107 Episode 107 "Conspiracy in the Royal Capital (Part...

 At King's Landing...

 A few days later.
 A wagon loaded with wine and grain left the capital.
 It was accompanied by more than a dozen soldiers and several ladies.

"We must stop!

 In front of the north gate of the capital, the gatekeepers stopped the wagon.

This is the road that leads to Kittle and Gurtra.
However, by order of the Ten Wise Masters, trade with these two domains is currently forbidden.
If you wish to pass through, you must show us a permit!

 The gatekeepers held their spears and looked at the wagons.
 As the residents and soldiers looked on, a woman stepped forward.

This is the food and drink for the soldiers who went to kill the bandits by the order of the Ten Wise Masters, Zachus.

 The woman shouted to the gatekeeper.

 At the side of the wagon, the soldiers in the guard smiled contentedly.
 The guards were all under the command of the Ten Sages.

 This cargo was arranged by the Dragon Emperor as a reward for the peasant soldiers.
 However, in the name of making it easier for them to pass through the customs, they were pretended to have been arranged by the Ten Wise Men, Zakkas.

 As soon as they left, the lady-in-waiting, Kataria, was told about it.
 There was no way she could refuse.
 It was important now to get the cargo to the north as quickly as possible.

 Behind her, several wagons followed.
 They were carrying bales of rice and wheat, and barrels of wine.

 Kataria turns around to make sure that the soldiers have not touched the cargo.
 Then she turns to the gatekeeper again and shouts.

The soldiers are currently fighting to exterminate the bandits. The Ten Wise Men are here to congratulate them. I'm sure he's heard you. Please let us pass quickly.
"Yes. Yes, but we have our duties to perform.

 The gatekeepers looked at the luggage with interest.
 The gatekeepers looked curiously at the luggage, which Kataria had already taken into account.
 She stepped in front of the guards and pulled out a silver coin from her pocket.

Thank you for your service. The people of the city are grateful to you for keeping the city safe.

 With that, she quickly placed the silver coin in the hand of the gatekeeper.

"It's a small price to pay, but please pay it.
"Oh, oh. Well, if it's a token of my gratitude, I'll have to accept it!
Some of the goods are for the guards. Please take one of the barrels from the last wagon. It should be full of fine wine.
"'Whoa, whoa.

 The guards gather at the back of the wagon.
 Several of them lifted the cask of wine and carried it away.

 At the same time, Kataria waved her hand and pushed the carriage forward.
 She unconsciously touches the back of the carriage.
 Her hand did not stop the shaking, but she could not help but hope that it would not stop. He hoped that the magic that had been passed down from generation to generation in the family of You-Know-Who would be effective...

"Are you worried about your luggage? Kataria?

 Suddenly, one of the soldiers asked.

"You should be more worried about bandits stealing it than you should be about it falling apart.
That's true.
It's a short distance to the castle where the peasants are. It's a little far to the castle where the peasants are, and there will be bandits in between. If we had more soldiers, we wouldn't have to worry. ......

 The soldier looked behind him. There were less than ten men guarding the wagon.
 That's not enough to protect this many wagons.

I've heard that there are subhumans in the north who call themselves the 'Kings of the Frontier'. I'm sure they'll be defeated soon enough.
"I've also heard that there's free trade near the frontier.
"Oh, and who is this from?
"From a traveling merchant of ......'s acquaintance.
Don't trust the word of such a wanderer.
"There is no information in the inner sanctum. Even the faintest information is important.
Are you complaining about the Ten Wise Masters?
No. It's just a fact.
...... I will report to Lord Zachus when I return to King's Landing.
"...... be my guest.

 The wagon passes through the gate.
 Kataria looked back and saw the streets of King's Landing. The roofs of the court.

......You've come this far.

 The reason for this was a chance encounter with a traveling merchant.

"The north of the continent has become peaceful.
"The north of the continent is at peace, especially the frontier. It's hard to describe, but it's amazing.

"We're on the frontier side, so we can safely pass through both Kittle and Glutra.

 That's what the girls were saying.
 The courtesan Kataria and her master had never heard of such a thing.

 But it didn't seem as if the traveling merchants were lying.
 They seemed to be having a great time, and they seemed to be keeping some wonderful secrets.

 Courtesan Kataria and the others had always had high hopes for Argos Kittle, the Kittle Protector. They had hoped that he would destroy the Ten Wise Men and set the country straight.
 However, Argos-Kitor was captured by the Gurator.
 He seems to be free now, but it is unlikely that he will come to his aid any time soon.

 The only way for the courtesan Kataria to protect her master was to act on her own.

 This was a gamble.
 If the northern frontier was truly at peace, and the Kittle Keep was a safe place, then Kataria and her master might be able to reach the Keep's castle.

 We've made our move.
 All that remains is to wish them luck.

"──── Please be patient. I will surely help you.

 Kataria said as she touched the bales.
 The wagon would now pass through the "Yuanguo Guan" and head for the castle where the peasant soldiers were.

 The soldiers accompanying them were unwilling.
 We can at least outsmart them. Now we must wait for the right moment.

 That's what the courtesan Kataria told herself...

"Hey, wagon! Wait for me! Don't move, wait there!

 Suddenly, she heard a shout behind her.
 For a moment, Kataria's heart leapt. She turned around, a knife in her hand.
 There was a small boy on a horse.
 He was clad in light armor.
 On his back was a huge bow. On his back is a huge bow and on his horse's hips are a number of arrow slings.

He was assigned to guard the wagons by Lord Zachus the Wise and Lord Riedal the Strategist. My name is Cacriu Fuen. I look forward to working with you.

 The boy in the armor said with a smile.

The boy in the armor smiled and said, "I have been told by Master Riedal that the men here are sufficient to protect you.

 Kataria said, trying to keep her voice from trembling.

"I've heard that Lord Kakriu is as good as Lord Toki-Hoose. I have heard that Master Cakrit is as good as Lord Toki-Housset. It is not necessary to ask her to escort a wagon .......
"After the escort, you will have to lead the peasant soldiers.

 The boy is proud.

And for me, escorting them is not a big deal. I can kill bandits and demons with a single arrow. No matter how far away they are. So don't worry.
"...... I understand.

 Courtesan Kataria bowed her head.
 She held the bales and took a deep breath.
 Don't worry ......, you haven't failed yet. I've got a plan to deal with this," she murmured in her mind.

Let's get going. I hope you feel like you're on a big ship!

 And so the wagons began to move again.
 Our destination is Tengokugan. And the castle is a day's ride away.
 It is now mid-afternoon, so we have a few hours before we have to camp.
 We can check on the cargo after dark...muttering this, Kataria began to walk alongside the wagon.

 At the same time, in the castle of the "Kitoru Patriarch"...

"A secret letter has arrived from the capital!

 This is the castle of the Kittle Lord.
 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

"...... sister Renesmee.

 Sylvia looked at her sister with a blue face.
 It was last night when the secret letter arrived.
 From then until morning, Sylvia could not sleep a wink.
 Because the contents were too serious.

Yes. It's from ...... in King's Landing, probably from someone close to the Dragon Emperor. My father also said that it has a seal used at court. The contents are at .......

 Sylvia handed the unsealed paper to Renesmee.
 Renesmee's face stiffened as she looked it over.
 What was written in the secret book was...

"'You are leaving King's Landing. Please come and get me." ......?
It's got a date on it.
Who is the nobleman?
If this came from the inner sanctum of the capital, it must be someone close to the Dragon Emperor. It might even be ...... His Majesty himself.
"If His Majesty abandons King's Landing, ......?

"The current ruler of King's Landing is the Ten Sages. His Majesty has hardly ...... been seen in public at all since he ascended the throne. I've heard that it's because he's sickly,......, but if he himself can't appear in public because of the Ten Wise Men,......, then it's no wonder he's abandoning the capital.
"What do your father and sister Myrna say?
I'm sure you're not the only one.

 Sylvia said in a strangled voice.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 Silvia's father, Argos-Kittle, wanted to get rid of the Ten Wise Men and take a high position in the court.
If the Dragon Emperor wanted to escape the capital, there was no way he wouldn't help.

...... If His Majesty came to the House of the Kittle Patriarch, our house would have more authority than the Ten Sages. We can call upon all of the Patriarchs to gather troops and defeat the Ten Wise Men.
"As long as your father and sister are healthy. I have no doubts.

 The current Grand Patriarch, Argos Kittle, and his eldest sister, Mireina Kittle, are both on their sickbeds.
 This is because they have been imprisoned for a long time in the Gurutra Patriarchate.
 The people and the soldiers know this.
 Normally, I should be more upset than I am, but...

"We have strong allies to the north of our territory.

 Even at a time like this, I can't help but smile.
 Sylvia's strongest ally, a man she respects, and the man who will become Sylvia's husband - the King of the Frontier.
 He used his magical powers to wipe out the demons from the territory of the Kittle Governor.
 He also lent Sylvia his "Soldier of Will", a moving wall golem.

 Thanks to them, the defenses of the Grand Guard territory are perfect.
 Even though the lord is sick, the people and soldiers are living calmly.

"Yes. Sister Llanes.
How about consulting the 'King of the Frontier' about the secret letter?

 She murmured seriously.

He's a terrible man to me, but he's also your ally. Perhaps he can help us?
"............ No.

 Sylvia shook her head.

I think this matter should be resolved by the Kittle family alone.
That's surprising. I thought Sylvia seemed to believe in him from the bottom of her heart.
Of course I believe her. Of course I believe him. He's my future husband.
A political marriage, is it not?
............ What?
...... Oh, yes. It was a political marriage. Yes, it was! I know.

 Sylvia looked at her sister with a bright red face.
 Then she clutched her chest and sighed.

But I love her very much. That's why I don't want to get involved in the political upheaval in King's Landing.

 Sylvia recalled the incident at the frontier.

 Silvia recalls a time when she was dressing with Haruka, a demon, laughing.
 Sylvia remembers how she got excited and made a mess of the dress.
 She and Lysette were having fun while scolding Haruka.
 Sylvia told him that she went to a hot spring in the middle of nowhere with him.

 After that, Sylvia dressed Lisette and attended the wedding.
 As she watched Lisette standing next to Shoma, she thought to herself, "I hope it's my turn soon.

 When she is with Shoma, she is not "Princess Sylvia", she is just Sylvia the girl.
 It was fun and ...... ticklish...
 I'm not sure how long it's been, but the frontier has become an important place for Sylvia.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I have no ambitions for your territory or for your country.

 Sylvia said firmly.

He has no ambition for territory or for the world," Sylvia said firmly, "and you should not involve him in a political dispute between powerful men.
So you're saying that the King of the Frontier won't listen to you when you ask for his help?
...... That is not the case. Sister.

 Rather, it's the other way around.
 If Sylvia asks, Shoma will help her.
 He told Sylvia his secret. He thinks of her as a friend.

 I don't want to involve him in the Kittle family's affairs.
I don't want to involve him in the affairs of the Kittle family, since it is Sylvia's family that is trying to get the Dragon Emperor.

It's my family's duty to show loyalty to you, since we've had ministers and viziers. The frontier is a safe place for Shoma and the others. We can't involve them in this. We can't let them send enemy soldiers to that place.
What is it, sister?
You may go to the King of the Frontier when this is over.
What are you talking about?

 I'm not sure what to say.
 I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm not sure what to say. You can go to the frontier after the matter with the Dragon Emperor is over. The king has three wives. Go now and take your place.

"In other words, you're going to help me and take my power, aren't you? Sir?
Don't say things you don't mean. Fool.

 Lanez poked Sylvia in the forehead.
 Sylvia burst into laughter.

 It was as if they were both little children again.
 Now, she could honestly believe that Renesmee was thinking of her.
 That was one of the things that the King of the Frontier had given to Sylvia.

Then, the matter of the secret letter will be dealt with by the Kittle family. I'll gather the civil servants.
I'll gather the civilians. I'll be ready with my troops.
Please. Sister.
You must be ready to marry.
We'll talk about that later! Sister!

 And so Sylvia and Renesmee began to make their own preparations.