104 Episode 104 "Hegemony, The First Wedding Ceremony"

 We captured all the enemy soldiers.
 Or rather, they wanted to be captured.

"...... No more. I don't want to walk through a never-ending maze!
......Why did they force me to become a soldier and do this to me?
...... I will not resist. Let me out ...... of here!

 There was a lot of screaming.

The infinite maze of the soldier of will was a trap to neutralize the enemy peacefully.
 The procedure is as follows

(1) Create a village-like space with the "Soldier of Will".
(2) When all the intruders enter the village, everyone transforms into a maze.
(3) Guide the intruders to move in one direction, and when they disappear from the enemy's sight, the walls move apart. Create a new maze in the enemy's direction of travel.
(4) Enemies moving in different directions are captured by a small number of walls.
(5) Repeat below.

 That's it.

 The soldiers we captured were taken by Princess Carol's men.

 They're going to interrogate them now.
 They said they were peasant soldiers and they were going to disarm them and bring them in.

Apparently, there are many people who were forced to leave their villages because of the rampage of the Rikaku Order and demons.
 These people went to the capital in search of work and are being used as peasant soldiers.
 If we disarm them and turn them back into farmers, we will have more farmland and fewer enemies.
 Princess Carol said she wanted to do it that way.

But the ...... Ten Wise Men may still try to get their hands on us. ......
All right. I'll take care of it.

After returning to the Castle of the Fangs, I said to Princess Carol.

The infinite maze of willpower soldiers will be placed in several places in the territory. Then my Soldiers of Will will automatically capture the enemy. If an enemy gets caught, can you help Princess Carol rescue them as soon as possible, or even restrain them?
"Thank you! "Thank you, King of the Frontier!

 Princess Carol said, relieved, and bowed to me.

But do you have another name for ......?
"A name?
Yes. The Infinite Maze of the Will sounds very powerful, but ...... the sound of the word might frighten the soldiers.
How about "City of Me North"?

 Yukino clapped her hands next to me.

It's named after the mythical king who trapped the Minotaur in my hometown. Highly recommended.
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I don't know what that means. ......

 Yukino was damaged.
 ...... I know how you feel. It's cool. City of Me North.

I'm sure you've heard of it.
That'll do.
"...... is not cool. My king.

 So... I know how you feel. Let's keep it simple.
 You'll get in trouble one day when you're out of your chuunibyou phase.

All right. Then I'll order the Soldiers of Will to set up "Enemy Soldier Hoists" near the borders of the territory.
"Thank you. Thank you, Lord of the Frontier!
"No, I'll tell Princess Sylvia to set it up in Kittle's territory as well, if it's useful. Princess Carol, please report on its use and send me a written report later.
"Yes, sir. I will visit Hazama Village later on.
Then we'll return to the frontier.
Excuse me. Princess Carol.

 And so, Yukino and I returned to Hazama Village via "ward transfer".
 Now, it's time to start preparing for the wedding in earnest.

 A few days later...

 A few days later.
 I've decided to have a wedding with Haruka.
 I was actually planning on having all three of us together, but...

That would have meant less time for each of us to perform the ceremony.
"It's a once-in-a-lifetime event. We want to take our time.

"How about every ten days. "How about one every ten days?

 The three of us discussed it, and that's how it turned out.
 Incidentally, Haruka was the first to be chosen as a result of a lottery.
 Of the three, Haruka seems to have the best luck in the lottery.

The marriage ceremony between the King of the Frontier, Shoma Kiryuu, and the Chief of Hazama Village, Haruka Karmilia, will now begin!
The Harpy will officiate! "Everyone in the village, please gather around!

 The Harpies are calling out to the villagers.
 I was listening to them in my room.

 I didn't think I'd be having my wedding in another world.
 ...... No, I used to think about that.

 I thought I had a destined mate in heaven.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. I'm sure you've heard of it, but I'm not sure if you've heard of it.

 I can't. My memories of my chuunibyou era are coming back to me: .......

 The memory of that time still hurts me.
 It's strange that ...... I'm doing so much more in reality (here) than I did in my fantasy (already).
 I'm not sure if I've lost the experience of being a working adult for over five years.

"............ Brother.

 Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me.
 I turned around and there was Haruka in a dress.

I don't know, ............. I'm not crazy about .......
"...... No, no.

 I was speechless.
 It was because the Haruka in front of me was so beautiful, so beautiful.

 Haruka is wearing a peach-colored dress.
 This was brought to her by Sylvia, who was standing behind Haruka with a smug look on her face.
 The hem is above the knees for ease of movement, and the sleeves are not attached from the start. Instead, there are many ribbons around her chest, which beautifully decorate her large breasts.

 If it weren't for the horns on her head, I might have thought she was someone else.
 The current Haruka looked like a princess at court.

"Oh, I'm getting restless. ....... I'm going to get torn up if I move. Are you sure you want me to wear this dress?
Of course. I brought it for that purpose.

 Behind Haruka, Sylvia is breathing contentedly.
 It looks like she had a lot of trouble getting it on.
 I heard a voice in the back of the room saying, "Please stay still! I heard a voice in the back.

"Shoma-sama. Tell her what you think.
"Well, I don't know. Brother. I'm not crazy, am I?

 Sylvia and Haruka are staring at me.
 They were bothered by my silence.

"...... I think it's beautiful.
What are you going to do, lie to me?
Because you're my brother. You've been quiet for a while.
...... I was quiet because I was admiring you.
I was gawking at the ...... unusual cuteness.
"...... Brother.

 Haruka looked at me with a startled look.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

I'm not sure what to say. I love you! I love you!
At least change your clothes before you jump on me!
Haruka-sama. If you hug me that hard, my dress will wrinkle ...... and the dress that I spent two hours dressing will wrinkle .............

 As a result, Haruka jumped on me without question, hugging me and rubbing my cheek on her lap, which made my dress half off and wrinkled.
 I was in no condition to go out in public.

 Everyone is waiting for you outside.
 There's no way I can fix my dress and change now.
 So... change of plans.

It's okay. Lysette has prepared for this eventuality!

 Today's wedding was to be performed by Lysette.

Lysette is the eldest of the sisters-in-law. I've been trying on dresses in case something like this happens.
"...... I'm sorry, brother. Sister Liz.

 I can't help it.
 They're all waiting for us to come out.
 We can't just call it off now.

 But Haruka's depressed.
 Well, I'm sorry about that. I didn't expect her to be so happy.
 I can't help it. I was going to give you this after the ceremony but...

Haruka. Come here.
I'll give this to Haruka.

 I took out a stick from my storage skill "King's Vessel".

I took out a stick from my Storage skill, the King's Vessel. ...... What's this ......?
"Try to hold it. Haruka.
"Yes, .......

 A teary-eyed Haruka took the stick I held out to her.
 The stick is a meter and a half long. The stick is a meter and a half long and is the same as the club I always use.
 But it hasn't been "enchanted" yet. That's just the beginning.

"Haruka. You got the stick?
I gave it to Haruka. So this is 'Haruka's cudgel'?
Yes, it is.
Now... activate Naming Breath.

 I activated the Dragon Emperor skill.

"The 'club of Haruka' is now the 'golden rod of Haruka'. Accept the king's naming!

 A ray of light ran down the stick in Haruka's hand.

Haruka, try shaking it. Lightly.
"Yes, sir!

 Haruka wielded the Golden Stick of Haruka.
 The club's surface was covered with flames.


 Haruka, Lisette and Sylvia shouted.

"This is the wedding present I'm going to give to Haruka.

 I was thinking of giving her a ring, but I wanted something practical first.
 I've been experimenting with this for a while.

 In the past, when I enhanced Lisette herself, I was able to use the words "Lisette" and "Luge" to give her the power to nullify magic.
 However, when I used it, Lysette's clothes came untied and she was in trouble (because the "reason" of sewing cloth with thread was also swept away).

 The cudgel I made this time is a countermeasure to that.
 With a cudgel, you can just let it go when you are not using it.

 Even if someone takes it away from you, it will no longer be "Haruka's (owned) cudgel" at that point, and the effects of the enchantments will disappear.
 It's the perfect item for security reasons.

It has the power to 'break', 'flow', and even 'fire'. If Haruka uses it, it should have a powerful effect.
"......, my brother.

 Halka hugs the club and is in tears.
 He takes a deep breath and...

"Oh, brother!
"So don't hug me!
"My loyalty is to you forever. I love you, big brother!
Get away from me, Haruka. The ceremony will never be ready!
"Oh, I've arranged Shoma's clothes .......

 The wedding was delayed because I had to take the time to pull Haruka out of her emotional embrace, but...
 Of course, our voices in the mansion were audible to everyone outside.
 That's why everyone in the village and the harpies were so warmly waiting for us...

"Congratulations on your wedding! "Congratulations on your wedding! Lisette!

 When we left the house, everyone applauded us.

You can't blame them. I know it's sudden, but Lysette will make the wedding perfect!
Nice to meet you. Lysette.

 I took Lysette's hand.

And I've prepared a present for you. I'll give it to you later.
Thank you very much.
It's a sword enhanced with Lisette's name, just like Haruka's. It's also in the King's Vessel.
Yes! But since it's on ......, can't we show it to everyone?

 Lysette looked at me with an embarrassed look.

"This is what Brother Shoma gave me. ...... I want to hug it and declare to everyone that I will treasure it forever.
"Yes. The dress will come undone if you do that. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.

 Lysette turned bright red.
 The hand that grasped it became hot. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

............ So then, ...... Brother Shoma.

 I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I've heard of it.

"I'll do it when we're ............ alone.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.