121 Episode 121 "Hegemony, Military Master, And Plan"

 "From Shoma's perspective...

"The mission is a success, my king. All the enemy soldiers who invaded the Kitor Territory have surrendered. The information we obtained from them has been shared between us and Princess Renesmee.
"Good work. Prim.

 This is the residence of the chief of Hazama Village.
 I've been receiving reports from Prim about the "Kittle Territory Defense" operation.

Prim's plan worked.

 The purpose of the operation is to capture the enemy soldiers who have invaded the Kittle Territory.
 If even one of them escaped, there was a possibility that other villages would be attacked, so the plan was to draw them all into the village and then surround them with 'soldiers of will' and 'soldiers on standby'.

"That's great, Prim. You were right on the money.

 I said, ...... what? 
 I'm not sure why Prim's face is sulking.

"...... I'm sorry. It sounds like sarcasm to me right now.
What? I'm sure you're not the only one.
Wasn't it the King who made the Standby Soldiers invisible and dispersed them?
"And it was Prim who set the trap in the village after she found out the enemy's path.
It was Prim who set the trap in the village after she found out the enemy's path, and it was my king who thought up the trap, right?
Is that right?
Yes, he did!

 Prim clenched her fists.
"It was my king who suggested that the 'soldiers in waiting' reflect the enemy soldiers! It was my king who suggested that we show the enemy soldiers in the "waiting army"! That was to make them think that the Kittle Guard also has cavalry, and if they run away, they will be caught in the back! Isn't that why they jumped into the village? It was my king's plan that hit the jackpot!
No, no, that was just a 'waiting soldier' who wanted to surprise the enemy. ......

The "soldiers on standby" can reflect light like a mirror, or they can project pre-recorded images.
 We don't have anything like that in our world.
 I thought that if I suddenly put it in front of the enemy soldiers, they would be too surprised to fight.

Were the enemy soldiers surprised?
No, I was surprised!
I'm sorry about that.
...... As a military strategist, I would like to propose a plan to pacify your men. How about a "knee-slapping scheme"?
Be specific.
"Placing a military commander on your lap and nudging him will increase his loyalty and spirit 100-fold.
You know, Prim.
"Why don't you just be honest for a change, my king?
"...... Yes.

 Prim nodded and sat down on my lap.
 I patted her head and she ...... narrowed her eyes and smiled like a kitten.

The king and the warlord are one and the same. If the king and the military strategist are not one and the same, it will affect the command of the troops. Let's maintain this position at all times while in battle.
"No, I've heard that a general in battle can refuse even if ordered by the king.

 I've only read that in books about the original world.
 I read in a book in the original world that a general can refuse to obey the king's orders once he is in charge of his troops.

"That is the case with a king and a general who are not on the same page. The king and I are on the same page, so there is no problem. It's the rules of this world.
What is it? My king.
You're not using any funny tricks on me, are you?
Pssst. Prrrrrrr.
Don't whistle at me.
I've got harpy blood in my veins. I can't wait to sing. "La la la la. "Those great wings are the fish.
"'The High King's Song' (full chorus version) is also prohibited!
Aside from that, it is thanks to my king that the mission went well. I thank you once again.

 Prim bowed her head as she sat on my lap.

Princess Llanes was pleased with the success of the mission.
"Well, we took the enemy prisoners without sacrifice.
No, she said that beating up the general was a way to relieve the stress of being surrounded by walls.
I'm not sure that's the best way to relieve stress.
After the battle, he had a nice tea party with Master Sylvia.

 ...... I hope Princess Renesmee is happy with it.
 It's a great way to get information out of the enemy soldiers, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
Yes. It is said that the enemy has already begun to train their troops around the Distant Country Gate. There are more than 1,000 troops, and they have prepared enough food for them to be able to set up camp in Kittle's territory for several months.

 Prim nodded in response to my question.

 It's as I expected, but it's scary to hear the number of soldiers.
 More than a thousand soldiers are going to invade the territory of the Grand Patriarch of Kittle.
 The purpose of the attack is to retake the Dragon Emperor and take the Kittle Territory.
The Ten Wise Men think that Christia ran away because she had a place to run to.

 Sylvia's family, the Kittle Patriarchs, have been in the service of the Emperor for generations.
 They are more loyal to the emperor than other guardian families.
 That's why Sylvia's father tried to suppress the Ten Wise Men, and the Ten Wise Men, who didn't like it, had her imprisoned in the Gurutra Patriarchate.

Because the House of Kittle is such a loyal house, Christia chose it as her place of refuge.

 In response, the Ten Wise Men have this idea.

 If it weren't for the Kittle Keep, the Dragon Emperor would never have thought of running away.
 He would've stayed in the palace as our tool.
 If that's the case, then let's take back the Dragon Emperor and destroy the Kittle family as well.
 If that territory is placed under the direct control of the Ten Sages, the emperor will have nowhere to run.

 That was the testimony of the captured soldier and his captain.

It is no longer possible to talk to the Ten Wise Men, is it?
"Because they have no intention of doing so. If they wanted to talk to us, they wouldn't have sent such a crude survey team.
I heard that they were planning to kidnap the villagers and get information about His Majesty.
When cornered, he would challenge Princess Llanes to single combat. ...... I wonder what he's thinking.

 I'm glad Princess Llanes is strong.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

Anyway, we're going to help Sylvia's family, right?
Let's take this opportunity to beat up the Ten Wise Men's soldiers.
We have 500 Soldiers of Will and 200 Soldiers of Standby in the Kittle Territory. I'm going to send an additional 200 Waiting Troops. It's a little hard on the magic, but if we make soldiers while drinking Magic Potions, we should be fine.
I don't think that will be a problem. And what about the Surprise Moving Castle?
I've already talked to Milva, the synthetic creature. It's already on its way to the Kittle Keep. I've asked Sylvia to prepare an army to guide us. We don't want to startle the people.
"No problem.
Lastly, about giving Sylvia the 'King's name': ......
She is the princess of the House of the Patriarch. I think it would be better to write on her body in the hot springs after the wedding ceremony.
It's ......, right?

 I've talked to Sylvia about this as well.
 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it. ...... She was quite surprised, but she agreed.
 It's a good idea to have a private wedding ceremony in a remote area first, rather than a formal wedding ceremony in the Kittle territory after the battle.

We decided to have a private ceremony at the frontier first. "If you give Sylvia the 'King's Order', she can use the 'King's Vessel' storage skill. It should be useful to protect Sylvia during the war.
"That's wonderful. I wish I had that ability.
Prim has wings, right?
Prim has wings, right? - They are for movement, not for combat. ......

 Prim thought for a moment and then said.

I would like to have an item for combat, like Lisette and Haruka.
All right.
"You understand?
I knew you'd say that, so I made some new items for Prim.
Can you please stop surpassing the military strategist's expectations so easily?

 I was pissed.

"My king always leaps over my thoughts. I'm in no position to be a military strategist. Prim, do you need him?
No, I need it. Very much.

 My plan is based on an idea I had when I was a junior high school student.
 Maybe that's why they're all so unrealistic.

 That's why I need someone like Prim, who has the ability to process reality, to check my ideas.
 Otherwise, they might not mesh with reality, and they might fall over.

"That's why Prim is important to me. Do you understand?
"Yes, sir.

 Prim gets off my lap and kneels down on the floor.

"Primudia Baby Phoenix, thank you for the new item.
Yes. I'm going to give you the Prim Wand.

 I handed Prim a wooden wand with a Naming Breath added to it.
 This is the same as the Sword of Lisette, but enhanced to match the name of the person.

The "mark" - a mark, like a split mark.
Release - to draw away an approaching enemy.
Nothingness - The effect of returning to nothingness.

 This adds a mark to the target that draws it away from Prim and returns it to nothing.
 In addition, "release" means "fire" in the bagua. I realized this after I strengthened it.

But it's for defense. Prim's not much of a fighter.

 Prim is small and not very strong. Prim is small and weak.

 That's why I made this wand, to defend myself in case the enemy soldiers come.

What happens when you use it?
A great flame rises up, and the enemy soldiers fly away.
Isn't that for fighting?

 I can't help it. It was during the reinforcement that the memory of my junior high school days came back to me: "Oh, by the way, the word 'release' is fire in the bagua," .......

In addition, the enemy soldier's 'will to attack' will return to nothing. In other words, they lose motivation.
"My King.
What's up, Prim?
I've just come up with four strategies for using this wand: ......
"Save them for emergencies.
...... Yes.

 Prim bowed deeply, holding the staff of Primm.

I have no words to thank you, Primordia Baby Phoenix, for the mercy of my king. I'm willing to risk my life to serve the King!
You don't have to risk your life. My goal is to live comfortably in the middle of nowhere until the turbulent times are over. You don't want to lose your people.
"Yes, I understand!

 Prim laughed.
 That's it. Your expression changes. A child.

"So what are you going to do when the Ten Wise Men invade?
I'm thinking of going to the Yuan Guan.
............ What?
The enemy is attacking the Kittle Territory with a large number of troops. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it. For now, I'm going to attack the back of the enemy soldiers, and when my hands are free, I'm going to take a look at the Yuan Guan, and if I can go to ......, I'm going to go to the capital.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.
 You can then burn their supplies or cut off their path of retreat.
 You can also block the roads to prevent enemy reinforcements from coming. Yeah.

 There should be little danger if you damage the enemy troops moderately and then head for the capital through the far country barrier.
 I want to see the capital where Christia used to live.
 Maybe there is someone left there who can be an ally to her.

...... If that's the case, I have a plan to shake down the Yuan Guan and King's Landing.
Really? That's great, Prim.
That's why! It sounds sarcastic coming from my king!
Why do you get angry when I compliment you?
"Stop jumping through my thoughts. Prim, are you a child?
Are we talking in loops?
Give me some room on your lap, please! Yes!

 And so I was on my knees again, patting Prim's head...
 Then we discussed the plan to shake the Distant Guan and the royal capital behind the enemy army...

"I've got an idea. My king, will you marry me?
What did you just say?
"As a curious Prim, I'd like to spend the rest of my life learning about my king and his ways of thinking. Please tell me every single detail of how the King was born and raised! Especially how you acquired your various skills!
I'm not sure I can keep up my spirits talking about it!
I understand. I'm not asking you to marry me right away. I'll take my time, and I'll get the king's attention.

 Prim was on my lap, her eyes shining with determination...

"I will not waver in my resolve! Prim will be my king after the next battle... Why are you covering your mouth? My king!
I'll tell you what! That line is a death flag.
Another one of your words. Mmmm. How much time will it take for me to absorb all of the king's ......

 That's why "When this battle is over" was banned.
 After some discussion, Prim and I decided that we would only get married in the presence of Nanayla, the Elder Harpy.
 There was no sentimentality or lingering feelings, but that seemed to be fine with Prim, who was too practical.
 By the way, when I reported this to Lisette, Haruka and Yukino...

"I think it's fine.
I'm all for everyone getting along!
I'm all for everyone getting along!" "Shoma-san and Prim-san are more like partners than lovers, right?

 So, they agreed as usual.

 And so the "King of the Frontier" Shoma's family is joined by his "first partner" Prim...

 We began to prepare for the battle against the Ten Wise Men.