fact that this area has become a Priority Enhancement Area.
 Thanks to the concentration of magical power in the wards, even the hot springs have been turned into magical water.
 The land is also overflowing with magic power, and as a result, the crops are growing much better than before.

We'll sell what we can't eat to the Kitoru and Gurutra Patriarchs. I'll leave the price negotiation to Prim. Just don't make it too expensive.
"Yes, sir. I'll talk to Princess Sylvia later.

 Prim folded her arms as she said this.

"But I don't think it will be too cheap.
"Is that so?
But I don't think it will be too cheap. I don't think it will be too cheap.
By the way, how's the trading post going?
It's going too well. Every time there are so many applications, we have to draw lots.

 It was like a biannual trade fair.

I didn't know there was much of a free market in this world.
Well, they're all controlled by lords. I think it's difficult for everyone. There's also the issue of security.
It's a good thing we have Soldiers of Will.
They're sales booths, they're soldiers, they're permits.

 Well, I'm glad to hear it.

 A while back, we set up a trading post on the frontier.
 We met some traveling merchants there and learned that they were looking for a place to do business.
 So we decided to set aside a space in the trading post for them.

 Instead, we decided to get information from the traders.
 They travel around the country peddling their wares.
 They're sensitive to safety and danger information.

If there's space in the trading post, they'll come.
 That's where Prim and the village representatives get their information.

"We've been getting all kinds of information from traveling merchants.
Is there anything Prim would like to know?
There is a movement in the capital to defy the ...... Ten Wise Men.
"Defection? Is there going to be a rebellion?
"It is not at that stage yet. However, there are some soldiers and generals in the capital who are dissatisfied with the Ten Wise Men. That's probably what brought it to the surface.
"......, why all of a sudden?
No, I think it's because of my king.
Well, more precisely, it's because of my king.

 Prim smiled, holding a piece of parchment in his hand.

The king has defeated Toki-Hoce, the self-proclaimed 100 strongest warlord in the world. He also defeated Tonia Gurutra, who was under the command of the Ten Wise Men, and took the general and his men captive. Of course, ostensibly, the Ten Wise Men were not involved, but there are probably people who know the truth.
"Will there be rumors?
Of course, few people know about my king. Of course, few people will know about my king, but the fact that there is someone who can stand up to the Ten Wise Men ...... will not change that.

 I see.
 The Ten Wise Men in King's Landing have been running their armies and doing whatever they want.
 I'm not sure what to make of that.

"So it looks like the Ten Wise Men are relatively weaker?
Yes. There is a rumor going around that the Ten Wise Men are big talkers but can't do much. I heard that the capital is also quite upset.
I wonder if they'll try to mess with us. ...... No, they won't.

 We've taken precautions.

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.
The Gluthras are united around Princess Carol.
 Besides, both territories are within wards. Kuro magic and demons are useless.

It would be impossible to reach the frontier in that condition.
"Even if we could get to the frontier, there's a moving castle called Milva Castle that patrols the area regularly. I don't think they'll make it this far.
"Milva. I wonder how he's doing.
He's been enjoying grazing lately.
Sheep and cattle, right?
"The harpies Leroy and Leroy ...... go to see him regularly.

 Prim's body gave a small shudder as she said their names.
 He really doesn't like those two, does he?

In Milva Castle, there are several resident villagers.
 At first, they were surprised to see Milba in eyeball form, but they soon got used to him.
 Milba can fly. It seems that sometimes children ride on him and he swoops around the castle.

Milba's castle is made of "soldiers of will," so he can move freely around the frontier.
 Right now, he's wandering around in the grass with a cow and a sheep.

"That castle can transform and merge, so it's very flexible.
I keep the sheep and cows inside the walls during the night, and disassemble the whole castle in the morning.  We keep the sheep and cattle inside the walls during the night and disassemble them in the morning, so they have a long, long wall around them to protect them from other wild animals.
Shall we go and play sometime?
I think the best time would be when the sheep are shearing.
Sounds like fun. I'll put it on my schedule.

 I'll put it on the schedule." I said, and Prim gathered up the parchment.
 She's finished her report.

"Is it over? Are there any problems?
No problems. ...... No, there was one problem. I have a letter from Princess Carol... no, the current Lord Keeper, Carroll-Gurtra.
"From Patriarch Carroll? What?
She would like to visit the Dragon Emperor's Temple.
Oh. I see.

 I nodded.
 Princess Carol is what we call a "Dragon Emperor fanatic.
 There are murals of the Dragon Emperor in the tower of the Castle of the Fangs in her territory, and she used to dance and pray there. No wonder he wanted to see the 'Dragon Emperor's Mausoleum,' the legacy of the Dragon Emperor.

 It's nostalgic. The "Dragon Emperor's Mausoleum".
 I remember meeting Lisette there after I was summoned to this world.
 I'm sure the villagers are cleaning it now.
 I'm planning to hold the wedding there.

Reply, "Yes, ma'am. I'll be there when Princess Carol gets here.
"Yes, sir.
"But be sure to wear your clothes when you visit the Dragon Emperor's shrine.

 Princess Carol was dancing in front of the mural of the Dragon Emperor in a thin robe.
 I don't want her to do the same thing in front of the Dragon Emperor's shrine.
 Because the princess is treated like a priestess of the Dragon Emperor. Everyone is going to be affected. Especially Lisette.

"...... may I ask you a question? My King.

 I noticed that Prim had a difficult look on her face.

"What is it, Prim?
It's about the wedding.
"The wedding?
I'm a little confused that the King is having a wedding with Master Lisette, Master Haruka and Master Yukino at this time of year.
Is that so?

 I thought it would be a good time.
 I have a political marriage with Sylvia.
 The rituals can be done once and the furnishings can be reused.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work.
"What's going on here?

 Prim is staring straight at me.
 She doesn't look like she's joking.
 But how can I doubt the loyalty of all the subhumans on ......?

You're not going to question the loyalty of your subordinates, they're your friends.
......, right?
What makes you think that?
It's because the king is going to have a wedding with Master Lisette, Master Haruka and Master Yukino to coincide with his political marriage to Princess Sylvia.

 Prim said.

The king is afraid that the marriage with Princess Sylvia might make all the subhumans living on the frontier uneasy. So the king is thinking of marrying Lisette and Haruka as well, to show that the subhuman village of Hazama is his top priority. ...... That's what it seemed like.
What about Yukino?
Wouldn't Yukino be upset if I left her out?
She would.
She'd be out of control.

 Prim and I nodded at each other.

 But I knew what Prim was thinking.
 If I'm going to marry Princess Sylvia, that means I'm going to marry the Kittle Patriarch. That means I'll be closer to the powers of the human world.

 If I become a power in the human world, all the subhumans might feel uneasy.
 So, in order to solve this problem, I'm going to have a wedding with Lisette and Haruka and tell everyone that's not the case...

 That's what Prim the military strategist was thinking.

"Sure, that's one of the reasons, but...

 When I came to this world, it was everyone in Hazama Village who helped me.
 If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have been able to live in peace like I do now.
 If I had gone to the human world, I might have gotten into trouble, or if I hadn't done so well, I might have gotten into a battle with the Ten Wise Masters or the official reincarnation.

 The fact that the first person I met in this world was Lisette, and the first place I settled down was Hazama Village, helped me a lot.
 So it's only natural that I put everyone there first.

 ...... This kind of thinking is why I'm not fit to be a king.

The reason I decided to marry Lysette and the others is because I heard information about the goddess from the people I fought this time.
You got information about the goddess from ......?
"The names of the three goddesses who brought the reincarnated to this world, to be exact.

 The goddesses are Nemesis, Gloria, and Phine.
 These are the names of the goddesses that brought Yukino and the other reincarnated people into this world.

 The goddess Rukia, who summoned me, is not one of them.

I've heard that story. But I don't think it's strange.

 "I've heard that story, but I don't think it's strange." But Prim's face is curious, and she's tilting her head.

I've heard that story, but I don't think it's strange. Her abilities and vessels are beyond compare. In the first place, I think it's wrong to treat her in the same way as other reincarnated people. In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please feel free to contact me.
Prim. Have you been talking to Yukino a lot lately?
Have you been watching him?
There's a bit of chuunibyou mixed in there. ...... Anyway...

 I went back to my story.

"If Rukia, the goddess who summoned me, is not an 'official goddess', then there is one important problem.
What do you mean?
The three goddesses don't send reincarnated people to the frontier.

 Prim's eyes widened at my words.

 She knows.

 The goddess Rukia sent me to this frontier.
 If she's an official goddess, that means there was a goddess in charge of the frontier.
 But if she's not, then she doesn't send reincarnated people to the frontier, i.e., powerful people.

 The exception is Yukino, but she came to the frontier looking for me.
 No one has ever been sent to the frontier by an official goddess.

It was a ...... blind spot.

 Prim sighed.

That's true. Because of our king, the frontier has a strong military force. On the other hand, if there was no king, and the army was led by an official reincarnation...
"There was no one on the frontier who could stand up to a formal reincarnation.

 The powers that be in this world look down on subhumans.
 The reincarnates who serve them are similar.
 If they were to come to the frontier with an army...

If they'd come to the frontier with an army... they'd have destroyed us all in a heartbeat. ......
That's what I mean. The goddess Rukia might have summoned me just to save the frontier and all the subhumans. And the other three goddesses are not thinking about the frontier in the least. That's what I'm thinking.

 Well, it's a theory.
 It's possible that there are actually four goddesses in charge of summoning, and that Rukia is one of them.
 Or perhaps there are allies on the frontier who are reincarnated and called by the three goddesses. I just haven't gotten here yet.

But ......, either way, I can't go back to my world now.

 I'll stay in this world and continue to be the King of the Frontier.
 That's what I decided when I heard about the three goddesses.

 Strangely enough, I had no regrets.
 In fact, if I went back home in this state, I think my dead grandpa would be angry with me.

He said, "How dare the grandson of the Dragon King Wolf return without his followers?
 That's what my grandpa would've said if he'd been around when I was a child. Definitely.

Having a wedding is like a statement of determination. I'm also thinking that if I, a reincarnated person, marry Lisette and the others, it will make it harder for other reincarnated people to attack subhumans.
"...... I see.
That's also why I'm inviting Sylvia and Princess Carol to the ceremony. The two of them will help spread the word that the King of the Frontier has married a subhuman girl. If they don't like conflict between reincarnated people, they'll be less likely to mess with the frontier.
"My King.
What's up, Prim?
...... Thank you for thinking of us so much.

 It came out of nowhere.
 Prim knelt down in front of me.

"This Primordia-Baby Phoenix. I pledge eternal allegiance to the king. I pledge eternal allegiance to the King, and ask that you allow me to use my body and all my wisdom only for the King.
There's no need to be so formal about it.

 I'm ready to live in this world.
 I thought it would be a good time for a wedding.


 But Prim shook her head vigorously.

"I admire the king's heart. I admire the king's heart and ask that you allow me to serve him even better!
"...... Okay.

 I put my hand on Prim's shoulder.

I put my hand on Prim's shoulder. "My Primudia-Baby-Phoenix, the Flying Strategist. Use your wisdom and do what you can to make my life easier.
"I understand.

 Prim nodded.

"Then let's start playing the 'High King's Song of the Deformed' throughout the frontier. The lyrics and music are written by my grandmother Nanayla, and the songs are sung by my people Leroy and Leroy. We have already prepared the song. All that's left is for them to sing it all over the frontier.
All right. Let me censor them now.

 And just like that...
 And so we proceeded to prepare for the wedding and Princess Carol's tour of the Dragon Emperor's Temple.